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  • That Show Destroys Mickey Mouse's Career!

    OMG! That show is the worst show I've ever seen. And worse of all, Hannah Montana is the new mascot on Disney Channel and they got rid of Mickey Mouse. I've can't believe they replace Mickey Mouse to Hannah Montana. That show was awful. Hannah Montana is a selfish brat who wants everything to be famous. The plot lines are stupid and it's not funny at all. My former co-workers likes Hannah Montana and it drives me crazy. They even told me Mickey Mouse is no longer popular and he's fading away, and that got me obsessed for making Disney Channel create a new show Mickey Mouse series for everyone to watch, but thankfully, they already did years ago after Hannah Montana is no longer on Disney Channel. Good riddance. Anyway, that show is terrible and I wish it was forgotten. What really got me happy though is when Miley Cyrus grew up and when she was the guest host of SNL, she even announce that Hannah Montana was murdered and I said, "YAY!"
  • This is almost not Disney Throwback

    Do not air Hannah Montana 2010-2011 episodes on Freeform because it is not That's So Throwback.

    It feels like I'm leaving old Disney Channel behind and it breaks my heart. Because this ruined my life from 2010-2013. I used to like it put not anymore!
  • One of Disney Channel's greatest classics

    Miley Cyrus was definitely famous for this show. It's kinda funny how this show is somewhat similar to the 1980's show called "Jem and the Holograms", except Hannah Montana is not an animated series. Overall, this show was good.
  • Its ok

    Sure it got boring at times and its a really old show but it was enjoyable. Just think back of that sweet Miley Cyrus which has now turned into Miley the Twerker xD

    It was a good show(:
  • RIP Hannah Montana

    Miley all.
  • I watch all 3 seasons.

    yes. i got very bored.

    but this show was OK.

    I dont understand how people wouldnt know her by her voice and um, FACE! sure some makeup will make it a little bit harder, but really?!
  • Hannah Montana, RIP!

    Hannah Montana used to be my sister's favorite show. She used to have a Hannah Montana wig and would pretend to be her. I also wanted to be like Hannah Montana as well. I used to watch Hannah Montana with my sister.

    The show was great and the episodes had great story lines. The songs that Miley Stewart sang as Hannah Montana would have one dancing and singing along to them. There was also great humor.

    I stopped watching Hannah Montana when I was in seventh grade and forgotten about it. Then the show ended, but will be remembered by the fans.

    Hannah Montana, you will be missed and we will love you forever!
  • Need improvements

    Good show but not the best.
  • It was enjoyable on some episodes

    Although this is`nt my #1 favorite show on Disney channel, I really liked some episodes where Miley struggled to keep her pop star a secret. It was rather fun to watch and I must also say, the writers did an okay job at writing decent plots that actually made scence. The characters are rememberable and some of Miley Cyrus`s songs are actually good enough to listen to. I`d still enjoy some episodes on Disney Channel from the show.
  • Blehhhh

    Hannah Montana is a show that tons of old school Disney lovers just love to hate. And obviously, I am one of those people who hate this show, although I'd rather sit through an episode of this series than Jessie, BY FAR. The premise of this show is extremely stupid and unoriginal. A pop star teenager who is highly successful (and also as repetitive as a Chris Tomlin worship album), trying to live a normal life. You can do a show about a highly successful celebrity trying to live a normal life well, but this just falls flat. The characters are unlikable (except for Billy Ray Cyrus and Jason Earles), and the episode plots are cookie-cutter material/teenage drama, especially episodes such as "You're So Vain You Probably Think This Zit Is About You", and "I Want You To Want Me To Go To Florida". I will be completely honest- there are some decent episodes of the show, such as "You Gotta Not Fight For Your Right To Party" and the episode that referenced Milo and Otis. But, for the most part, it's a show that's only intended for little girls who don't think about the plots and like the music of the show. That said, this show is horrible.

  • hannamontana

    i love hannamontana and i love her song!
  • Show started out OK but went downhill.

    This show started out OK and it was good until 2007 or 2008, then after that Miley became a bitch and slutty, it was not funny, the plot got boring and the acting got horrible. This killed Disney Channel, I wear.
  • Overrated and overdone.

