Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 10

O Say, Can You Remember the Words?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 30, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Miley, Lilly, and Oliver are taking a drama class at school. Their drama teacher, Mr. Corelli, says that they must break off into pairs for a class project (Scenes from Romeo and Juliet). Lilly and Miley fight over which one of them has to pick Oliver since he doesn't take the class seriously and no one else will pick him if one of them doesn't. Lilly says that she needs a better grade more than Miley and picks Henry who has attended Shakespeare Camp for three summers in a row. When Miley grumbles that she doesn't want Oliver, the teacher misunderstands and pairs the both of them together. While they're rehearsing their scene, Oliver keeps goofing off. Miley asked him why he won't focus and he tells her that he rather have people laughing at him for being the funny then laughing at him for forgetting his lines, because every time he performs he get so nervous he forgets his part. Miley lies to him that she gets nervous whenever she hears that she has to perform as Hannah Montana, but the truth comes out when she shows only excitement as her dad announces that she will be singing the National Anthem at the Laker's game. When Robbie notices that they are going to be doing Romeo and Juliet he reminisces about when he did a scene for his speech class. Miley encouraged him to go on, hoping that it will show Oliver that if her dad could do it and so can he. Instead Robbie says that he completely blew the scene and started cracking jokes, just like Oliver always does. Miley tells Oliver that she will be there for him and she will help him overcome his stage fright. The next day when Robbie asks her how the scene is coming, Miley complains that Oliver has gotten even worse now that he's trying to be serious and she wishes she hadn't been stuck with him as a partner. When Robbie suggests that Oliver and she take the night off from rehearsing, Miley says it won't make a difference and that she doesn't want to get a bad grade because of him. Oliver walks in and hears her rant about him. He is deeply upset by what he heard and Miley's attempts to cover what she said fail. After Oliver leaves Miley tells her dad that they need to work on their signals, he should have warned her that Oliver was standing right behind her, but he says he did everything he could to get her to stop talking. Miley says that it's not her fault that Shakespeare makes Oliver nervous and that she doesn't understand how remembering his lines could be that difficult. Later that night at the Laker game, Hannah starts to sing the National Anthem but instead of singing "What so proudly we hail" she says "What light through yonder window breaks". Shocked that she messed up, she completely loses her place and makes a shambles out of the song. The crowd boos Hannah and start throwing things at her. The next day Lilly comes to visit Miley. She asks Robbie how Miley's feeling. He says that she hasn't come out of her room in it's after noon. Just then Miley comes into the living room holding on to her stuffed bear, Beary. She says that she had the strangest dream last night, that she as Hannah had forgotten the words the National Anthem in front of thousands of people. Lilly informs her that it wasn't a dream. Miley tells her that she knows that it wasn't dream and asked why Lilly couldn't humor her. Lilly suggests that they watch TV to take her mind off of it, but every TV station is showing clips of Hannah Montana's singing fiasco. Miley apologizes to Beary for having to see her screwing up. Lilly asks her why she called the bear Beary & she says that she was three and to change his name now would just confuse him. Robbie tries to comfort him Miley by telling her that after Hannah performs on the show "Top Rockers" that night everyone will forget all about the Laker game flub. Miley says she can't do that because that show is aired live and she doesn't want to mess up again. Lilly questions her as to why she has stage fright because she's never had a problem before. Miley answers that she's never been laughed at before either. Robbie tells her she's going to be just fine, she just needs to get back on course again. Miley says that she's afraid she will be laughed at again and Lilly says that that is probably what Oliver feels like. Miley begins to worry that she'll mess up even worse by forgetting the worst her own song, but her dad tells her that the longer she waits the harder it'll be for her. Later on Lilly tries to get Oliver to come and watch Miley on "Top Rockers". Oliver refuses because he still angry. Lilly tells him that Miley now understands what he felt like and with all the humiliation she's been through she suffered enough, but Oliver won't budge. That night as Miley gets ready to go on as Hannah, her father assures her that she has nothing to be nervous about, but he does tell the stage manager to go to commercial if Hannah freezes. Miley's nerves are getting worse when Lilly, dressed as Lola, shows up. Miley tells Lilly that she has stage fright so bad; she's forgotten the words to all of her songs. Not to worry Lilly says, she is written the words for Hannah's songs on cue cards disguised as fan signs, and she will be sitting in the audience holding them up for her to read. Miley thanks her profusely, and then she sees Oliver sitting in the audience. Both of the girls think that Oliver is there to see Hannah make a fool of herself again. Miley is ushered on to the stage and Lilly runs out to take a seat in the audience. Once the music starts, Miley relies on the cue cards instead of trying to remember the words, but Lilly's cards keep getting blocked. When she can no longer see the cards she just gives up and sit down on the stage, but Oliver stands up and starts singing the words to her song. The audience joins in causing Miley finally loses her stage fright and remember the words. At the end of her show she thanks her audience and tells them that she's had a rough week, but she has learned what she should have known all along: That good friends don't bail on you and they are always there to catch you when you fall. A few days later him Miley and Oliver are about to give their class presentation. Oliver says that he can't do it. Miley reminds him to be positive to which he replies that he's positive he can't do. Miley tells them that he was there for her and she will be there for him. Mr. Corelli asks them to take the stage. Once onstage Miley whispers to him that the only thing he has to do is die. Oliver remembers his lines, but prolongs the scene by refusing to die. The school bell rings and everyone runs from the room before Oliver can finish. Miley points out to him, that for the second time, he has taken longer to complete a scene than it did for William Shakespeare to write the entire play.

