Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 18

People Who Use People

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Miley sees Jake with a girl named Holly, and thinks she's his girlfriend, so she attempts to make him jealous by going out with another guy. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to get an "A" in his class by using Robbie and trying to make him go out with his teacher, Ms. Kunkle.moreless

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  • Good

    Miley thinks Jake has a girlfriend so she tries making him jealous. Jackson thinks if his teacher is dating his father this will help him get an A, but is this really a good plan?

    It was alright, I didn't really like the ending to either plot that much... Jake leaving for a few months and Robbie and Jackson's teacher splitting up... the rest was OK though, I liked Willis being younger than Miley, and how her plan backfired. Overall, it was a mostly good episode, not great, not bad, but good, my grade is in the "B" range or somoreless
  • Now, this episode is a funny one

    For me is the funniest episode of the series so far, and will be for a long while. That part of "Whatcha talkin' about, Willis?" was funny! I laughed a lot and still is funny. And the beginning was very funny, with Hannah and Jake presenting a kind of awards and Hannah was messing it. I also liked that part, when Miley is denying that Willis was younger than her. "He just looks like him... and his name is Willis... and knows me" haha. And Oliver was pretty funny, too. What they do(Miley and Jake) was inmature and not so properly, but almost every quote said in this episode was very funny. It is a very good episode, unlike many others wich are not funny or not likable plot.moreless
  • Jake Go a way for 4/6 months

    jake pretends to have a girlfriend to make miley jealous it works and then miley ask a guy who she thinks is a senor but he really 11 and jake finds out. jackson its trying to get his dad to go on a date with his teacher so he can get an A.
  • ABSOLUTLEY adorable!

    WOW soooo cute! her and jake r a cute couple! i hope it ends well in the episodes jakey achey with her and jake this sunday! im so pysched! i wonder how jake responds after miley told him shes hannah montana most likely it will go bad cuz as u know there is always something wrong nothing is ever perfect! :( well yup this was a good episode the kiss was adorable and hopefully it will happen again!! hannah montana is amazing! and hopefully giving this review will give me points or w/e cuz if it doesnt this was a waste of my life!moreless
  • This is the best epiosde of Hannah Montana. Miley and Jake make perfect couple. I hope Jake come back from Romania soon be with Miley again they were very cute couple.moreless

    This is the best epiosde of Hannah Montana. Miley and Jake make perfect couple. I hope Jake come back from Romania soon be with Miley again they were very cute couple. This epiosde was awsome. Miley and Jake are cutest couple in this show. I can't wait until Jake Ryan coming back from Romania so they could be back together.
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Jake first greeted Miley and Lilly in the episode "New Kid In School", he said "'sup" to them. A starstruck Lilly always made sure to repeat "'sup" to Jake whenever she saw him during the episodes that he appeared on in the first season.

    • In Jackson's daydream about Ms. Kunkle, she says there is no blinking in her classroom. But right after she says that, she blinks.

    • Goof: When Miley goes up to get a pretzel, after she is finished talking to Jake, she grabs her pretzel and leaves. But she is never seen ordering or paying for the pretzel.

    • Goof: When Miley shoved the ice cream in Lilly's face you could tell that she knew it was coming because she had her face scrunched way before the ice cream cone hit her face.

    • The shot of the outside of the bowling alley is the same one that was used in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" episode "Bowling".

    • This is the first time that Lola's wears a light blue flip style wig.

    • Goof: The name of the bowling alley is "Parkway Lanes," according to a shot of the outside of the building. However, all the signs inside say it's called "Malibu Lanes."

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Robbie: I'm sorry son, but if you want to get good grades youre going to have to work for them.
      Jackson: (Stares at Robbie disgustedly) What kind of a father are you!?

    • Jackson: You and Kunkle had coffee? You're kidding!

    • Miley: I guess this means were kind of together.
      Jake: I guess it does.
      Miley: So do you want to go out sometime or do you want to ask me since you're the guy.
      Jake: Well, I don't really know how to say it.
      Miley: Oh come on! It's not that hard.
      Jake: Oh, ok. Do you want to go out with me four months from this Saturday?
      Miley: Yea that sounds…huh?

