Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 9

Papa's Got a Brand New Friend

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2009 on Disney Channel

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    I'm sorry Hannah Montana for this very low score, but you just really deserved it here. It's funny to think that a show that had some originality with it's plot and was actually funny at a time has resorted to this. So this was just about the most unoriginal thing I have ever seen on television. I can't even begin to count on my two hands on how much people have used this plot. Making yourself unattractive so the other person can break up with you. Hannah Montana, are you kidding me with this? Not only was this unoriginal, but it was absolutely dreadful and devoid of laughter. I have no idea why this episode was rated a 7, because this easily one of the Hannah's worst. Not only was the subplot unoriginal, but the main plot was a snoozefest. If I was a 6 year old boy watching this, I would have fallen asleep, or gotten angry and thrown my remote at the television screen. This is even unbearable for kids, so Disney Channel, do yourself a favor, and take Hannah Montana off the air!
  • Hanna's dance choreographer gets hurt and gets replaced by Nana who befriends her father while being a pushy diva to Hanna and her dancing crew.

    First before I get into the review I just want to mention this episode was definitely written with an intention to be aired earlier in the season. Oliver had been acting like he didn't have a girlfriend in previous episodes so you knew a breakup was coming or rather it had already happened.

    I felt the episode was reasonably funny. The dictionary joke was horrible (Miley isn't that stupid even if you want to suspend the disbelief for a joke), but the others weren't too bad.

    Hanna was definitely out of character. And I know they did it for joke purposes, but I'm not sure anyone believes she was going to blow off someone with casts on every part of her body but her eyelids, but I think that is the direction this show wants to go. That Hanna is a total diva and Miley is the real person underneath it all. But I do think there are limits and they definitely went a little bit overboard but this show is supposed to be a comedy first and they are going to exaggerate things quite a bit for that very purpose.

    I do think the show has kind of gotten sidetracked from it's true purpose. They need to get Miley in school more and get away from the Hanna parts. And Lilly always needs a prominent role. She might be Miley's sidekick, but she really is nothing less than a full blooded equal co-star on this show. With the comedy timing to back it up.

    It really is hard to judge if the season is getting better or worse when episodes are obviously out of order but you definitely can say it's going to take a lot more than this one to get back to the quality of seasons 1 and 2. Luckily there is a little show after this one that is so bad that it makes these episodes look like solid 10's. I'm not going to mention Demi names, but they know who they are.
  • Once again they're copying ideas and plots from previous episodes. Very unoriginal, silly, and boring.

    Oh wow, this episode was so bad I don't even know where to begin. Okay, Hannah and Lola are learning new dance moves, when Hannah does a slide and knocks the choreographer out the window. Now why is it that the choreographer was hurt so badly that she needed a full body cast when in previous episodes people have gotten hurt as badly as that gotten up perfectly unharmed? I know it's a kid's show, but still you can't have someone get thrown across something and be perfectly fine, then have someone else fall out a window in a different episode and not even be able to move. It just doesn't match up. And then Hannah selfishly tries to get her to continue dancing, even with all her injuries. That part was a lot like what happened to Robbie in "I Want You To Want Me To Go To Florida". So Hannah and Robbie interview a few other choreographers who are completely awful and will with no chance be hired to work for Hannah Montana. So guess who the last person who shows up is. Someone who is a great dancer. Everyone who auditioned was horrible and after all those people someone great shows up. They didn't even need to think about hiring him. Sounds a little like what happened in "Take This Job And Love It", doesn't it? The new choreographer and Robbie end up having some male bonding time and become the best of friends. The problem is that when he comes to teach Hannah and some other dancers their new dance moves, he is horrible and mean. But Hannah can't fire him because he's friends with her dad. Copying more from another episode, that's from "Me And Mr. Jonas And Mr. Jonas And Mr. Jonas". Then the choreographer starts taking total control of everything and attaches wires to Hannah to teach her how to dance. Hannah's like his human puppet. Then Lola saves the day by taking the control box away and bla bla bla. The ending was very lame. Not to mention impossible. Hannah walked forward too far when she still had the wire things attached to her and flew back like a sling shot. Now if you notice, I only said Lola's name once in this entire review. And that's because she didn't have many lines. She was more like a background character then an actual main character like she used to be. Lola/Lily is the only character whose funny anymore, so why are they limiting her screen time? I have no idea. I love Lily and I would love to see more of her. And now the subplot. Oh wow. Oliver has to break up with his girlfriend because she's tough and scary. But he's afraid to break up with her because he doesn't want to get beat up. So he tries to act like a freak so that she breaks up with him instead. "Achy Jakey Heart" anyone? He dresses in a silver outfit and pretends he talks to aliens. He even catches on fire. Turns out she actually doesn't mind and tries to help him. Then when he's about to break up with her, she turns it around and breaks up with him. That's from another episode too, but I can't remember the name of it. There are a lot of other episodes being copied in this episode that I didn't mention either. This episode was most definitely one of the worst of the entire series. I'm really hoping no one gets mad at me for this review, because it is the absolute truth. It would take a miracle to save this show. This show used to be so good when it first started, but I actually am hoping they can find a way to improve it. There are still a lot of unused potential plot lines that could be used for this show. They just have to think of them.
  • Not my favorites episode.

    In this episode Hannah is mean, selfish and badly dressed. Why do the writer's think they have to make her this way and why do they keep repeating scenes from previous shows? The secondary plot wasn't very funny, the writer's seem to be going down the same slapstick road. Things that they think have worked in the past, but what they forget is that we have already seen it and it isn't funny anymore, especially when the timing is off. Lola was cute through the show, but we saw very little of her. Hopefully the next episode will be better!