Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 3

She's A Super Sneak

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 07, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Miley and her friends want to meet Ashton Kutcher at his movie premiere, and Jackson and Cooper want to meet the beautiful girls who want to meet Ashton Kutcher. So both Miley and Jackson decide to disobey their father and sneak out. The super-sneaky siblings get a surprising eye full when they spy their dad at the movie theater on a date. Miley becomes upset because he lied to them by saying he would be at a meeting and she thinks he's trying to replace their mother.moreless

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  • The Emotion Strongly Helps

    Miley and Jackson sneak out of the house and disobey their dad and go see a movie. But they see their dad there... and find out he has a date. But.. why did he not tell them? Is this going to hurt his relationship with his kids?

    A good episode, the emotion, like Miley's song, were great and really made the episode better. The humor was alright, and the plot was, but it got better and more to the point in the second half, which was good. It would have been boring had the whole episode be at the movies.moreless
  • A strong episode that all people can realate to!!!!!

    Miley really wants to go to a Ashton Kutcher premiere with her best friends Lilly and Oliver. She pleads her dad, but he won't budge since Miley has finals to study for. His dad tells Miley and Jackson that he has to go to a meeting. The day of the Ashton Kutcher Movie premiere, Lilly and Oliver come to pick up Miley. Lilly convinces MIley to sneak out of the house while Jackson is not looking. At the same time, Jackson is thinking up a plan to sneak out of the house so he can spot out hot chicks at the premiere. They both sneak out of the house and accidentally meet each other at the premiere. They begin to freak out, and when they thought things could not get worse, they spot their dad waiting for someone! They hide behind a cardboard movie advertisement and watch him trying not to get caught. It turns out that their dad was waiting for a date and Miley becomes furious. She hates the idea of her mom being replaced and storms out of the theater. Later in the episode, Miley and Jackson go to where the woman their dad was seeing works at as Hannah Montana and Jackson acting like a bodyguard. They ask her questions and see their dad. They panic and hide in a closet. The dad finds them and Miley confronts him about dating and how he could replace her mom. At the end of the episode, Miley and her dad fix everything up and he explains to her that he will always love mom.moreless
  • Robbie's new love interest!?!??! A new way for Miley!??!?!

    Aah.. love as first sight seems this couldn't have happened.. oh.. it happened. Robby Ray Stewert or whatever the last name is your are the next contest on the 'Lady is Right'. Robbie Ray falls in love.. again. And Miley as a bad girl she always is sneaks and spys on her own father on television!! And as always, all teenagers get in trouble, when they get caught. And if they ain't caught yet, just wait, til the end. Real sad to see how Miley got caught, and Miley and Robbie got in a arguement. But, everything wished away, and they had a conversation.moreless
  • This was a really funny episode. It showed a lot of emotions too.

    Their dad goes out for the night and thinks they're just gonna stay home like angels. Miley and Jackson sneak out to the movie theater, not knowing that their dad is there. They hid behind a movie ad and its so funny. It's funny how in time of trouble you try to blame it on someone else just like Jackson planned to do. Why do kids get mad when they see their parents dating someone other than their mother/father. I admit I get mad too. Lilly is so gullible, the joke about the real estate lady on the bench was hilarious. Their conversation with Margo was funny too. At the end Miley and Robbie had a real good talk about him dating again. She really misses her mom but she should realize that a man has needs.moreless
  • Great episode i really enjoyed it.

    Really fun episode. Some great moments from lilly and oliver which are of course always appeciated! sorry i'm a major fan of both the characters! also loved the friendship and siblingness (is that even a word! lol!) between miley and jackson. Loved the way that miley missing her mother was brought up. very sensitive and thought that was great. Lilly's quote about oliver been "a naive simple boy, with a very good point" really sums up their friendship/relationship. Slightly annoyed by jackson during the episode- but to be honest he annoys me quite a lot in most episode. Sure he's a great character, but i find myself wanting to fast forward his parts on the show.

