Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 20

Super(stitious) Girl

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 17, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Better than the last crossover for sure

    miley loses her lucky anklet and so she has bad luck. she may even have to cancel her hannah montana concert. meanwhile, cody tries to get bailey tickets to said concert, in an attempt to finally get her to go out with him. in the end, all is back to normal.

    definitely better than the other crossover, as this one actually had characters from the other show in more than TWO scenes... I also liked the plot more, though it wasn't very funny the plot was good. But, because of the lack of good humor, my grade is a B-
  • Hanna loses her lucky anklet and the show almost doesn't go on. Cody desperately tries to get concert tickets for him and Bailey.

    Now, this out of the 3 episode event was an actual Hanna episode. And I felt it was a solid and decent episode.

    I loved the B-story which had a nice little funny ending to it. Kind of like curiousity and the cat.

    I thought it was kind of touching how Hanna felt about her lucky anklet which was given to her by her mom. I do feel they lost a golden opportunity to further explain what the words dream and her anklet really meant with Miley and her mom. But it still pushed the emotional buttons and the moral ending to the tale was very realistic and satisfying.

    I did feel they kind of had nothing better for Robby Ray to do except to stick his head out of a window. That was not creative at all.

    Lola and Hanna have a nice repartee as usual.

    I felt the name of this episode was a little bit fraudulent. They were trying to imply this episode might have something to do with Wizards of Waverly Place when it had nothing at all to do with it. Of course they get away with the lie because truthfully this episode was about good and bad luck, but I still think there was a little bit of a bait and switch going on here.