Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 15

Song Sung Bad

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Lilly challenges Amber to a singing contest, while Sarah thinks she's dating Jackson.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The writers did a nice job using their characters (main and recurring) and Emily Osment actually had people convinced that she couldn't sing (at least those who didn't hear her in the "Bone Dance"), which I believe is a compliment for her acting skills.

    I'll start with the subplot. It a nutshell, it explores a Sarah/Jackson relationship. The exchanges between Sarah and Jackson will have you laughing, as Jackson doesn't want to be with her, but doesn't want to hurt her either. Sarah, meanwhile, just keeps feeling closer to him. A scene with Jackson and Rico rolling their R's had me rolling, too. I don't know how the actors kept a straight face during that. They did a nice job with this.

    The main plot was very good. Emily Osment shines in it, playing Lilly, a girl that thinks she can sing well, when she can't. Lilly then feels confident that she can sing better than Amber at Karaoke Night. Oliver delivers some good lines early on, but Miley stops him from telling Lilly she can't sing. While Miley has plenty of screen time, this story is clearly about Lilly, and Miley adds to it without making it into Miley's story. One scene has Amber and Mr. Corelli discussing Karaoke, and Miley just watches until Lilly claims she's a good singer. There are plenty of laughs from the whole cast, but Emily Osment stands out. She nails the synchronization with Miley's voice, she's got excellent comic timing, she becomes her character, and she rarely flubs lines.

    In summary, this is an excellent episode. The characters all serve some purpose (except Ashley) in the story, and almost every scene contains a good laugh. It may not be entirely realistic, but it is entertaining. I recommend watching "Song Sung Bad."
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