Rico shows up at the Shore Shack and asks Jackson for his secret candy stash. When Jackson hands it to him, the box empty. Rico demands that Jackson tell him where his candy went. Jackson says that Rico's father paid him one hundred dollars to dispose of the candy. Rico's father also told him that Rico's last trip to the dentist showed that all the sugar he had been eating was ruining his teeth. The dentist even hung Rico's teeth x-rays in the waiting room to frighten little children. Jackson then produces Rico's stash and begins eating it in front of Rico to make him crazy. When Jackson returns home that evening, he's talking super fast and is extremely hyper. Robbie asks him if he's been eating candy and reminds him what happened the first time he overindulged in sweets. Jackson says that he was just an eight-year-old, it was Easter, and he'd never seen a chocolate bunny before. Jackson heads to his room and bumps into Miley. His crazy behavior reminds her of the Halloween of 1999. Robbie says that he remembers Jackson going 58 miles an hour while roller skating in a Yoda costume. The next day Jackson is still going crazy over sugar, first he drinks pancake syrup on a plate through a straw, then he starts drinking from the syrup bottle with the straw, and then he takes down a bee hive just so he can get the honey. His addiction continues even at work when he pretends he's Godzilla attacking a chocolate bunny village. Rico shows up and warns Jackson that he's become addicted to candy the same way Rico used to be. Rico says that he's no longer craving sugar and he has his energy back, he even started working out. He tells Jackson that if he wants to give up the candy to call him and he will help Jackson out. As Rico leaves, Jackson yells out that he doesn't have a problem and that he can quit anytime he wants. Just then a little girl dropped her ice cream cone in the sand. Jackson runs over picks up the cone it and eats it, then he asked himself what's happening to him. He starts to daydream about the future. In his dream he's become overweight, but Rico has an amazing physique and a girl on each arm. He sees Jackson and tells him it's a nice day for walk. Rico points to Jackson and says to the girls that's what sugar will do to you. Jackson runs to catch up with Rico, but he falls and rolls down a hill. When Jackson tries to get back up, he finds he's too big to move. Jackson awakes from his daydream thrilled to find that he is still thin. He throws away the last of his chocolate, saying that it doesn't own him anymore. Later on, as Jackson is watching Hannah on TV he's munching on some carrots. Suddenly he looks over and sees a chocolate bunny sitting next to him. The bunny begins talking to him and tells him how much it loves him. He closes his eyes and says over and over "You're not real". When Jackson opened his eyes again the bunny is gone, and Jackson breathes a sigh of relief. That is until he looks on the other side of him and sees the bunny again, asking him if she could have a bite his carrot. Terrified, he runs from the room.

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