Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 10

O Say, Can You Remember the Words?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 30, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the gems of the Hannah Montana series... and definitely my favorite episode from season one.

    'O Say Can You Remember The Words' is definitely a favorite episode of mine. It had a refreshing, silly plot, and shed some light on Miley and Oliver's friendship and relationship. Now, as a moliver fan, I was extremely pleased because my ship was playing Romeo and Juliet. And even more, Miley did something stupid to make Oliver angry at her, and it affected her greatly, which made me even happier. Oliver, towards the end, helps Miley remember the words to her own song. These characters' thoughts and actions really show how much they mean to one another, and season two has a HUGE lack of this with them, which is why it is always nice to go back and watch this episode. Another reason this episode is a gem, is... Oliver is actually thrown into the spotlight. The episode is about HIM, and we also have a large lack of those episodes in season two. So altogether, this was pure... awesomeness. I didn't give it a perfect score because Miley and Oliver did not share a kiss, and jeez, that was QUITE an oppurtunity they missed out on, taking in the fact that they were Romeo and Juliet. Regardless, this is definitely worth an iTunes download, and reminds me of the good old days when Oliver was actually truly significant in Miley's life. OSCYRTW is easily one of the series' best episodes.
  • Fair

    miley is upset because of oliver not being able to take acting seriously for a drama short play they have to do. this makes her forget the lyrics to the national anthem, which embarrasses her. Meanwhile, Rico's dad makes Jackson take away sweets from rico, and jackson becomes addicted to all the sweets.

    Not really a favorite, I like how things worked out for Miley and Oliver but the episode as a whole was rather weak I think. No real big laughs and for once I did not really like Jackson's subplot (he's a big reason I watch) Grade- C
  • We see how good a friens Miley is to Oliver.

    Miley and Oliver become partners for a Drama assignment. They are supposed to do the last scene of Romeo and Juliet in which Romeo dies. Miley finds that Oliver is unfocused and asks Oliver why. We learn that Oliver gets nervous in front of crowds and starts cracking jokes. Miley finds this a problem and talks about Oliver behid his back and Oliver hears and gets upset. The next night Miley 'Hannah' has to sing the national anthem at the Laker's game. Miley 'Hannah' messes up the lyrics and instead finds herself saying a line from Romeo and Juliet.

    Meanwhile, Jackson takes away Rico's candy to help with his sugar problem but finds himself eating all the candy and devloping a sugar problem of his own.

    Then, later that week, Miley 'Hannah' has to preform on "Top Rockers" a live television show. She finds herself nervous and forgets the words to her songs. When preforming she forgets the lyrics and Oliver helps her out.

    Miley and Oliver do their scene for drama class and Oliver gets over his stage fright and does a wonderful preformance.

    This was a great episode because we see how good a friend Miley is to Oliver. Turns out she is a very good friend to him. She gets over the fact Oliver gets stage fright and helps him out any way. A great installment.
  • i have to admit, this episode was funny.

    Ok, of all the episodes i have seen up till now, i think it is one of the best. there were better, but this was one of the best.
    Many of the times, i laughed until i cried. I had to say that my favourite part was where miley forgotten her lines and she asked Lily for help. There was one part where Lily had forgotten to switch the card and Miley was still 'Yea, i love how it feels right now...yea i love how it feels right now, still loving how it feels right now. L-O-L
    overall, it was a hilarious episode. :)
  • ok episode...

    Oliver is having trouble remembering his lines in the school play and Miley forgets the words on national television. Interesting...and unoriginal. The story has been done already. However, it was mildly intersting to see Hannah humiliated and how Miley dealt with it. Of course, there was a moral. I liked Jackson's story in this episode. He was paid to help Rico stop eating candy, but then Jackson started eating candy instead. I love candy so it was interesting to see. Good moral there. Overall, ok episode with an unoriginal story, but they pulled it off; this episode also had some good funny moments.
  • Miley and Oliver are partners for a class drama project.But Miley has had enough because Oliver keeps goofing around.Then she messes up the National Anthem on TV! She then gets stage fright and messes up her own song!!

