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  • The death of Disney all begins here.

    You know that right now there are barely even any cartoons on Disney Channel right now and by far 73% of Disney Channel is just Teen crap and stuff right? Well Hannah Montana started it all. And trust me, there is no way this show is underrated, or the greatest (Or even one of) show of all time. At the 1st 2 seasons I thought this show was okay, but its not that I realized how stupid, cheesy, and childish it is, it actually did go downhill at season 3. This show is about a spoiled brat named Miley Cyrus who lives 2 lives, One as a normal teenage girl going to a public school, another is at night being a singer known as Hannah Montana. First the Characters, pretty much all of them are unlikable. Miley/Hannah is supposed to be a nice, sweet, teenage girl, but is really nothing but a selfish brat who always demands whatever she wants without saying "please", never listens to her parents (Mostly because her parents are idiots and are some of the worst parents on television since Caillou's parents), gets whatever she wants and never says "thank you" or "thanks", and even in one episode, she refused to eat carrots, Man this girl really doesn't deserve all the fame she gets, If I were her father (since I am a male of course), I'd say no and smack her in the face whenever she continues to whine whenever she doesn't get what she wants. She is not likable one bit, and I wanna punch her in the face as hard as I can. I know when you're a pop star or female star of a teen sitcom like this they will often act bratty and snobbish at times, but Miley goes too far! The other characters are no better at all. Lily is Miley's best friend, and is just a moron, She makes Patrick Star from Spongebob look like a moron, an unfunny moron. Jackson is even worse than Lily, and is also a moron. Billy (Hannah's dad), like I said, is one of the worst dads on television. Just like Caillou's parents, he always gives Miley whatever she wants whenever complains or whines whenever she demands whatever she wants, Miley needs to be adopted by different parents that are strict and then Miley will stop all her brattiness and then she will be more likable. The Music is some of the worst music I have ever heard, I'd rather eat a rotten egg dipped in everything else gross like that than listen to Hannah's crappy music. By the way, I even took my nephews to see the movie a couple of years ago... and it sucked. It made no sense and it was just boring! Like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana didn't even deserve a movie. I should've never wasted my money on her CDs or even tickets and food for this movie once I saw it in theaters! I thought it was okay during the first two seasons, then I saw 2 very inappropriate pictures of Miley's underpants, in a bikini, pretending to kiss other girls, lying across the laps of boys have made their way around the internet, posted on gossip sites and entertainment blogs around the world. I saw them and I puked a few times after seeing that. I'll have to admit she is pretty and I'll bet she's friendly (in person only) but she's a terrible role model for children. And after that I gave up and realized it sucks and I'm no longer watching it. Even though there's no funny moments in the show, It started to focus more on Drama than Comedy. I still don't have problems with laugh tracks (Even if it goes off a little too much), but like Out of Jimmy's Head, its Laugh Track is annoying and not needed, and there's not 1 single funny moment in the show. It doesn't deserve awards either. I'm super happy this show finally ended like it should have much much much earlier ago, and even better, there's no reruns! 8D But Disney still needs to stop all this teen crap and singing/dancing madness and bring back the good shows like Disney's House of Mouse or other shows like that, and even reruns of older shows just as good as Disney's House of Mouse like That's So Raven or Lizzie Mcguire instead. And keep on Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Good Luck Charlie, or even Jessie and My Babysitter's a Vampire, which are all the only good shows on Disney Channel right now. Please don't waste your time with this show, think about it, talk about it, or even peek at it, or anything like that, just avoid everything from it. And let it be forgotten!