Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 15

Song Sung Bad

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, Hannah is recording "One In A Million", but she previously performed the song in "You Are So Sue-able To Me".

    • Goof: Rico says that he is lactose-intolerent, but in "Me and Rico Down By The Schoolyard" he has Miley feed him spray cheese which contains lactose.

    • Rico is Lactose Intolerant.

    • Goof: In the scene where Lilly, Oliver, and Miley are talking about how good Lilly sounded on the tape, you can see Miley looking right at the camera after she hits Oliver.

    • Goof: After Lilly was laughed at by her classmates for singing "I've Got Nerve", she asks Mr. Corelli if she can sing it again, but Oliver plays "Life's What You Make It", instead of "I've Got Nerve".

    • Ashley comes very close to making the connection that Lilly's voice, which is really Miley's, sounds exactly like Hannah Montana's.

    • In the episode the songs that are featured are "One In a Million", "I Got Nerve", "Bigger Than Us", and "Life's What You Make It".

    • Lilly appears as Lola (with a white wig).

    • Continuity Goof: In "Get Down, Study-udy-udy", Lilly and Oliver sing "The Bone Dance" and they sound great. But in this episode, they sound horrible singing "One In A Million" and "Life's What You Make It".

  • Quotes

    • Oliver: Yeah, heredity is a powerful thing. (Miley stomps Oliver's foot) Like my Mom's feet always hurts and now so do mine!

    • Lilly: (to Amber) Congratulations! Your the best singer in the school.
      Miley: Yeah, too bad nobody cares!

    • (After Miley plays Lilly's song to Oliver)
      Oliver: I haven't felt this queasy since my grandpa took me to that Shirts and Skins B-ball game at the Senior Center. (Looks Horrified remmbering) The skin was bouncing more than the ball!
      Miley: I could've lived my whole life without that picture in my head.

    • Lilly: (Singing badly) La, la, la, la, la, la, la.
      Miley: (Miley singing) Try to hit all of the notes.
      Lilly: (Singing badly) I'm hitting all of the notes.

    • Amber: (referring to Lilly's singing) I didn't know she had a voice like that!
      Ashley: She sounds exactly like...
      Amber: Shut up.
      Ashley: But she's amazing! (Amber looks at her) Amazingly bad!

    • Lilly: I don't even know why I need to do these stupid exercises. We both know I'm going to blow Amber off the stage.
      Miley: This isn't about Amber! This is about you being the best you can be!
      Lilly: But I'm already the best I could be.
      Miley: (muttering) Boy, I hope not. (Lilly looks at her).
      Miley: I mean, there's always room for improvement, right?

    • Lola: That is such a great song. Have I told you its my mom's favorite? Hey, here's a wacky idea! Her birthday is coming up, maybe you could make a special, kind of personal recording and I could give it to her as a present?
      Hannah: You spent all her gift money on those shoes, didn't ya?
      Lola: They didn't have 'em in her size.

    • Miley: (looking at a very large tarantula) There ain't nothin' "itsy bitsy" about you big boy.

    • Amber: Hey Miley if you're too gutless to sing, you can always go up there and do one of your pig calls.
      Miley: Oh, you mean like this? Amber! Ashley! Get in here! (oinks)

    • (Miley plays Lilly's remixed tape for Oliver)
      Oliver: Wow. A little reverb, some overlay. Nice. (pounds fists with Miley)
      Miley: Daddy called it Extreme Mix-Over: Lilly Edition.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Miley: (looking at a very large tarantula) There ain't nothin' "itsy bitsy" about you big boy.

      This is a reference to the children's song, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.

    • Lilly: Hey check this, Twitney Houston! I'm gonna sing you off that stage.
      Amber: Oh, it's so on. I'll see you Saturday night. Smelly Clarkson.
      Ashley: You heard her Celine Pion!

      Twitney Houston is a play on the famous singer Whitney Houston, who is famous for her hit I Will Always Love You. Smelly Clarkson is a play on the famous singer Kelly Clarkson, who is famous for hit Behind These Hazel Eyes. And Celine Pion is a play on the famous singer Celine Dion, who is famous for her hit My Heart Will Go On.

    • Miley: Daddy called it Extreme Mix-Over: Lilly Edition.

      This is a play on the show Extreme Makeover and its spin off: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The original show is about people who go through plastic surgery and the latter is about when people redesign their houses.

    • Johnny Cash is a country singer who sang the hit songs, Ring Of Fire, I Walk the Line and A Boy Named Sue.

    • Song Sung Bad is a play on Neil Diamond's hit song, Song Sung Blue.

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