    • Miley: Alright Jake, what's going on? Why haven't you told anybody about me and balloon boy.
      Jake: Why would I do that? You seemed so miserable last night and I didn't want to make it any worse.
      Miley: Really, that's kinda nice.
      Jake: It's like I've been trying to tell you since the beginning. I'm really not a bad guy.
      Miley: Maybe not.
      Jake: Plus, I thought it was kinda cool you went to all that trouble just to make me jealous.

    • Miley: Oh great, there's Jake. I can hear him already. (doing an impression of Jake) Hey Miley, what are you and Willis doing saturday? Hot date on the teeter totter?

    • Oliver: Hey look, there's Jake!
      Lilly: You're gonna have to face him sooner or later.
      Miley: I choose later!

    • Lilly Remember when you used to like cake more than girls?
      Oliver: Yeah. Pfft! Kids.
      Lilly: Oh, just go get some.
      Oliver: Maybe just a taste!

    • Jake: What's the matter did you're senior boyfriend already dump you?
      Miley: No, I'm just not sure if I'm wearing my blue top or my green. Ya know, just in case if you're looking for me.
      Jake: That's really thoughtful. See you there!
      Miley: Yes you will.
      (Miley walks over to Lilly and Oliver)
      Miley: See, no problems. I've got him right where I want him.
      Oliver: Which is where?
      Lilly: I have no idea.

    • Miley: I can't believe you used me.
      Lilly: You mean, just like you used him?
      Miley: Ok fine. I used him, it was wrong, I learned my lesson and I'll never do it again.
      Oliver: Jake alert!
      Miley: Right after this. Quick put your arm around me!

    • Oliver: (Talking about Willis) Look on the bright side, she can babysit him for extra money.

    • Robbie: Okay, the next person to say Taragon is gone!
      Karen Kunkel: Taragon... Taragon... Tara, I am SO GONE!

    • Miley: Just look for a bunch of cool older guys.
      (Willis and Mike come running in laughing and spraying silly string at each other)
      Willis: Hey, Miley. Hi
      Miley: Hey Willis, who's this?
      Willis: My best friend. Mike, this is that girl I was telling you about. What'd ya think?
      Mike: Hubba Hubba!
      Miley: Best friend, how old is he?
      Willis: I know, I know, he looks ten, but he's reallly twelve.
      Lilly: Isn't it weird hanging out with guys much younger than you?
      Willis: Well, the truth is, Mike's older than me.

    • Jake: So, who's your friend?
      Miley: Oh, that's Willis. He's from Seattle, you know, the coffee capital of America, he drinks it...black.
      Jake: Holly drinks espresso.
      Miley: Willis shaves.
      Jake: Holly waxes.
      Miley: Willis is a senior!
      Jake: (Surprised) Wow!
      Miley: Tootles!

    • Miley: Why would I be trying to make you jealous? Besides, you have a girlfriend.
      Jake: Holly? She's not my girlfriend. We have a movie comming out so we've being hanging out as a publicity thing.
      Miley: Why didn't you tell me that before?!
      Jake: Uh.. well...I think I-I...
      Miley: Wait a minute! I know why! Because you were trying to make me jealous!

    • Miley: I guess I do deserve this. I did use Willis.
      Lilly: Boy did you ever! It was like you had a love cold and he was the tissue. (in a light, airy, Brittish accent) Willis! Can I borrow you for a second? (pretends to blow nose in her hand) Goodbye, Willis!

    • Miley: And take that giraffe off your head.
      Willis: It's a dragon!
      Miley: Who cares? It's a balloon hat.

    • Miley: You said you were graduating!
      Willis: I am
      Miley: Elementary school!