    Okay, when the show first started, I thought eh, looks a little cheesy and girly for my taste but I'll give it a shot. Like every new Disney Channel original series, I prefer to give it the benifet of the dought. The show is about a smalltown girl named Miley Stewart, who came to California to pursue her dream to become a famous popstar, but since celebraty life can be tough, she escapes it by living a double life! She often struggles with both worlds as a normal school girl and a world famous singer, while also trying to protect her secret identity. But she still has her rockin' hillbilly daddy, Robbie Ray, her odd big brother, Jackson, and her two best friends, Lily and Oliver to back her up. Now the concept is interesting, but that's not my concern. Sure, when season 2 started, I really started to got into the series, with all the touching family essence, the heartfelt drama, and the crazy slapstick comedy. But something else happened, the franchise started coming in! I'm aware that big companies need to make money in order to continue their work, and sparkley items that can attract little girls like moffs to a lightbulb are big time money-makers. But this is Disney we're talking about; big company or not, the Walt Disney Company has always made their way through life based on the "magic" they put into what they do (that's when a special mouse was born). Now, it's like all they care about is making money, rather than keeping the magic alive. And I don't think it counts that Hannah Montana's songs send a good message to kids. Anyway, as season two progressed, I started to notice a change in the Miley character, and that has led up to the poorly written trainwreck known as Season 3 (and I feel like the only one who saw it coming). Miley used to be portrayed a typical teenage girl: sweat, outgoing, down-to-earth, independant, and a little insecure around her peers and naive to her decisions. Soon, it became one selfish desire, bad choice, and idiotic costume after another. Now, the popstar life has clearly taken over Miley's "normal" little head, as she went from an average good girl to a bratty diva! (hince, the movie). I hate this teenage girl sterotype; I've seen 6 year olds that with more maturity than this girl. Plus, the sibling rivalry between Miley and Jackson is just annoying. I already deal with this bratty little sister thing enough at home, I don't need to see it on the television. And the truth is, I think Jackson is way more entertaining. Another big change is all the romance; Lily and Oliver have started dating. Now, how the heck did that happen?! I saw the episode, but where was the development before that? (this lack of chemistry has really floundered Emily Osment's perfromance). Also, it's like Miley goes from boy to boy through every episode and we never see how the relationship ends or begins; where is Jake Ryan in all of this?! Lately, the writers have been really slacking on accuracy for the show. The comedy no longer makes sense because it is so over-the-top and unfunny, and the drama is fake and confusing, and the life-lessons are so redundant and ineffective (Miley just never learns). Oh, and did I mention the acting got worse? The actors are now about as dedicated as the writers have been. All in all, this was a pretty good show from the start, but isn't as special anymore. Disney Channel got a little cocky. It would have made it better if they would've treated this like a regulair show, instead the new face of Disney that has been overshadowing Mickey Mouse and everything else that Walt Disney stood for. Give my regards to Miley Cyrus, because now it looks like she's going to have to rely on her singing career, 'cause this show is going down. Conclusion: Great Show, But not that great ;)
  • This is a load of s**t! This is the truth! If you can't handle it, then I suggest that you don't read this!

    She can't act. Can't sing. Ugly as a piece of s**t. She needs to get over herself and realize that she sucks and that nobody likes her except people who need to get a life and have their heads examined. This show is not even in the slightest bit funny. It is a compete waste of time and she really needs to just go away and never come back. She never was any good. This show sucks too. Not just her. I mean really, how are a bunch of stupid little kids gonna idenify with her and say "Oh yeah, I have those same problems too with being a secret pop star." Come on, really? How stupid is that? But that's the same thing as all the other s**t on Disney Channel (which btw should be called the S**t Channel) its the same unrealistic crap on all those other stupid kids channels. If you think that this stuff is cool, then you seriously need to get a life! ***This is the truth! If you can't handle it, you shouldn't have read this!***
  • Disney's downfall right here

    Hannah Montana is annoying.

    Not only did it convince Disney to get rid of almost ALL of its' cartoons, but every single sitcom to come after this one was about a teenager striving for fame or the 'pop-star lifestyle'.

    It's not funny. It's not original. The acting is terrible.

    I will forever regret this show being made.
  • I'm such a dumbnut for liking this shit

    When I was 13, I thought it was funny. I thought Miley ain't a spoiled brat. But when I was like 15, a lot people hated that show, so decide to hate that show too. Thanks to Hannah Montana haters, I hate it too. These people are actually smart. So anyways, that show ain't funny, she can't sing, she can't act, and she's quite ugly too. Don't get me started on Billy Ray Cyrus. He gives Country music a bad name. Wanna hear a country artist? Lyn Skynyrd. He's the best country singer ever.
  • This show killed Disney.

