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Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 25

Smells Like Teen Sellout

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 02, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Hannah Montana agrees to endorse a new perfume, only she can't stand the smell because it brings back bad memories. Meanwhile, Jackson tries out for a television survival program.

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  • The worst season 2 episode and possibly the worst episode of the series.

    This episode was one of the worst Hannah Montana episodes I have ever seen. It wasn't funny at all. The main plot was just so dumb but the subplot was just ok. In this episode, Hannah Montana agrees to endorse a new perfume. But she cant stand the smell because it brings back bad memories. In the subplot Jackson tries out for a tv survival program with the help of Oliver. Miley acted so unnatural in the interview scene. That scene was really weird and stupid. Also why would they give Hannah Montana a free car when they know she can't drive. When they give the the car back, Lilly wears a a morning veil. Just Painful To Watch.moreless
  • I really liked this episode.

    Hannah agrees to endorse a perfume that smells like raspberries. The only problem is that the smell of the raspberries brings back bad memories. Miley was going to tell the perfume people that she couldn't do the commercial because she couldn't stand the smell of the perfume, but then they gave her a car. Every time Hannah lied about the smell of the perfume she would either laugh, hiccup, sweat, or do all three at the same time all because Lilly and Collin told her what they did when they got nervous or lied. In the end, she told them she couldn't endorse the perfume and they took the car back.moreless
  • I think if they were showing this on the Emmy's it would be a great introduction to Hannah Montana. It is really funny. I can't wait to see more of her. She is one of those outgoing people that I can never get tired of. I am a Hannah Montana and proud!!!!moreless

    Really funny. I have not seen it in a while and am a little hesitant to write. I know it is great from what I remember. I laughed. I got a little choked up inside when I saw Hannah puke. Poor Hannah. L.O.L. I really like how she expresses her emotion in a different way. I mean a REALLY different way that in any show I have seen on Disney Channel ever do. Except for Max Keebles Big Move. That really doesn't count though I suppose. It is interesting how it shows the flash back off her and the pie eating contest!moreless
  • Hannah is endorsing a new perfume, but she can't stand the scent. The perfume's odor brings back painful memories. However, Hannah keeps supporting the perfume, because the company who made the perfume thanked her with a fantastic car.moreless

    Overall, this episode is one of the better ones. This episode was a part of a New Year's celebration on Disney Channel, but it didn't win. The dual plotline, where Jackson auditions for a teen survival program, is very stupid and unintelligable. Jackson tries to live in a jungle near the beach for an entire week, but his antics in the forest are idiotic and disappointing. However, the storyline concerning Hannah's endorsement is engaging, clever, and satisfying. The scene with Hannah's interview is very funny, especially the wacky fans calling Hannah to ask her questions. Her responses are humorous and laughable. The moral of the story is also much better than other episodes'. Overall, this episode was pleasing.moreless
  • Not the best episode I've seen but its okay...

    Hannah is given a perfume line to sponsor, but soon realizes that the smell (raspberries) makes her sick. She reveals that she was once in a pie-eating contest, but ate too much raspberry pie and vomited on Ed Bryant. she decides to lie about it making her sick in order to keep the gifts she received for the sponsorship, including a car. Later Hannah has a television appearance to sponsor the perfume, and worried that she might get a whiff of the perfume and gag on live T.V. puts "a pound of vapor rub" in her nose. During the interview she tries to lie, but ends up having giggles and hiccups because of Lilly telling her that she giggles and Oliver hiccups when they lie. The interviewer asks if she is okay, and Hannah says she's fine and is just nervous. Surprised, the interviewer says that when he gets nervous he sweats like a pig. After accepting a few calls from her fans, Hannah starts to get drenched in sweat and is forced to reveal the truth, eventually deciding not to put the perfume on the market and losing her car.moreless
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Billy Ray Cyrus

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Mitchel Musso

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Miley gets sick if she eats or even smells raspberries.

    • Goof: When Hannah is given the real bottle of perfume, she passes the fake bottle to Lola. When the camera cuts back to Hannah and Lola, Hannah is now holding both the real and fake bottles and she gives the fake bottle to Lola for a second time.

    • Goof: During the scene when Hannah is sweating, if you look hard enough, you can see tubes attached around Hannah's hair producing the sweat.