    • Oliver: Why did Miley shove a pretzel down that guy's mouth?
      Lilly: I think it's supposed to look romantic

    • Miley: Admit it Jake, you like me!
      Jake: No, you like me. Just say it.
      Miley: No, you say it!
      Jake: No, you!
      Miley: No, you!
      (Jake kisses her)

    • Miley: This is such a disaster.
      Oliver: Not totally. I bowled a 280.
      Lilly: The bumpers were up.
      Oliver: You never let me have anything.

    • Ms. Kunkle: (About Robbie's cooking) Wonderful, but I think it could use just a dash of Tarragon.
      Robbie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We got a pretty delicate balance of spices here. Wouldn't want to throw it out of whack, but thanks for the thought.
      Ms. Kunkle: Well, I'm just talking about a dash. I'm a pretty fair cook myself, you know.
      Robbie: That may be, but this recipe's been in the family for generations.
      Ms. Kunkle: Well, that doesn't mean it can't be improved.
      Robbie: Uh, it was good enough to take second place for "Recipe of the Year" at the Tennessee state fair.
      Ms. Kunkle: Well, maybe if it had a dash of Tarragon, it would've won.

    • Holly: (Sees Willis & Mike playing with balloons) Isn't that your senior boyfriend over there?
      Miley: No, that kid just looks like him.
      Willis: I am King Willis!
      Miley: And has the same name.
      Willis: Hey, Miley!
      Miley: And knows me.

    • Miley: (To Willis) How can you be eleven?!
      Lilly: And three quarters.
      Miley: Not helping!

    • Oliver: How old are you?
      Willis: Eleven... and three quarters.
      Miley: You're eleven?!
      Willis: And three quarters!
      Miley: What you talkin' about, Willis?

    • Lilly: You can't go out with this guy. You start bowling with a senior, the next thing you know, you're go-carting with a college guy. It's madness!
      Miley: (Laughs) Hey, who sprinkled drama queen in your oatmeal this morning?

    • (Miley crushes her ice cream cone angrily while watching Jake with Holly)
      Lilly: Wow, first the Teeny, now this. You got it bad.
      Miley: I know.
      Lilly: And what's worse is Jake liked you first and you turned him down, otherwise that could've been you over there giving Jake little popcorn kissies.
      Miley: Oh, Lilly, you got a bit of ice cream on your face.
      Lilly: Where?
      Miley: Right there. (Puts Lilly's ice cream cone on her nose)
      Lilly: Thanks.
      Willis: Hey, need a napkin?
      Miley: No, thanks. I'm good.
      Lilly: Speak for yourself.

    • Jake: It's great to see you again, Hannah. Can't wait to have you back on the show to finish that kiss. I'll have my people call your people.
      Hannah: Great. My people will be waiting.
      Lola: That would be me. I'm Lola, her most important people. Which is why I may look familiar, but we've never met. Not even at school or anything... 'cause I'm home-schooled... in Canada... where the moose are.
      Jake: Okay. Nice to meet you, too. Bye. (Leaves)
      Hannah: Bye, Jake. (To Lola) Where the moose are, in Canada, where I'm home-schooled?! Lola, way to keep your cover!
      Lola: Oh, who cares?!

    • (At the "Teen Scene Awards" show)
      Hannah: Those are your nominees for Best On-Screen Kiss. And the Teeny Award goes to...
      Jake: (Reading the teleprompter) You know, if we'd been able to finish our kiss on "Zombie High," we might have won this thing. (Whispers to Hannah) Your turn.
      Hannah: Oh, right. (Reads teleprompter) Oh, Jake, I bet you say that to all your co-stars. Push Jake. (Pauses) I mean... (Pushes Jake)

  • NOTES (6)


    • Frankie Muniz is an actor who starred in the title role of Malcolm on the TV series "Malcolm in the Middle". He has also appeared in the film "Agent Cody Banks" and it's sequel "Agent Cody Banks 2".

    • Miley: What you talkin' about, Willis?

      This line is the famous catchphrase from the show, "Diff'rent Strokes".

    • People Who Use People is a play on the song title People (Who Need People). People became a hit when Barbra Streisand sang it in the movie Funny Girl.