Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 15

Song Sung Bad

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • perfect

    lilly records a song for her mom as a present on her birthday, but when miley discovers her friend can't sing, she remixes it. but lilly does not know this and instead becomes too confident with her voice and challenges amber to a singing challenge at the school. jackson tries to tell sarah that rico likes her, but the wording makes it sound like jackson likes her.

    good episode, but i find it unbelievable nobody would guess about hannah montana... i mean, it's obvious that to the people, lilly sounded like her... so why didn't anyone try and find out? Other than that great show
  • Emily is an awesome singer. Lily, not so much

    Lily records a song and it was really horrible. But not to hurt her feelings or her mum's ears, Miley 'fixed' her voice. It was wonderful. Thinking that she has a great voice she competes with Amber.
    I think that this is a wonderful storyline. I love this episode so much. I mean there were some parts that were so funny, woo! It makes me go all enthu. When Oliver sang Life's what you make it i went...errrrr. he was so funny but ouch
    Since im a loliver fan, i found that it was so wonderful when Oliver stood up for Lily. Just like when Oliver stood up for Miley in 'Oh Say, Do you remember those words'. Oliver is such a great friend
  • Lilly can't sing.

    Lilly decides to record a song as a present for her mom. Miley makes her voice sound better on the CD before she gives it to Lilly. Well Lilly thinks that she can actually sing so she challenges Amber. Lilly signs up for karaoke night. Miley tries to give Lilly singing lessons, but it doesn't make Lilly sing any better. Miley finally lets Lilly listen to how she really sings on the first CD. Lilly was mad at Miley because she couldn't back out of karaoke night now. They came up with a plan that Miley would sing into a microphone from a different room while Lilly sang onstage into a fake microphone. The plan worked until a spider started crawling on Miley and she couldn't sing anymore.
  • Lilly challenges Amber to a singing contest, while Sarah thinks she's dating Jackson.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The writers did a nice job using their characters (main and recurring) and Emily Osment actually had people convinced that she couldn't sing (at least those who didn't hear her in the "Bone Dance"), which I believe is a compliment for her acting skills.

    I'll start with the subplot. It a nutshell, it explores a Sarah/Jackson relationship. The exchanges between Sarah and Jackson will have you laughing, as Jackson doesn't want to be with her, but doesn't want to hurt her either. Sarah, meanwhile, just keeps feeling closer to him. A scene with Jackson and Rico rolling their R's had me rolling, too. I don't know how the actors kept a straight face during that. They did a nice job with this.

    The main plot was very good. Emily Osment shines in it, playing Lilly, a girl that thinks she can sing well, when she can't. Lilly then feels confident that she can sing better than Amber at Karaoke Night. Oliver delivers some good lines early on, but Miley stops him from telling Lilly she can't sing. While Miley has plenty of screen time, this story is clearly about Lilly, and Miley adds to it without making it into Miley's story. One scene has Amber and Mr. Corelli discussing Karaoke, and Miley just watches until Lilly claims she's a good singer. There are plenty of laughs from the whole cast, but Emily Osment stands out. She nails the synchronization with Miley's voice, she's got excellent comic timing, she becomes her character, and she rarely flubs lines.

    In summary, this is an excellent episode. The characters all serve some purpose (except Ashley) in the story, and almost every scene contains a good laugh. It may not be entirely realistic, but it is entertaining. I recommend watching "Song Sung Bad."
  • Lily gets into a conundrum when she discovers her great singing voice isn't all that.

    I really like this watching Hannah Montana, but what makes me cringe are the glaring plot holes through it. This episode has a great idea for an episode, but it stays in that area outside of reality and trapped in what only happens in the TV universe. For one, why are Amber and Ashley still in school? By the Zero Tolerance rule, they should have been tossed out for all the persecuting they inflict. Most of it directed for no reason to Miley and Lily. I like the teacher Mr. Corelli. He's stepped up to High School from Jr High; what's best of all is even he is tired of Amber's ego and he's not afraid of showing it, but he's still leaving her open to terrorize Miley. What is this? A world devoid of responsible adults? The only other adult is Robby Ray and he's still stuck being a kid himself. I love the story though; it gives Lily a chance to be more than just a sidekick. Poor Oliver is stuck being their toadie. He's getting abused from them a lot in these newer episodes. Once in a while he gets to bond with Jackson who in this episode gets a young crush from one of Miley's classmates, much to the fault of Rico, who for some reason has still not been dropped from the series. Overall, fair episode. It's funny in that twisted non-reality slant, but it could have been much, much better.
  • Very funny, and it's a little overplayed.