    However all in all I think this was a good episode and would definitley recomend it.moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Goof: Robbie reprimands Jackson for taking his change and stuffing it in his right pocket. When Jackson gives him only part of the money back, Robbie whistles for Jackson to give the rest of it to him, which Jackson gets from his left pocket. But Jackson never stuffed any of the change in his left pocket.

    • Goof: When Hannah and Jackson were hiding in the closet, Jackson says that there is a for sale sign in his "backyard", but it was actually an open house sign.

    • Goof: When Hannah and Jackson were trying to buy a house and they were rummaging through Margo's desk, Margo says: "Maybe I'm not the right person to be selling you a house". After, Miley starts her next line ("Hey-"), which she is not suppose to say until Margo finishes her next line.

    • Goof: Miley's guitar is an electric guitar when she is outside. You can see this because the guitar she is holding does not have a hole in it just like an electric guitar. Yet an acoustic sound comes out of it. This is not really possible for an electric guitar.

    • When they are behind the cutout while the guy is looking at it, it's beside the poster for "The Mystery", then in the next shot it's beside the poster for "Heartaches", then it's back beside the "The Mystery" poster.

    • This episode featured the Hannah Montana song, "Pumpin' Up the Party" and Miley singing "I Miss You".

    • After Oliver drops his popcorn bucket, the camera cuts to Robbie, it then cuts back to the cut out which everyone is hiding behind and the bucket is gone.

    • When Jackson is holding a soda for his "stomach" to drink, first he is holding a Sprite can, then it changes to a Pepsi can.

    • Robbie: And you wanted the big drink.
      When Robbie meets Margo at the movie theater, she is already holding a soda and he shares his popcorn with her.

    • Ashton Kutcher was mentioned alot, which he was also mentioned in High School Musical which stars Corbin Bleu who guest stars on some episodes of Hannah Montana.

    • Goof: Hannah's satchel switches from her right side to the left side at the realtor's office. It is on the right side until she comes out of the closet, when it is on the left side.

    • At the end of Miley's song, you notice that there's guitar strumming when Miley is not strumming. It appears that the song was voiced after in post production.

    • Goof: When Robbie shows Jackson that he used his test paper to wrap "Bucky" in, the paper is stuck under "Bucky's" gill. But when the camera angle changes, the paper is now over "Bucky's"gill. The paper is also less crinkled and less moist in the 2nd shot.

    • This is the first episode that did not show Hannah singing in concert.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Robbie: What's this rope ladder doing here?
      Miley: Oh, Dad, let's not ruin the beautiful moment.
      Robbie: You're right. I'll ruin it tomorrow.

    • Oliver: Lilly...? Miley...?
      (Lilly, Miley, and Jackson pulls him in so Miley's dad won't see him)
      Lilly: Miley's dad's here!
      Oliver: Great! (Walks out to say hi but they pull him back in)

    • Jackson: Would it help if I said I was happy for you?
      (Hannah comes out)
      Hannah: (Angrily to Robbie) How could you? (She almost storms out, but Robbie stops her)
      Robbie: Whoa, hold up there, little girl. How'd you find out?
      Hannah: Well, you didn't tell me.
      Robbie: Darlin', I can explain.
      Hannah: (Angrily) Ok, explain this, why are you dating someone without telling me? Explain how you could ever think that there's someone out there who could ever replace my mom!
      (Hannah storms out in a huff)
      Jackson: That was awkward.

    • Miley: (About her dad) I just don't feel right lying to him.
      Lilly: You're on your hands and knees in a movie theater, the honesty ship has sailed!

    • Jackson: Oh, I don't know what to say Dad. It was her idea, I tried to stop her. I just as disapointed as you are.
      Miley: I am amazed that you can stand without a spine!

    • Oliver: I just can't figure out one thing. Why are we hiding?
      Lilly: Oliver, you naive, simple boy... with a very good point. Best of luck!

    • Lilly: Okay, so all we have to do is sneak you out without Jackson knowing.
      Jackson: (Holding a soda can to his stomach) Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug,
      Miley: He'll never notice. He's got a friend over.