    It made me cry when Miley(as Hannah) got her own song wrong!!But then I cried happy tears when everyone started singing to her!!I really admire Oliver for forgiving her even when she bailed on him.It was really funny though with Jackson and his sweets addiction!The chocolate bunnies was the funniest!!Ok I guess it wasn't that sad after all.I guess it was more of a LOL episode!!Good Job Disney Channel!!I loved this episode!!!! You did a really really good job on it and I really think that Lilly looks pretty as Lola!!Thats another thing you did great in this episode!!She looks really good and sophisticated!!Good Job Again!!:)
  • the best episode!

    this is an awesome episode!miley and oliver are paired up together in romeo and juliet,oliver actually has a stage fright.Miley is very frustrated and tells her dad that she wants to bail on Oliver that he overhears.He is hurt and is angry with Miley.Later Hannah forgets the words to the National Anthem and develops a stagefright.She anyways has to perform at top rockers.She is really apprehensive about this and again forgets the lyrics to her songs.But oliver however helps her out and then Miley realises her mistake.I just loved this episode because it had a good moral and Oliver was hilarious!
  • Oliver can't remember his lines for a play, and Miley messes up the words to the Star Spangled Banner.

    I really like this episode because it has two themes: friendship and perseverance. When Miley calls out Oliver on being a bad actor, she in turn forgets the words to the national anthem. Then she learns what Oliver must have felt like to have someone insulting them for forgetting their lines. Miley also learns from her father that the longer you stay down, the harder it is to get up; that's why she immediately goes on a live show. When you make a mistake, it's no reason to stop trying. And even when you keep messing up, true friends will help you out. It sounds very, very, cheesy, but this episode had some valuable lifelong lessons.
  • This was a about Hannah messing up the words to songs.

    Okay so hannah montana gets to sing at the lakers game. But when she starts to sing she forgets some of the words. Then people start throwing cups and food at her. It goes all over tv and newspapers and everyone is talking about it. Mean while oliver and miley have a play together and oliver pretends to be silly so that no body laughs at him. When he was younger he did i'm a fruit fly with some cups. He shows up to her concert and so does lily with her flash cards and oliver singing the words with the people in the crowd.
  • Great Episode

    This episode was great, Hannh forgetting the words to the National Anthem priceless!! It was funny. I couldn't stop laughing through this episode. Oliver was really funny in this one, like where he flashes back to himself when he was younger and in a Lincoln costume trying to say the Gettysburg Adress. This epidoe wa swell written and many people have enjoyed probably because of the whole Moliver thing. This is just the best show ever and this episode was awesome I still enjoy wacthing it from time to time.
  • funny

    Frustrated by Oliver's stage fright, Miley vents to her dad that she doesn't want to help him with their upcoming drama class performance anymore, which a dismayed Oliver accidentally overhears. Miley gets a taste of what Oliver goes through, when Hannah Montana forgets the words to the National Anthem while singing at a televised Laker's game. Jackson's boss pays him to get rid of sugar addict Rico's candy stash after a bad trip to the dentist. He manages to get Rico off the goodies, but Jackson becomes even more addicted to sweets than Rico.
  • Hannah Montana forgets the words to the National Anthem!!

    This episode was hilarious. They went in a great direction with this episode because it wasn't your typical usage of Romeo and Juliet. It was very unique. Miley was a little hard on Oliver for not being "perfect" in his part. Jackson becomes a chocolate junkie lol. The futuristic part of him being fat was extremely funny. It was one of my favorite parts in the episode. Hannah Montana forgetting the words to the national anthem was great. I can't believe she sang words from Shakespeare. I love when Hannah messes up when she's performing because those are some of the funniest moments. At the end when the chocolate bunny was playing with Jackson's mind was funny too.
  • Oliver is so cute in this episode.

    I liked this episode because it showed Hannah messing up. I'm not saying that I enjoy watching her "series of unfortunate events" on stage, it's just that it showed that everyone has stage fright once in their lifetime. It made Hannah realize how Oliver felt when he had stage fright. I think everyone can relate to this episode. Just when you think you know the national anthem because you've heard it soooooooo many times, you forget it when you're singing at the Lakers game. That was an awesome and funny mistake. I can totally relate to forgetting lyrics. Jackson really looks like he has a sweet tooth in this episode, he plays the sugar addicted guy well. The most funniest part of this episode was when Jackson falls asleep and dreams about him being fat on account of all the candy he eats. I laughed so hard at that part. Although I've gotta say, him rolling down the sand hill looked like a lot of fun. LOL. Anyways, it was so cute when Oliver helped Miley remember the lyrics to "This is your life" when she was on the floor of the stage. That was a great way to save your friend when she was being Boo'd off stage.
  • This episode is definately one of my favorites.

    In this episode Lilly Miley and Oliver are in a drama class. They must pick partners to do a scene from shakespere. Lilly picks the best kid in the class. Miley gets stuck with oliver. Oliver has terrible stagefright and does stupid things to make the audience laugh with him instead of at him. Miley tries to show him that there is nothing to be afraid of. But he heres her complaining. Miley then forgets the words to the national anthem at a televised Lakers game as Hannah Montana. She gets a taste of the stagefright and chokes at her next show. Oliver is there and he gets the crowd to sing with her so she remembers the words to her song.
  • The best episode ever!!!