    Song Sung Bad is an awesome episode. Is it just me or is it on a lot? That's not bad though because I like this episode but if it will always be on, then I'll get sick of it and not like it anymore. Well anyways, Lilly records a song for her mom, and Miley thinks that she isn't very good. So she mixes up her voice so that she doesn't sound bad. Because Lilly thinks that she's good, she challenges Amber to sing on Karaoke Night. Miley helps her by making Lilly lip sing to a Hannah Montana song, but she messes up and then Lilly has to sing with her normal voice.
  • So, Lilly tries to sing and she's not that great at it. But Miley makes her think she's really good at it, so without knowing she stinks, Lilly challenges Ashley to a sing-off at kareoke night. And then Miley tells her the truth and all that blah blah..

    I really liked it. I thought it was pretty cool how they made it look Lilly cant sing when in real life, she's an awesome singer. lol. Lilly's my favorite character, so I'm glad she got an episode all to her. and i mean, really all to her. The spider thing was cool and i loved it when Oliver said his mum's feet always hurt, and now so do his. haha =3

    so over all, this episode was my second favorite. [my first favorite is best friend fighting
  • Lilly ties to sing.

    After Lilly records a song for her mother, Miley notices that she doesn't have the best voice. So Miley steps in to make it a little bit better. Lilly decides to participate in carioke. Miley decides to help Lilly improve her voice. Then Miley decides to tell her the truth. Lilly thinks that Miley messed up her voice but than realizes that her voice is really bad. Lilly than comes up with the idea to use Mileys voice to beat Amber. Just when Lilly is about to sing Miley has a spider on her sleeve and fricks out. Miley that tells Lilly that she should of been a good friend all along. Jackson tries to tell Sarah that Rico likes her, but she ends up thinking that Jackson likes her. Rico wants Jackson to break her heart so that she will come running to him. Jackson comes up with the idea to disreguard the ozone and Sarah thinks that by helping Jackson she will help the earth. Jackson than tells her that it was Rico that actually liked her. Rico than shows up woth another girl and Sarah decides to wait untill Jackson is ready to help the earth.
  • I never have enough room on here so read my review I am posting the Summary on there ok?

    Lilly wants Miley (as Hannah) to record her song "One in a Million" so she can give it to her mom as a birthday present.But Miley insists LILLY does it!!So she does,and she sounds horrible!!So Miley remixes Lilly's voice without telling her. Lilly hears the remix one,and thinks she sounds awesome!!So a confident Lilly challenges Amber Addison(the school snob) to a sing-off in front of the whole 9th grade!!So finally Miley has to tell Lilly the truth.Lilly gets upset,but they figure out a plan.Miley will sing while Lilly lipsings!! So they do it,but Lilly gets embarrased because Miley gets caught in a rope!So Miley apologizes and the rest of the gang sings(even if they are bad)Meanwhile,Jackson gets caught in many situations because Rico was obsessive of the robbing of a seven dollar pair of sunglasses. This episode was good,not entirely what I was expecting,but good.It showed great characteristics,and I liked the part where Ashley recognized "Lilly's" voice sounds alot like.....Amber: "Shut Up" Ashley: She's amazing!! Ashley: Amazingly bad!! Ooh...(ends) Ha ha that was funny. Well it was a good episode bye!!
  • Before Lily found out she stinks at singing, she tells the school bullys she will compete in a karaoke night at there school.

