Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 1

Sweet Home Hannah Montana

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 11, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Im confused......

    I dont know how to play it or if you even can?! Someone help?!
  • bad

    it was alright i guess, the plot was not really that great ,i did not think, and there was not much humor i did not think, but it is the first new episode in 4 months so i will cut it some slack, i do hope though that the rest of the episodes will be better, i mean, this IS the final season of a popular disney channel show, fans deserve a good ending. anyways it was an alright episode, not the best/not the worst, so i give it a D+/C- or so as a grade. Not great not horrific
  • Miley moves into her new home. New set - same mistakes...

    I still recall the first season of Hanna Montana; you know, back when it was good and had a lot of potential? But then it became contrived and unbelievable and stole it's plots from old episodes of I Love Lucy. I'm still waiting for it to hit its full potential. The new season is like the start of a new series. Miley and the cast are in a new home, Oliver is now a recurring character and there's two new characters, one looks like Alan's son from Two and a Half Men and the other is a potential love interest for Jackson. However, the plot involving the Robby restoring Miley's childhood bedroom is a story device we've seen too many times. It's kind of like watching Leave it to Beaver and watching the Beaver re-learn the same lesson over and over and over... We get it already!!! Miley needs to talk more with her dad. The worst part: here we have this mediocre new start with a perfect chance to dump Rico from the series and he's still in the opening credits. Apparently, a new start to Disney means continuing all the same mistakes. I for one am not looking forward to another season of seeing Jackson the hapless victim to more contrived abuse from one of the most illogical characters since Chachi, Urkel and Goober. Some series never do reach their full potential.
  • Miley dislikes the bedroom her father has provided in the Stewarts' new home and must get through admitting she hates her room. Meanwhile, the family's teen neighbor gets Jackson closer to a new girl.

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This episode is HILARIOUS, fresh, and the jokes are just as awesome as they can be. Lilly has a new job at the Malibu Pier, which I thought was pretty cool. I assume she quit the sandwich shop job. Also, I think it's REALLY cool that Joannie and Miley seem to have buried the hatchet. In the long run, they could turn out just as close as Miley is with Lilly. I think it's really cool that ANOTHER Two and a Half Men star is a part of this series.
    Enough with my little tangent. This episode is fantastic. I'd expect nothing less, and all the advertising and promos were very attractive. I do think it's hilarious but a LITTLE odd that Hannah used a little girl, but what the hey? It was pretty worth it, which I can't believe I'm writing. Long story short, this episode is an OUTSTANDING way to start this season, and Hannah Montana to the Principlal's Office is just as good so I think I'll be satisfied with Hannah Montana Forever... forever :)
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