    I never watched this show too much, but I can tell you that this is the show that killed Disney and turned them into a cash cow company that does not even care about how horrible their programing is. Anyway, this show started back in about 2005 that stared a young girl by the name of Miley Stewart as played by Miley Cyrus who is the most targeted female teen celebrity of this generation. Miley is just a normal teen girl during the day with her friends and by night she performs on stage as Hannah Montana. This show seemed promising to many during its first season, but then when Miley got older, this show took a nosedive. Miley then turned into an obnoxious drama queen who always complains about everything. She wants to reveal her secret through her songs. Gee like we knew that was coming. What I really don't like about this show is that they use the simulated laughter avery few seconds when the jokes are not even close to being funny. Miley Cyris in real life cannot sing or act, she's just simply a pawn in the music industry. The music industry now-a-days takes adventage of these young people to make them famous just to create issues for all of the people who enjoy them. I'm glad that Disney ended this garbage and Miley is free of Disney, but now things are getting worse with Miley. Her parents are afraid that she might have her fate sealed with an unfortunate accident which could lead to death or prison. That's what you get for being overused.
  • It's lame, it's crap, it's Hannah Montana!

    I don't know how anyone finds this funny, even if it does have subtitles on, I still don't understand it. The comedy is lame, the acting is lame and the plot? It's even worse!
  • This sucks.

    Disney Channel started going downhill, mainly because of this pathetic "show" with a plot involving another singer who now none even remember. Hannah Montana is a sad excuse for a sitcom. The fangirls may disagree with me, but I say this show sucked a lot. So let's see why.


    Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana is the main character. She has two identities, one as a rockstar, and the other as a lowly teenager. Miley is spoiled and her dad doesn't even punish or ground her or even give her a good smack in the right direction. She is so manipulative and Miley Cyrus tried too hard to basically play as herself. How she got famous is beyond me, as someone told me that her singing is not her.

    Lily Truscott/Lola Luftangle is Miley's friend who has a double identity as Hannah's friend or supervisor or something. Miley takes advantage of Lily all the time. Lily has no personality whatsoever. She is usually bored and forced to act.

    Jackson is Miley's brother who serves as comic relief. Although he can be funny at times, It's obvious he is trying too hard for this role.

    Robby Ray is Miley's [real life] father who constntly gives in to her whining. Miley is often rude to him and he doesn't seem too punish or ground her.

    Rico is Jackson's sterotypical boss who is usually evil to him. Rico's sterotype is that he's young and crushing on Miley who's older than him.

    Other Characters: They try too hard for their roles. Oliver Oken is some wierd kid who is bullied by older kids and Rico too. Like Lili, he seems bored and forced to act. Mikayla is rude and repulsive which is maybe why Selena Gomez was cast to play as an even worse character, Alex Russo.


    The sets are like low budget and are probably copied off of HSM. These were used again in Austin & Ally, which is like a spinoff to it. The sets in Season 4 are better.


    The jokes are so stertypical and are not funny like most of Disney Channel's Programming.

    The laugh Track is in this show which makes the jokes MORE annoying.


    The plot and realism is questionable. How did Hannah Montana even become famous? Miley's singing like I said is not her and thus, it's fake. Also, why did she even want to be a rockstar. Plus the singing is a big issue. I have never heard a Disney Channel singer sing GOOD, with Brigdet Mendler as an exception. During this time, autotune must have been discoverd, because it is used heavily in this show, and a pile of known as Shake It Up. The singing is just not qualified as that.


    The acting, oh man, is bad beyond belief. Every character, with the exception of a few. Thank god Miley Cyrus does not act anymore, and in fact all of don't except for Jason Earles.


    Hannah Montana is just the start of Disney Channel's downfall, and it continues to as along as Austin & Ally, Shake It Up (ugh...) A.N.T. Farm and Jessie are still on. No more sitcoms. Mickey needs his one shot. And do it for Walt.
  • The death of Disney all begins here.