    After recording a song for her mom, Lily finds out that she doesn't have a great voice. But before she finds out, she gets herself in a competition for a karaoke night with Amber and Ashley to see who sings better. As Miley and Lily think it out, they jump to a conclusion. While Lily is inside lip syncing, Miley is outside doing the real singing. But when Miley's elbow pushes the spider cage open, her voice ain't so good. The big hairy thing crawls up on her and Lily chokes. With Miley and Oliver on her side, they tells everyone not to make fun of her.
  • This episode is worth the watch, Oliver is hotter then ever :)

    In this episode Lilly wants to record a song for her mum, she enlists Mileys help only for miley to tell her to do the song and it ends up creating a funny situation, will Miley tell Lilly the truth?
    Everything is done with funny results, this is a must see episode, awesome :)
    I can't wait to see what else Disney comes up with, looking forward to anything else they make.
    Hopefully something with a future Miley/Oliver.
    One can hope.
    I'll have my fingers crossed, meanwhile i'll enjoy all the great laughs Hannah Montana keeps bringing.
    Can't wait for the new episodes coming soon to Disney
  • This episode is frickin hilarious!

    I loved this episode. It is one of my favourites in season 2. Lily is so so funny in it! Her singing is soo bad but soo funny! I like the bit when they are at the piano and Lily sings "La la la la la la la" really badly and Miley goes "Try to hit all of the notes" in tune and Lily goes "I'm hitting all of the notes!" really badly and it is absoloutly HILARIOUS! Amber is her notmal mean self and Ashley is just so thick and clueless. Oliver is funny at the begining when he's like "Heredity is a powerful thing" Basically I loved the whole episode BUT I didn't like the Jackson/Rico theme. It was kinda stupid although Sarah and Jackson are kinda cute together.
    Overall great episode! =D
  • la la la la They say that good things take time.

    I watched this episode online but UK havnt got it yet. but i kind of liked this episode, its not as good as preivous episodes of season 2 but here is my review.
    Lily want to make a cd for her mum but she is awfully bad and its so funny when she sings but then miley dont know how to tell lily shes rubbish, but lily sings in a show and she asks miley to sing for her in the back, but miley comes to a big spider , and i hate spiders and the spider goes on miley and she screws the song up. its soo funny lillys voice and if you see this episode , well i hoped you like but if you didnt see this episode, you havnt missed out on much.
  • in this episode lilley tries to challenge amber to a singing contest

    after recording the song one in a million for her mom for mothers day lilly thinks she can sing rely well but what she doesnt no is that miley remixed her!!
    lillys original version sounded horrible so miley re did it so that she sounds like a pop star. this goes to lilleys head and challeges amber ( who is a great singer ) to a singing contest after miley finally tells lilly wat she did.
    in the end lilly lip syncs with miley singing, she gets found out and lilly sings for real even tho it sounds horrible ! ! !
  • This episode felt shorter than most episodes do for some reason. I think that that's a good thing!

    Song Sung Bad was a fairly good episode. It felt a lot shorter than most episodes for some reason, and I think that that's a good thing because I think that the writers told a story, and the story was done. I don't think that the humour in this episode was as good as in most, but it had enough humour in it to pass as a good episode. I think that the writers did a great job on Song Sung Bad, but they definately could have worked in the humour. One thing that I've noticed about the second season of Hannah Montana is that there is less humour. I hope that the writers work on this for future episodes. I do recommend Song Sung Bad to any Hannah Montana fans.
  • I love when theres singing involved in shows!

    Okay so my dad always dogs that black girl because he saids that she doesn't even sound that good. But she sings better then average person but then he saids she payed to do it so she should sound decent. Anyway my favorite hannah montana song was sang in this episode. One in a million is played all the time on my ipod, i love that song. But back to the point. Lily can't sing worth a note but she makes a cd for her mom b-day as a present. using a record studio to make it sound better. Then its a talent show at show and she is challenge by the mean girl and in the end makes her look dumb.
  • Lily records one in a million for her mums birthdays and she sounds horrible. Miley and her dad remix her voice. Lily now thinks shes amazing and challanges amber the school bully with an incredible voice to a sing off infront of the whole 9th grade!