    Miley and Oliver get paired together to do a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Not knowing Oliver is overhearing, Miley tells her dad what a bad actor Oliver is, and wants to bail on him. He overhears, however.Then she forgets the national anthem!She is so afraid of what people would think about her... I don't want to tell you every think about this episode because if I will then it wont be interesting to watch it... what I would say is watch this episode because it is really really good. I watched it once but I cant wait until I'll watch it the secound time :D
  • awesome

    this was one of the rather awesome episodes, especially since this is only epi 10 so its still pretty far in the beginning, and the epis werent so good in the beginning. anyway . . . i felt bad for both miley and oliver and also lilly was so funny, bringing in the cue cards, and then the afro guy stood up . . . . i think miley was actually a good actress in this episode, for some reason . . . ok 15 more words . . . . . . . . . . . buh bye!
  • Miley and Oliver get paired together to do a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Not knowing Oliver is overhearing, Miley tells her dad what a bad actor Oliver is, and wants to bail on him. He overhears, however.Then she forgets the national anthem!

    Miley intends to bail on Oliver, telling her dad what A bad actor Oliver is. He overhears, and accuses her of bailing on him. She gets the same thing happen to her when she forgets the words to the national anthem. Later, she must perform on Top Rockers, but is afraid to. She starts singing "This is the life" but forgets the words and slumps down on stage. Oliver comes to the rescue by singing the words, and helping her remember, and be more confident again. I thought it was very sweet of him to help her out. One of the best episodes!
  • Miley has to work with Oliver in the play Romeo and Juliet. Oliver has stage fright and doesn't want to perform in front of the class. Miley gets a taste of stage fright, when she is Hannah Montana singing the national anthem at a Laker's game.

    I think that this episode was really great. It shows that Oliver was true to his friend because Miley made a mistake in what she was saying out loud and he was willing to forgive. Miley made a mistake and she shows that not everyone is perfect. Forgetting the words to the national anthem on live TV at the Lakers game shows that she felt sad and guilty about what Oliver overheard her say to Robbie Ray. If you ask me, Miley and Oliver are what friends are going through everyday and they set a good example of this in this episode.
  • Miley gets mad at Oliver for getting satge fright, but gets a taste of her own medicine when she forgets the words to the National Anthem. Meanwhile, Jackson gets addicted to sweets.

    This episode was so funny! But Miley was really rude to Oliver and I could see why he got mad at her. But in the end, he showed how true of a friend he was. He helped Miley when she didn't deserve it. Friends like Oliver don't come every day, and she should be thankful to have him. But in the end, Miley fortunatley is thankful for him. Lilly was also there for her.Meanwhile, Jackson gets payed to get Rico away from sweets, but gets addicted himself. That was funny how he ran in the house with a swarm of bees after him. This episode was a great example of true friendship between the three friends.
  • Exciting episode.

    Miley, Oliver and Lilly are taking drama class in school. Then Hannah goes to a public event where she sings the national anthem, and she realizes that she forgot the lyrics for the anthem. Miley gets a sudden case of stage fright. She goes to her concerts where she needs to sing live and she panics, but she gets some help from Oliver and Lilly. This is one funny episode, Hannah Montana is always fun to watch. This episode is another exciting episode, Miley and friends really makes the show worth watching. Disney surely did this show right, I'm glad this show is happening.
  • This was a funny episode!

    Oliver gets really nervous when he is on stage or just in front of other people. Miley gets paired with Oliver to do a drama thing in drama class. She tells Oliver he shouldn't be nerevous and then she thinks about bailing on him and doesn't realize that he was right behind her:

    Oliver: You said you'd be there for me.
    Miley: Oliver, I was just--
    Oliver: Bailing on me?
    Miley: No! I was just thinking about bailing on you. It's different!
    Oliver: You said I was the Titanic! (leaves)
    Miley: Not the ship! The very successful movie! You made like a billion dollars! (to Robbie) Okay, Daddy, we need a new warning signal.
    Robbie: Honey, I did everything but baste you with barbecue sauce.

    Then Miley feels guilty and messes up the National Anthem on national tv. Then Miley keeps getting nervous and she messess up on another show and Oliver helps her and she doesn't feel guilty anymore so they apologize.
  • It\'s the funniest Hannah Montana eposide EVER!

    It\'s the funniest Hannah Montana eposide EVER!It make me want to laugh really really bad. Their this part when Lilly show Hannah the lyrics to Hannah for This is the Life and Lilly forget to turn the poster. So, Hannah keep on repeating \"Lovin how it feels right, now.\" That\'s the best funny part of the eposode. Their also funny parts like the Fruitfly, where you put oranges on eyes and you said \"Friutfly.\" Also, when Hannah forgets the words to The National Athem. She saids \" What Dawn lights break wind\" or somethong like that. The End
  • Miley is paired with Oliver for a school project and hannah forgets the words to the national anthem.

