Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 9

Papa's Got a Brand New Friend

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2009 on Disney Channel

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    I'm sorry Hannah Montana for this very low score, but you just really deserved it here. It's funny to think that a show that had some originality with it's plot and was actually funny at a time has resorted to this. So this was just about the most unoriginal thing I have ever seen on television. I can't even begin to count on my two hands on how much people have used this plot. Making yourself unattractive so the other person can break up with you. Hannah Montana, are you kidding me with this? Not only was this unoriginal, but it was absolutely dreadful and devoid of laughter. I have no idea why this episode was rated a 7, because this easily one of the Hannah's worst. Not only was the subplot unoriginal, but the main plot was a snoozefest. If I was a 6 year old boy watching this, I would have fallen asleep, or gotten angry and thrown my remote at the television screen. This is even unbearable for kids, so Disney Channel, do yourself a favor, and take Hannah Montana off the air!
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