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  • This show killed Disney.

    I never watched this show too much, but I can tell you that this is the show that killed Disney and turned them into a cash cow company that does not even care about how horrible their programing is. Anyway, this show started back in about 2005 that stared a young girl by the name of Miley Stewart as played by Miley Cyrus who is the most targeted female teen celebrity of this generation. Miley is just a normal teen girl during the day with her friends and by night she performs on stage as Hannah Montana. This show seemed promising to many during its first season, but then when Miley got older, this show took a nosedive. Miley then turned into an obnoxious drama queen who always complains about everything. She wants to reveal her secret through her songs. Gee like we knew that was coming. What I really don't like about this show is that they use the simulated laughter avery few seconds when the jokes are not even close to being funny. Miley Cyris in real life cannot sing or act, she's just simply a pawn in the music industry. The music industry now-a-days takes adventage of these young people to make them famous just to create issues for all of the people who enjoy them. I'm glad that Disney ended this garbage and Miley is free of Disney, but now things are getting worse with Miley. Her parents are afraid that she might have her fate sealed with an unfortunate accident which could lead to death or prison. That's what you get for being overused.