Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 15

Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 17, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Poor

    Miley does not like Oliver and Lilly trying to set her up with guys, so she fakes having a boyfriend. Will the plan work?

    It was boring... like nothing happened. I was watching it, waiting to laugh, waiting for something to happen, but nothing really did. I do not even remember smiling once, though I might have... really, one of the weakest episodes of the series in my books, if i laughed it was at something small because i do not remember. i just wanted something to happen but nothing really did. So, my grade is a very low D
  • Miley feels like a third wheel with the new Lilly Oliver relationship but attempts to hook Miley up lead to once, twice, three times afraidy.

    This was a very cute and funny if somewhat imperfect episode. There were a lot of things to like in this episode and it seems to be the perfect lead in to the next episode coming up, so let me describe what I felt was good and maybe not so good.

    Miley, Lilly and Oliver are magic together. And I do think the new change in the dynamics of the relationship is helping things as we go into the middle of a third season. Now, I could probably do without all of that Lillypop, Ollypop stuff. But then again I guess you can feel the pain when Miley is gagging. As a matter of fact you can do your own gagging in your own home. I still think that relationship is cute, but they are overkilling that line to death.

    I didn't like the knitting bit with Miley. I know this show exaggerates stuff for comedic purposes, but I need a semblance of reality. Miley does not knit and even if she did it would not be for people to jump rope. It is so fake looking that it isn't really funny, it just makes you go what the heck is going on with that?

    Now, on the other hand the humiliation of trying to get a bid on Miley was very funny stuff. I love the Tracey character who I believe is way underutilized on this show. She was great in this episode which I guess once again leads to the next one from which she will be having a major hand in as well. I think her character at it's full potential is sort of like an evil Yoda who inspires Hanna to go to the darkside of her celebrity. Too bad she isn't used more often. Now, as far as the hookups go they were for the most part funny, but in the last one a little bit awkward. I understood everything leading up to the last guy, but what is this thing where Miley has no ability to break up with anyone ever on this show unless it's off screen? Here she is with someone who looks like he could almost be her father and she's dancing around breaking up with him. It was funny, but I think it was very miscast. You can get an annoying younger person. Dating Grandpa kind of distracts you from what their actually trying to do.

    As far as the B-story goes. It was funny and as nonconsequential as ever. But, I must say how many pages of Road Runner and Bugs Bunny cartoons are they going to go through with the Jackson character? I mean the fall was funny, but when you look back at the great comedies, like Seinfeld, or Friends, or Married With Children, etc, you don't go seeing these Sci-Fi like instances that are popping up on this show. I think these stories need to be more grounded in reality for us to take them more seriously. If I want magic I'll watch Wizards of Waverly Place. But it was still funny and once again Rico pulled the rug out from under Jackson. Beep! Beep! (Looney Tunes reference look it up)

    Overall this episode was solid if somewhat imperfect fun. I still wish they would explore more as to why Miley doesn't seem to be dating anyone ever. And when she does it's either a disaster or it works out great and than the person isn't on the show again. I think a lot of times when they write these episodes they are so focused on making funny lines that they forget that these characters are like real people to fans and we want some reality or we're just not going to care about them anymore if the writers don't care either. But I do feel that this episode is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope they keep it up.