    This episode was so sweet! Miley claimed that she never gets stage fright, but it was so ironic that she forgot the words to the National Anthem after complaining about Oliver. After she forgot, I felt so bad for her because she didn't know what to do. When she then performed onstage on tv, I was really nervous for her because she forgot the words. Lily was so nice to hold up cards for her. When she finally sat down on the ground and said, "I'm still getting it wrong." I felt terrible. She had never done this, but when Oliver stood up and started singing, it was so sweet! He really was a true friend to her. That was a sweet episode about friendship! I loved it!
  • Miley finds herself having to reconcile to the idea that everyone undergoes stage fright and forgets the words to a performance, particularly when she finds herself in the same situation after forgetting the words to the National Anthem.

    This episode was so cute.
    From watching the previews, the premise didn\\\'t really interest me. But watching it was certainly a pleasant surprise. Of course, the Miley/Oliver storyline was the best part, and truth be told, one of the reasons the plot stands out. It highlights one of the unique elements that makes the Oliver/Miley friendship so special: How much they\\\'re willing to do thoughful things for one another, despite whatever disagreements or altercations they might have. Even the Jackson sub-plot was fun to watch, and I usually don\\\'t care much for those. All in all, it was a fun and entertaining episode and I hope Disney keeps up the good work.
  • Miley gets nervous when paired with Oliver for a drama-class project and forgets the words to the National Anthem. Miley performs as Hannah on tv show Top Rockers and forgets the words to her songs!!

    This was my 1st fav ep. of Hannah Montana but now, even though it hasn't aired in the U.S. yet, my fav ep. is called, "People Who Use People" because that is the episode when Jake and Miley kiss! I am an official shipper for Jake/Miley! they are the best couple on tv i've ever seen! i've seen this ep. so many times, that when she sings the National Anthem, I can sing exactly like her. on all of Miley's songs, I sing just like her! I also know almost all the words to every episode aired in the U.S.!
  • In this episode, Miley, Lily, and Oliver are in a drama class and the class is doing scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Miley is paired up with Oliver and they practice a lot. Miley had practiced so much as Hannah Montana she messed up the anthem!

    This episode has so many silly aspects to it. The corny jokes Oliver makes, the little comments Miley makes to her dad and Lily before she goes on satge, it is classic. This episode is full of little silly surprises. It also teaches a serious leason though, you should never be afraid of failing. This episode shows a whole new side to Miley, a nervous, not half as confident side. Many viewers enjoyed this episode. Probably because of the subtle jokes, uplifting humor, and uplifting message. It was definetly a classic Hannah Montana. It should go down in Hannah Hall of Fame.
  • it was good,but miley was sort of mean.that kinda ruined it!in the long run,though,its a pretty good episode.

    i never thought miley would say something like that about her best friend!it just seems so unlike her!i think its nice how oliver forgave her,though.lily,jackson,and oliver are my favorites.they are so so so so so funny!what do you think? i also really really REALLY like the tv show called the suite life of zack and cody.its funny,and i like comedys.i like thats so raven a lot too.at first,i thought that hannah montana was really corny.i mean,some eps are.but now i like it a lot. its one of my fave tv shows im tired of writing.ok i have to go bye
  • Hannah forgets the words to her own song.

    I liked this episode alot. It is probably my favorite. I think it was very funny. I loved the part where Lilly is holding up the signs with the words on them and Hannah is trying to read them while Lilly keeps moving them. I also like the part where Oliver "dies" when they are acting in class. Jackson was hiliarious with his "BunnyLand Tokoyo" idea. This episode was all around great, but it is still not my favorite show. I think that this show is getting better reviews than it deserves, but i will not let that change my review for this episode. Good Job!
  • This episode is perfect!!

    Hannah gets mad when Oliver has stage fright that she developes her own stage fright. Jackson has a sweet tooth because Rico can't have candy. Finaly because of Oliver Hannah gets over her stage fright and Jackson stops eating candy and starts eating vegetables. At speech class Oliver goes over the top with Shakespeare.
  • I

    I saw this one filmed in front of a live audience. they cut out a funny part where they are at Miley's house trying on costumes and miley was all "Come out Oliver!" and Oliver comes out in red tights. then Miley was all "Oh, yeah. i remeber those tights! i wore them in my first concert!" then OPliver was all, "What?! You told me these were MAN tights!" then he runs out! that part cracked me up!
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