Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 14

Promma Mia

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 03, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Wow, this is THE Hannah Montana episode to watch.

    Its time from Prom, Lilly and Oliver are going together. Miley's dream date is already taken, so she decides to date a geek. She's fine with this because he's a nive guy. Meanwhile, Robby Ray is tired of Jackson staying home when he should go back to college. Miley soon gets a call from singer David Archueletta (correct spelling?). She agrees to record a song with him... during Prom night. Robby Ray tells her its the wrong thing to do. She claims she will make millions happy rather than one boy. After going to the boys house to call it off, she finds out that this Prom was highly anticipated by him and his whole family. She feels bad, but still calls the prom date off. Back to Jackson and Robby Ray. Jackson finally tells the dad that he didn't sign up for college this semester because he's scared, Robby Ray tells him: its okay, and they hug it out. Later, Hannah Montana and David A. are recording their new song. After showing a flash back of the whole episode, Hannah stops recording the song and tells David that she broke a promise. He understands. The episode ends as the song is still playing with pictures of Miley, Oliver, Lilly, and the nerdy dude at the prom. This episode was really special, and it actually has some humor to it.
  • Great

    Miley asks out a geeky classmate to the prom because neither has a date. But she purposely schedules to sing a song with David Archuleta at the same time on the same night. What will she do? Jackson is worried about college and ponders what life would be like if he did not go. Will he change his mind?

    It was good, Miley was really selfish about the thing with David but she changed her mind so I guess it makes up for it. Jackson's plot was somewhat boring but the end of it made me laugh. Grade- a B+
  • Promma Mia - Great episode, Great song

    This episode is awesome, Miley tries to get this guy to go with her to the prom, when a greeky boy asks out another girl who rejects him, Miley goes to comfort him, when he asks her out, she says Yes... Later on David Archuleta asked her to sing with him that same night, with a great offer hannah said yes.

    While they were singing it showed memories of her and the geek, realising she must keep her promise to him, leaving David she gets ready for prom and meets the geek at his house, making him happy...

    This was an awesome episode, i love the song Hannah and David sing its awesome...
  • Okay woah! Did I seriously just give an episode of Hannah Montana a 9.5? Yes, I did. And you know what? That's the score it deserves!

    So Miley wants her crush to ask her to prom. She hints at it like crazy until he finally tells her he's already going with someone else. That was Miley's own fault because if she had just asked him in the first place he would have said yes. She ends up getting asked by a nerd and accepts the offer. She is later invited to record a song with David Archuleta on the night of the prom. Gee, which do you think she chooses? If you picked David Archuleta, you are correct. The kid was all excited to be going to prom with Miley and then she just ditched him. Luckily for him, she feels guilty and ends up going to prom with him. She made the right decision in the end and ends up having a great time! That was so sweet of Miley to go out him! She was a little shallow at first wanting to turn him down because he's a dork, but at least she ended up making the right decision. I also have to add that the song she recorded with David was amazing and has been stuck in my head all day. Lily and Oliver are officially a couple. They are so cute together! I've been waiting for them to get together since the beginning and it finally happened!
    In Jackson's subplot Jackson is having some tough decisions with college. I actually laughed a few times. Which BTW, is amazing since I never think Jackson is funny. Robbie was funny too. Not much I can say on this subject, since it didn't stand out too much in the episode. That's why it was only the subplot.
    I think what was great about this episode was that it was mostly about Miley. It wasn't Hannah being selfish like it usually is. I mean, obviously Hannah and Miley are the same person, but Miley is a better person when she's not ditching her friends and family for Hannah. I have to subtract half a point from the episode for unoriginality though. Pretty girl asked out by nerd has been done many times before. At least the episode was good anyway. This episode and the last were completely amazing. Disney - Keep it coming it with this type of episodes and who knows...Hannah Montana could be making a comeback after a while of lame episodes.
  • Miley needs a date to the Prom but ends up settling for a nerd. Meanwhile David Archuleta asks her to do a duet on the same day. Is there a conflict here?

    The thing about this show is that when it's good, you will notice there is more Miley and less Hanna in the show. Just like in Superman where you will usually have more Clark Kent. Just like Clark Kent is the real person, so is Miley. That is why this season has been a mixed bag with the many Hannacentric episodes. Luckily this wasn't one of them.

    Miley was right where she belonged in High School fumbling around scrambling. Without her superpowers she's just like everybody else. And that's when this show becomes fun.

    It is really good to see that they have genuinely brought over the storylines from the last 2 episodes. The guy Jackson had poisoned against Miley during his head injury is once again the object of her pursuit. And let me add he really does look like a more buff version of Jake Ryan. I just thought I'd throw that out there. And of course the Lilly/Oliver relationship is continuing strong. I like that the dynamic has changed. It makes things more interesting, but still just like in my review for the last episode the complaint stands. Watching this relationship is like going to the movies 15 minutes late and missing a crucial moment. We never got to see it and it will always be like a shadow hanging over this relationship.

    I loved the song with David and Hanna. That's the irony of this show. She will pretend to not have finished this song as an ultimate sacrifice, but you know this song is going straight to CD. There was no sacrifice there. Just like when she pretended to do did the Indiana Joannie movie and filming started the very next episode. But of course she did do the right thing and for charity went out with her nerd friend.

    And that is the other conceit of this show lately. Have you ever seen her go on a return date with anybody lately. Remember the short guy she gave a chance too. Where is he again? Does he have to wait till Christmas time to see her again? Look I don't mind that she's a player, but it is subtle. And it isn't exactly true. She isn't really a player, but she kind of isn't as nice as she pretends to be with these dates she's settled for. It's just she needs her secret powers to get the boys she wants. But that isn't who she really is anyway. She wants to be loved for herself. But it looks like this show is building to something. I wonder what that could be. Jake Ryan hasn't been around in a while, has he?