    • Lilly masquerades as Lola Luftnangle (with the orange wig and later on with the lavender wig).

    • Lilly loves the "Teen Wilderness Challenge" TV series.

    • Goof: When Hannah accidentally starts throwing her sweat onto Collin's face, he takes off his glasses to wipe it off. In the next shot, however, Collin already has his glasses back on.

    • Goof: The glass of water on the desk next to Hannah disappears and reappears several times during her interview with Collin.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Robbie: (Watching Jackson's antics through binoculars) I don't know why I pay for cable when I got a son like him.

    • Miley: Dad, this isn't funny. You didn't see what I went through!
      Robbie: I'm sorry honey, I was a little busy.
      Miley: Yeah, hiding from Liposuction Liza!
      Robbie: I wasn't hiding! I just got stuck trying to get out the bathroom window. I'm sorry but that lady is just plain weird!

    • Lilly: I am so proud of you! I could never go in front of the whole world and lie! When I tell my dad I finished my homework when I haven't, I start giggling like an idiot.
      Miley: Well, that's the difference between me and you. I can go on Colin's show and say I love "Oh Wow". (Starts giggling.)
      Lilly: What was that?
      Miley: Nothing. I just thought of something funny. It's not like I was laughing 'cause I was lying. (Starts laughing hysterically) You did this to me!

    • Hannah: Okay, where's that director? Hannah's ready to smell up the place!
      Lola: Lemme smell! Lemme smell! (Smells the liquid) Hmm...it's light, it's subtle...
      Hannah: It's water.
      Lola: Oh, what a ripoff!

    • Miley: I never have to smell that perfume again. (Sniffs) You're wearing it, aren't you?
      Lilly: No! Yes! I like it.

    • Liza: Hannah, darling, little advertising tidbit, when selling a product, gagging and wretching, big turn-off!

    • Hannah: (Filming commercial) My time... is now. My perfume is... Oh Wow. Complete the circle... I've never smelled anything (Smells it and starts coughing)... oh wow!
      Liza: CUT!

    • (Miley and Robbie see the car)
      Miley: Wow, it's beautiful.
      Robbie: Yeah. Too bad we have to send it back.
      Miley: Say what?

    • Liza: So Hannah, where's that cowboy daddy of yours? Liza likey!
      (Robbie approaches from behind Liza, then backs away)
      Hannah: He's in the bathroom.
      Liza: (Happily) Oh!
      Hannah: In Europe.
      Liza: (depressed) Oh.

    • Brianna: (On the phone) Hannah, I'm such a big fan! I can't believe I'm talking to you! I hear your perfume smells like raspberries. I love raspberries! Don't you love raspberries?
      Hannah: Well, I really don't like singling out any one fruit as my favorite. It's so unfair to all the other fruits.
      Collin: But it's in your perfume, so you gotta love raspberries, right? Yes or no?
      Hannah: Yes. I mean, uh... who doesn't like a good raspberries? Oh, well, Brianna, thanks for the call. Read a book, eat your vegetables, always be polite.
      Brianna: Thanks, Hannah! I do love--
      (Hannah hangs up on Brianna)

    • Robbie: Hey, darling. The more I think about it, the more I think going on this show is a bad idea.
      Hannah: Daddy, you worry too much.
      Robbie: What if he brings out a bottle of that perfume and you get a whiff of it?
      Hannah: Thought about it. I've already got about a pound of vaporub in my nose. Right now, I could smell one of Jackson's dirty socks and live to tell the tale.
      Robbie: I'll have to remember that next time I go visit Uncle Earl and he's cooked up a pot of that three-bean chili.

    • Miley: I should have backed out of the commercial the minute I smelled that perfume. Now I smell worse than Uncle Earl after was drilling for oil and hit the sewage pipe.
      Lilly: Okay, if I haven't said this before, I don't ever want to meet Uncle Earl.
      Robbie: Uncle Earl is not that bad. The one you don't want to meet is Aunt Max. Talk about your bearded lady.

    • Liza: When I found out we were going to work together again, all I could say was... "Yee-haw!"
      Hannah: Aw, Liza, you haven't changed a bit.
      Liza: Oh, fantastic! That means the eye-lift's working.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Smells Like Teen Sellout is a play on the name of a hit song sung by both Nirvana & Tori Amos called Smells Like Teen Spirit.