Hannah Montana - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • 10/12/08
    A charity auction takes an interesting turn when Miley's long time crush Johnny Collins and Rico get into a bidding war over an evening with Hannah.
  • Joannie B. Goode
    Episode 28
    After Oliver starts dating Miley and Lilly's arch rival Joannie, they must choose between tolerating her or losing their friendship with Oliver.
  • The Test of My Love
    Episode 27
    Miley finds that four is a crowd when Trey brings his folks along on their first date. Robbie is forced to take drastic action after Jackson's messy room takes on a life of its own.
  • 8/3/08
    Miley becomes insecure about Hannah's good girl image and begins to believe that she will lose her fan base to someone with more of an edge. Rico realizes that his wicked ways have left him friendless.
  • 7/20/08
    Miley is thrilled when Hannah receives a highly coveted award, but the prize quickly loses its luster when the award committee places it in an undesirable location. Rico enjoys tormenting Jackson's temporary replacement: Robbie.
  • 7/6/08
    Robbie thought Miley and Jackson would turn his 40th birthday into a big event, but his glee becomes disappointment when his children don't remember that it's his special day. Oliver and Lilly hope to rake in some green when they find a unique potato chip.
  • 5/4/08
    Robbie takes Miley and Jackson to a cafe that has special meaning to him, but they don't share his love for reminiscing. Oliver and Lilly find themselves in a sticky situation.
  • 3/21/08
    Uncle Earl comes to visit and expects Miley to help him become a rock star.
  • Bye Bye Ball
    Episode 21
    Miley thinks she has hit a home run when she finds a way to replace Jackson's prize possession she ruined.
  • 12/7/07
    Aunt Dolly And Mamaw drag an unwilling Miley into their long time feud. Oliver and Rico have auditions for the best "Rico" to star in a commercial for the shack.
  • 11/10/07
    Robbie goes on a date with Lilly's Mom, but when things don't go as planned, Miley & Lilly fight over who's at fault. Jackson and Rico pretend to be each other.
  • 10/19/07
    Jake Ryan comes back and wants to be just friends with Miley. Miley thinks this plan is perfect, but then finds out that Jake is doing a movie where he has to kiss her enemy Mikayla. Rico makes a bet that causes Oliver and Jackson to appreciate cleanliness more than ever.moreless
  • 9/21/07
    When Miley's dad won't let her buy a new phone, she sells a Hannah picture to the press to buy her phone. Unfortunately the picture seems to be revealing her secret. Jackson gets a sun burn and doesn't want Robbie to know.
  • Miley is envious of her Dad spending time jamming with the Jonas Brothers. Jackson tries to break the World Pogo-stick record.
  • Song Sung Bad
    Episode 15
    After Lilly records a song for her mother, she notices that she doesn't have the best voice. Miley steps in to make it a little bit better. Jackson tries to tell Sarah that Rico likes her, but she ends up thinking that Jackson likes her.
  • 7/29/07
    When Hannah gets an extra ticket to a celebrity tennis tournament, Lilly and Oliver battle for the ticket. Who will win out?
  • Miley's competitive nature is at it again! However, in order to pull off this caper, she must first deceive Roxy so that she can save Hannah's fans.
  • 7/13/07
    Will Miley learn to be careful what she wishes for, when the desire to be Hannah Montana all of the time gets the best of her?
  • Sleepwalk This Way
    Episode 11
    Miley starts sleepwalking and telling the truth to everyone, which gets her into hot water with the sternest teacher in school.
  • 6/24/07
    Now that Miley and Jake are officially a couple, Jake tries to adjust to normal life in order to make their relationship work. But he soon learns that being a normal person is easier said than done. Meanwhile, Jackson and Oliver's good fortune with their cheese jerky forces Rico to do whatever he can to try and steal the recipe for himself.moreless
  • 6/24/07
    Jake comes home to Malibu, eager to restart his relationship with Miley. He soon realizes, however, that absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder.
  • 6/16/07
    Roxy's overprotecting nature causes her to ruin Miley's date, so Miley convinces her to take up a security job working for the President of the United States. Jackson pretends to be a professional motocross racer to impress a girl.
  • 5/18/07
    Miley decides to play amateur sleuth when she discovers that Lilly's boyfriend is a two timing Romeo. Rico overreacts when a seven dollar pair of sunglasses is stolen from the shop.
  • Robbie, tired of refereeing Jackson and Miley's latest feud, puts the skids on his kids weekend plans. When Miley and Jackson make a break for freedom, the pairs bickering leads to a bigger problem. Will Jackson's actions finally make Mile's smile?
  • 4/27/07
    Miley wishes that she could sing the blues (or any song for that matter) when she needs to undergo throat surgery. But can a dream about her late mother have her whistling a happy tune?
  • 4/26/07
    Miley focuses on Hannah's impending tour of Europe, instead of paying attention to her school work. After Robbie learns that her grades are suffering, he tells Miley that he'll call the tour off, unless she finds a way to bring her grades up. Jackson wishes he could fly the coop, when Snowball, Thor's talkative pet bird, uses his gift of gab to get Jackson into trouble.moreless
  • 4/25/07
    Lilly goes from "Skater Girl" to "Glamour Girl" in order to impress her crush on a date. But when her new beau is a no show, Lilly decides that their next date will be in court. Jackson is the happiest boy in the world, after he wins two court side tickets to a Laker's playoff game. However, his joy is dampened when both Robbie and Thor want the extra seat.moreless
  • 4/24/07
    Oliver believes that the key for getting Lilly and Miley's friendship back on track is by handcuffing the girls together. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and he may lose his friendship with both girls if he can't find where he put the handcuff keys. Robbie discovers that silence really is golden when he wants his son to pay attention to him.moreless
  • 4/23/07
    Miley is forced to become Rico's gal pal when the troublesome tyke claims to know her secret. A new kid in town named Thor decides to make Jackson his new best friend. But Jackson, a former hillbilly, wants nothing to do with a "hayseed" like Thor.