    • Lilly: Yeah, let's get those feet moving. My Mom's in the car "Groovin to the Oldie's" and it's getting uglier by the decade!

    • Miley: Wow! Eight minutes already?
      Jackson: (Talking for his stomach) Yup. Time to turn in. Good thing I'm not an outie! Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!
      Miley: Cover him up, we've got company.
      Jackson: (Talking for his stomach) Oh, she don't like me.

    • Miley: Remember my um, "Ha, Ha" from before? I can now add one more "Ha". Making it a full Ha, Ha...wait for it Ha!

    • Jackson: But my mid-terms were last week!
      Robbie: Yeah, no kiddin'. I had to wrap the fish in something. C!
      Miley: Minus!

    • Jackson: You see, little sister. Dad as a single parent, is just trying to make sure that you have the proper guidance. And I for one commend him on his commitment to education.
      Robbie: Son, I'm glad you see it that way. Because I'm committing you to stayin' home and studing this week end to.
      Miley: Ha, Ha!

    • Lilly: Yeah. And we're going home now.
      Oliver: Right. To drink some milk. (whispering to Lilly) How am I doing?
      Lilly: (chuckles) Shut up.

    • Robbie: Alright, you can come out...Now!
      Jackson: Oh dad you found me. You'll never believe how incredibly lost I was.
      (Robbie stares at him)
      Jackson: Would it help if I said I was happy for ya?

    • Jackson: Look at all the chicks! It's like cheerleader tryouts.
      Cooper: It's better. Here we don't have to wear those itchy man sweaters or do the spilts. You know, I still can't ride a bike!

    • (Miley whispers something to Lilly)
      Lilly: Got it!
      Oliver: I couldn't hear you. Got what?
      Lilly: Milk!

    • Miley: Lilly, my dad said 'no.'
      Lilly: You just think he said 'no.' When he really said 'go.' No. Go. It's a mistake anybody can make. C'mon!

    • Jackson: (having the orange act like Miley) Hi I'm Miley Stewart Hehehe.
      (with the apple as him) And I'm her brother Jackson, and we snuck out to the movies last night and saw that you were on a date with our father. Now why are we telling you this? Having some insane desire to want to get caught and be grounded for the rest of our natural lives.
      Miley: How come you always get to be the apple?

    • Margo: You're not gonna believe this, but I've got Hannah Montana hiding in my closet!
      Robbie: Huh?
      Margo: Yeah. She's what we call a half bath short of a condo. I blame the parents.
      Robbie: Yeah, me, too.

    • Robbie: I just called to check in on you guys. Just to let you know that whatever you're doing that you don't want me to know you're doing, quit doing it.

    • Oliver: I heard Ashton Kutcher's going to be there.
      Miley: Okay, now you're just being cruel. But that's good. It's working. Keep going.
      Lilly: (Evil voice) Do it... do it... Ashton... do it!
      Miley: Oooh, just one more time.
      Lilly: (Evil voice) DO IT!
      Miley: Okay!

    • Robbie: I'm headin' out to my meeting. I should be back around Eleven. I'll be on my cell if anybody needs me, so try not to need me.

    • Robbie: This...is a ... book. Go forth and learn!

    • Miley: Dad, I know I have mid-terms Monday, but the new Ashton Kutcher movie is previewing tonight. How many "prettys" do I have to put before please to get you to let me go?
      Robbie: No...
      Miley: Pretty? Pretty--? Pretty... ? Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please, Dad! Please!
      Robbie: Whoa!
      Miley: I can go?
      Robbie: No! You can stop.

    • Jackson: Hey, isn't she that real estate lady? You know, the one on the bus bench in front of the library.
      Lilly: Your dad's dating a homeless real estate lady? Whoa, that's weird. She sells houses, but she doesn't have one.
      Jackson: I meant the ad on the bench, Miss Einstein.

    • Miley: And, uh, you were in, um, a meeting. How did that go?
      Robbie: Fine.
      Miley: "Fine"? One syllable? That's all I get?
      Robbie: Okay, it was really fine. Three syllables. Keep the change.