    You know that right now there are barely even any cartoons on Disney Channel right now and by far 73% of Disney Channel is just Teen crap and stuff right? Well Hannah Montana started it all. And trust me, there is no way this show is underrated, or the greatest (Or even one of) show of all time. At the 1st 2 seasons I thought this show was okay, but its not that I realized how stupid, cheesy, and childish it is, it actually did go downhill at season 3. This show is about a spoiled brat named Miley Cyrus who lives 2 lives, One as a normal teenage girl going to a public school, another is at night being a singer known as Hannah Montana. First the Characters, pretty much all of them are unlikable. Miley/Hannah is supposed to be a nice, sweet, teenage girl, but is really nothing but a selfish brat who always demands whatever she wants without saying "please", never listens to her parents (Mostly because her parents are idiots and are some of the worst parents on television since Caillou's parents), gets whatever she wants and never says "thank you" or "thanks", and even in one episode, she refused to eat carrots, Man this girl really doesn't deserve all the fame she gets, If I were her father (since I am a male of course), I'd say no and smack her in the face whenever she continues to whine whenever she doesn't get what she wants. She is not likable one bit, and I wanna punch her in the face as hard as I can. I know when you're a pop star or female star of a teen sitcom like this they will often act bratty and snobbish at times, but Miley goes too far! The other characters are no better at all. Lily is Miley's best friend, and is just a moron, She makes Patrick Star from Spongebob look like a moron, an unfunny moron. Jackson is even worse than Lily, and is also a moron. Billy (Hannah's dad), like I said, is one of the worst dads on television. Just like Caillou's parents, he always gives Miley whatever she wants whenever complains or whines whenever she demands whatever she wants, Miley needs to be adopted by different parents that are strict and then Miley will stop all her brattiness and then she will be more likable. The Music is some of the worst music I have ever heard, I'd rather eat a rotten egg dipped in everything else gross like that than listen to Hannah's crappy music. By the way, I even took my nephews to see the movie a couple of years ago... and it sucked. It made no sense and it was just boring! Like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana didn't even deserve a movie. I should've never wasted my money on her CDs or even tickets and food for this movie once I saw it in theaters! I thought it was okay during the first two seasons, then I saw 2 very inappropriate pictures of Miley's underpants, in a bikini, pretending to kiss other girls, lying across the laps of boys have made their way around the internet, posted on gossip sites and entertainment blogs around the world. I saw them and I puked a few times after seeing that. I'll have to admit she is pretty and I'll bet she's friendly (in person only) but she's a terrible role model for children. And after that I gave up and realized it sucks and I'm no longer watching it. Even though there's no funny moments in the show, It started to focus more on Drama than Comedy. I still don't have problems with laugh tracks (Even if it goes off a little too much), but like Out of Jimmy's Head, its Laugh Track is annoying and not needed, and there's not 1 single funny moment in the show. It doesn't deserve awards either. I'm super happy this show finally ended like it should have much much much earlier ago, and even better, there's no reruns! 8D But Disney still needs to stop all this teen crap and singing/dancing madness and bring back the good shows like Disney's House of Mouse or other shows like that, and even reruns of older shows just as good as Disney's House of Mouse like That's So Raven or Lizzie Mcguire instead. And keep on Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Good Luck Charlie, or even Jessie and My Babysitter's a Vampire, which are all the only good shows on Disney Channel right now. Please don't waste your time with this show, think about it, talk about it, or even peek at it, or anything like that, just avoid everything from it. And let it be forgotten!
  • It's okay

    I love the first two seasons, then it went downhill because of Miley's scandals. Some of the characters are cool, but some are annoying.
  • this show sucks

    dont watch this show because it makes you stupid
  • Great Disney show no matter what people say.

    That whole long list of ones and twos. You are just cruel. Even if you don't like the show it deserves a lot better than that. In my opinion it deserves a 9.5. The show is just awesome. It's funny, the characters are actually likeable (especially Oliver). Disney doesn't do really well with likeable characters anymore. Plot lines were hit and miss but mostly hit. And the finale was fantastic. Hannah Montana was the last living show on Disney. You will be missed.
  • This show takes Stupid to the next level!

    I have no idea in the first place how this show has managed to stay on the air all these years. I mean, really? A girl who is disgusting as a pop star? How stupid are some people? If this show was more realistic, Hannah Montana would be done within one season.

    Moving on to the singing. Miley Cyrus is pathetic and can't sing at all. She is all about the computers and voice mixers. Did I mention she is a redneck and bad actor? I mean, I've really had enough with all this Hannah Montana garbage. Hannah Montana lunchboxe's, video games, underwear, plates, cups, napkins, clothes, stores, CD's, toys, dolls, and holy crap the list keeps going!

    I would suggest avoiding this show. If you dare watch it, make sure to bring a lot of aspirin and pain killer pill's. You'll need them. Trust me!
  • Hannah montana

    I used to watch Hannah montana all the time when it was on and in the early days when Miley was 14. i even used to idolize her but now I cannot think of one reason to! miley changed so much when she was supposed to be an idol for little girls.

    I loved The show while it lasted because me and my sister thought Jackson was so funny and we liked the songs aswell =) I dont really know what to say but that Miley changed so much from the character in the show.........Anyway since this show rocked while it lasted it's a 9 from me =) Thanx for reading
  • My Favorite Hannah Montana Song is "One in a Million"

    The Song I Like in Season 2 is One in a Million because it sounds dramatic.
  • Realisticly speaking...