    I think this is one of the best hannah episodes i have ever seen. It is funny has a brilliant story line and the the cast were briliant. I have to say emily (lily) was the star of this episode. Brilliant acting all of her lines were said with the right expression even if they wasnt funny they made tou laugh because of her facial expression. This episode includes one of my favorite songs bigger than us In this show its is sung by amber not hannah in my opinion amber sings this song better than hannah. This episode also includes one in a million and i got nerve bigger than us is the best tho. This episode toatlly rocks. Brilliant acting from all actors and a well written show. Keep up the good work!
  • this was a good episode, it showed some sides of characters that we havent seen before.

    i really liked this episode. it showed us the side of lily that we hadnt seen yet in the series. the only thing that i dont get is that emily osment showed us her singing skills in hannah montana, though i think she was faking singing bad because she just came out with a movie where she co-starred with cody linley adn the movie comes with a music video of one of the songs in the movie that emily osment sings. so i dont know if she is a good singer and if she was just faking in hannah montana. overall a good episode.
  • I love this episode but i actually do want to hear Lily sing one day!

    In the bone dance episode you can kind of hear that she sings okay but i really want to here her for real! but this episode was awesome and extremly funnt because lily is so funny and that exactly why i watch hannah monatna! there was a tone of funny parts in this episode like when she said "Im gonna sing ive got nerve" then miley's dad said "sure you do" or something like that but yeah it was funny! poor lily she couldnt sing but she has a true friend in this show which it miley and yeah but i love how amber sings!
  • Lily makes a CD of One in a Million for her mom when Miley steps in to improve it. Lily gets over confident and challenges Amber Adison to a Karaoke sing-off.

    I love the episodes that push Miley and Lily's relationship. this is a good episode due to comedy and relationships, but since when did Mr. Corelli teach at the high school? It shows that all Miley wants to do is help her friends even if she did humiliate Lily. And spin herself into a spider web. I think ashley is getting a little dumber by the episode. It really reminds me of You are so sue-able to me and my best friends boyfriend because Miley has got Lilys back to get her thruogh whatever. This is my 5th favorite episode. So this is a good episode.
  • extremely hilarious

    Lilly wants to give her mom a personal recording of her mom's favorite song, but her voice isn't that good enough. Miley steps in and remixes her voice so it'll sound good. Miley doesn't tell Lilly that her voice sounds bad so she wouldn't hurt her feelings. But it turns out that Lilly becomes way too overconfident that she dares Amber to a sing off event in school. It's a really great episode, it's so funny from start to finish. Each scene had some joke in it. The actors were great, the story is great, it's one hilarious episode. I just can't get enough of it.
  • This is another test of Miley and Lilly's friendship.

    Lilly is a horrible singer but Miley did a nice thing by trying to make the song better and by not hurting her feelings. Yes lying is a bad thing, bus sometimes it's for good reasons. Miley should have told her the truth to begin with and Lilly wouldn't have been humiliated. Miley is a good friend to Lilly by letting her use her recording studio to make that CD for her mom. I thought Lilly was a better singer b/c in a previous episode Lilly was singing and she had a beautiful voice. This was a really good episode. This was definitely one of my faves.
  • Funny with a couple of lapses

    For this episode, Lilly does not sing well. She sang well enough in a previous episode, apparently she has gotten a lot worse. So, there is a small problem with consistency. If you don't mind this, the episode is funny enough. This kind of episode has been done before with other shows. Somebody lies to their friend about how good they are at something to avoid hurting their feelings. It backfires when the friend belives they are good, but they stink. Finally, the truth comes out and they have to think of a way to avoid embarrassment. Still, it was funny when Lilly was practicing at the piano with Miley. So, Lilly ends up lip-synching to Miley's voice. The other kids at the school must not be very smart, because they are not that bothered by the fact that Lilly seems to sound exactly like Hannah Montana. They also apparently have never heard Lilly sing before, even though she sang in that previous episode in front of her classmates! Miley gets scared by a spider, so the lip-synching routine fails. Miley lectures the kids that you can sing for enjoyment, even if you are not very good.
  • This episdoe is about how Lily wanted to sing a song for her mom's birthday but miley finds out that she isn't a good singer so miley gives the same song to lily but it's miley singing instead.

    I love how they made that miley couldn't sing i found that hilarious and miley and oliver were going along that she was a very good singer but didn't know how to break the news to her. At the end of the episode miley is singing for lily than oliver says not veryone is a good singer so lily sang how she really sings. I love how they keep making fun of lily about her singing and kept hiding the fact that she simply didn't have singing talent at all. My favorite part was how robbie ray said she had a voice like Johnny Cah