    • Jackson: (to himself) What can I say, Dad? She snuck out, I followed her here, I'm just as disappointed as you are.
      Miley: What are you doing?
      Jackson: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting ready to sell you out.
      Miley: Listen, buster, if I go down, I'm taking you with me!

    • Jackson: (pretending to talk on his cell phone in front of some girls) Hey, Ashton. Mr. Kutcher, my man. The Kutchinator, Kutchy-Kutchy you. What's that, my close, personal friend? Come to your party tonight? Sure. I'll just find myself a little hottie and we will party like it's 1999... (his cell phone rings; all the girls leave)

    • Cooper: (on cell phone; to Jackson) Hey, check this out, J-man. I just found out that-- Hold on a sec. (to customer) Theater 3? I'm guessing it's very close to theater 2. Can't you see I'm on the phone?! I swear people get dumber and dumber every day.
      Jackson: Hello, you're costing me minutes here.
      Cooper: You got to get down here, and I'm telling you this on the DL... (to old lady) Keep the walker moving, lady. If you were supposed to hear, it'd be on a speaker phone!

    • Robbie: I don't know, you guys think I'm being too tough on you?
      Jackson & Miley: Yeah.
      Robbie: Good. Then that means I'm doing my job right.

    • Miley: Now, I know you already said no, but I've been studying a lot since then. I sneezed a while ago, and algebra came out.
      Robbie: Well, next time, sneeze a little smart on your brother. He could use all the help he can get.

    • Jackson: Who really needs history? It's so yesterday, and I'm about the future.
      Robbie: Yeah, and so am I. And right know, I see you at 35, living with me, no job, still stealing my change off the counter.

    • Robbie: You know you got to study.
      Miley: Yes, Dad, but if you think about it, mid-terms halfway to finals. So, I only need to study about as half as hard, and since I study twice as hard as everybody else, I only need to study a quarter. So I'm done. See how that works?
      Robbie: No. And you know what? I'm the Dad, and you lose. See how that works?

    • Robbie: (to the fish) So, what's it gonna be, Bucky? Pan fried or barbecued?
      Jackson: Dad, remember what we said about naming the fish?
      Robbie: What? (puts the fish up to Jackson's face)
      Jackson: It makes them a little harder to eat.

    • Robbie: (holding a big fish) Look at the size of this bad boy. Put up quite a battle, too. It was him, then it was me, then it was him, then it was me.
      Jackson: Dad, you got him at the fish mart.
      Robbie: Yeah, but you should've seen the size of the lady that tried to take it from me. It was her, then it was me, then it was...
      Jackson: All right, all right, Dad. I get it.

    • Hannah: Jackson, you're on my foot.
      Jackson: I can't move. I've got a for sale sign... in my backyard.

  • NOTES (12)


    • Robbie saying, "Life goes on and we have to try and figure out a way to go on with it, don't you think your mom would have wanted that for us," is similar to what David's sister (played by Danielle Panabaker) in the ABC Family movie, Searching For David's Heart said about David.

    • Jackson: I meant the ad on the bench, Miss Einstein.

      Albert Einstein was considered one of the smartest men from the 20th century.

    • Lilly: Got it!
      Oliver: I couldn't hear you. Got what?
      Lilly: Milk!

      Got Milk? is the slogan for The National Dairy Council.

    • Jackson: Who really needs history? It's so yesterday...

      So Yesterday is a hit song that was sung by "Lizzie McGuire's" Hilary Duff.

    • She's A Super Sneak is a play on the song title (She's A) Superfreak by Rick James.

    • Miley: "A sound proof basement where no one can hear our screams"

      It's a play on the slogan for the 1979 movie "Alien" (In space no one can hear you scream).

    • "Groovin' to the Oldies" is a play on the name of fitness guru Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" workout videos.

    • Ashton Kutcher is an actor who has starred in "That 70's Show", "Dude, Where's My Car?", & "The Butterfly Effect".