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  • This sucks.

    Disney Channel started going downhill, mainly because of this pathetic "show" with a plot involving another singer who now none even remember. Hannah Montana is a sad excuse for a sitcom. The fangirls may disagree with me, but I say this show sucked a lot. So let's see why.


    Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana is the main character. She has two identities, one as a rockstar, and the other as a lowly teenager. Miley is spoiled and her dad doesn't even punish or ground her or even give her a good smack in the right direction. She is so manipulative and Miley Cyrus tried too hard to basically play as herself. How she got famous is beyond me, as someone told me that her singing is not her.

    Lily Truscott/Lola Luftangle is Miley's friend who has a double identity as Hannah's friend or supervisor or something. Miley takes advantage of Lily all the time. Lily has no personality whatsoever. She is usually bored and forced to act.

    Jackson is Miley's brother who serves as comic relief. Although he can be funny at times, It's obvious he is trying too hard for this role.

    Robby Ray is Miley's [real life] father who constntly gives in to her whining. Miley is often rude to him and he doesn't seem too punish or ground her.

    Rico is Jackson's sterotypical boss who is usually evil to him. Rico's sterotype is that he's young and crushing on Miley who's older than him.

    Other Characters: They try too hard for their roles. Oliver Oken is some wierd kid who is bullied by older kids and Rico too. Like Lili, he seems bored and forced to act. Mikayla is rude and repulsive which is maybe why Selena Gomez was cast to play as an even worse character, Alex Russo.


    The sets are like low budget and are probably copied off of HSM. These were used again in Austin & Ally, which is like a spinoff to it. The sets in Season 4 are better.


    The jokes are so stertypical and are not funny like most of Disney Channel's Programming.

    The laugh Track is in this show which makes the jokes MORE annoying.


    The plot and realism is questionable. How did Hannah Montana even become famous? Miley's singing like I said is not her and thus, it's fake. Also, why did she even want to be a rockstar. Plus the singing is a big issue. I have never heard a Disney Channel singer sing GOOD, with Brigdet Mendler as an exception. During this time, autotune must have been discoverd, because it is used heavily in this show, and a pile of known as Shake It Up. The singing is just not qualified as that.


    The acting, oh man, is bad beyond belief. Every character, with the exception of a few. Thank god Miley Cyrus does not act anymore, and in fact all of don't except for Jason Earles.


    Hannah Montana is just the start of Disney Channel's downfall, and it continues to as along as Austin & Ally, Shake It Up (ugh...) A.N.T. Farm and Jessie are still on. No more sitcoms. Mickey needs his one shot. And do it for Walt.