Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 10

O Say, Can You Remember the Words?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 30, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • We see how good a friens Miley is to Oliver.

    Miley and Oliver become partners for a Drama assignment. They are supposed to do the last scene of Romeo and Juliet in which Romeo dies. Miley finds that Oliver is unfocused and asks Oliver why. We learn that Oliver gets nervous in front of crowds and starts cracking jokes. Miley finds this a problem and talks about Oliver behid his back and Oliver hears and gets upset. The next night Miley 'Hannah' has to sing the national anthem at the Laker's game. Miley 'Hannah' messes up the lyrics and instead finds herself saying a line from Romeo and Juliet.

    Meanwhile, Jackson takes away Rico's candy to help with his sugar problem but finds himself eating all the candy and devloping a sugar problem of his own.

    Then, later that week, Miley 'Hannah' has to preform on "Top Rockers" a live television show. She finds herself nervous and forgets the words to her songs. When preforming she forgets the lyrics and Oliver helps her out.

    Miley and Oliver do their scene for drama class and Oliver gets over his stage fright and does a wonderful preformance.

    This was a great episode because we see how good a friend Miley is to Oliver. Turns out she is a very good friend to him. She gets over the fact Oliver gets stage fright and helps him out any way. A great installment.