    The plot is very dumb. A girl who has both worlds? Thats kind of being fake to your REAL self. I do admit some jokes were funny but thats it. And Miley sometimes acted like a spoiled girl. She leaves her best friend as her waitress. She also takes all the spotlight from her brother.
  • Another example of the overated shows on Disney.

    This show reminds me of shows like Danny Phantom: a kid with a double life with a few friends who know and share his adventures. Except substitute the superpowers to money, and that's basically what Hannah Montana is. The problem is that Hannah Montana is a waste of time! I can tell you right now that Hannah does not get the best of both worlds, and what your stuck with is another overrated show on Disney. First of all I am disappointed at Billy Ray Cyrus. Why someone would come from a successful show like "Doc" to only be degraded to being the goofy parent who only adds to her misadventures is beyond me. I feel bad for the adults on shows like this. Their only purposes are either to be complete idiots and oblivious to everything (e.g. Drake and Josh's parents) or a parent that you feel sorry for because he has to deal with crap all the time. Also, if Hannah Montana REALLY has "the best of both worlds", why is this kid bullied at school? I honestly do not consider being constantly harassed by a couple of shallow rich preps having the best of anything. Why does Hannah think that being a "normal kid" is so important that she has to deal with people who would never bother her if she knew who she was? And how is she able to do this whole celebrity/student deal? What if she had to go on a tour during the school year? What is she going to say, "I'm going on vacation that conveniently is just as long as Hannah Montana's tour?", just crazy. I feel real bad for the children of this generation. They have no choice but to be subjected to crappy shows like this one, and most of the Disney Channel for that matter! I mean, just look at some of the shows on Nick and Cartoon Network, and Disney. What happened to them? They've gone from The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast to Ice Princess and Home on the Range!? These guys need help, for the sake of the children.
  • Disney's downfall slowly began in 2006

    Hannah Montana is definitely the worst creation by Disney. This show is full of annoying characters. All jokes in this show are over-used to the point its tiring to listen to.

    Miley Cryus just can't act, making Hannah Montana an instant fail.

    Bad role model for young children-
  • A mediocre show from Disney.

    I didn't like Hannah Montana that much, yet again I liked it in some ways. Despite the fact that it kinda killed the Disney Channel by at least 50% or so, I would rather sit through this than the shit Disney produces today like Austin and Ally, Jessie and well, basically 99.9% of the shit Disney has.

    Let's start with the characters:

    The characters are not that interesting and in some ways, they are.

    Miley/Hannah: She is the girl who leads a 'double' life and her secret is that she is a popstar named Hannah Montana and only her family and friends know this. This formula has been slightly overused since That's so Raven and Disney's kinda raping the usage of it. Miley's character is OK, but at times is annoying and it's obvious to tell that Miley's in a wig and glittery clothes.

    Jackson: He is disgustingly gross but funny at times. He isn't really clean but that's how he is. His comebacks are cool but his fights with Rico kinda get old at times. He may not care for Miley most of the time, but is shown to be nice in some ways.

    Billy Ray: Miley's dad. He is pretty much the same as Jackson in some cases, but sometimes, Miley kinda trollops over him but can be a respectable guardian unlike Spencer from iCarly. He teaches Miley good values.

    Lilly and Oliver: Miley's good friends. They are cool aswell but sometimes I feel that Emily and Mitchel's acting is a little forced in some cases. But they're acting skills is sub-par/above average and they're pretty funny too.

    Rico: The evil boss of Jackson. He is often fighting with him, but again, the fights get old and overused but he is OK.

    Extras: The extras are OK at acting aswell but a bit mediocre to me.

    The plots:

    The plots at least don't put a letter in front of everything and they are not the same thing overused again and again. The plots make sense despite having the Miley/Hannah brief change, but the plots are OK.

    The jokes:

    Despite that annoying laugh track, at least it isn't being overused. The jokes are average but it isn't the same overused thing again but Miley's 'Say What???' Part is kinda getting old.

    Overall summary:

    Not the best show for Disney, yet again it isn't the worst. It teaches good values unlike certain shows and by CERTAIN, I mean iCarly and it's enjoyable for kids.


    Characters: 8/10. The characters are pretty cool.

    Plots: 7/10, despite the regular Miley/Hannah change, it's alright.

    Jokes: 5/10. Because of the laugh track. If it weren't there, I would've given a better rating.

    It's a shame Hannah Montana ended in some cases though.