Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 24

The Idol Side of Me

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the only good episodes there is!

    I liked this one a lot! It was the first episode I ever saw, which made me think the show was good, until I saw the other episodes. But anyway, this one was a very good episode. Amber (the school bully) is going on Singing With The Stars, and is going to sing with Hannah Montana. Miley uses this as a chance to get back at Amber, who has constantly been horrible to her. After hearing her sing in the bathrooms, she finds out that she's tone deaf and stands no chance, but they then find out that was her stupid "sidekick" or even "slave" Ashley, and Amber is AMAZING. Hannah is going to get her back, until she finds out a bit more about Amber, and decides not to, which all goes wrong when she ends up on stage.

    What I hated about this episode was the subplot. The only bit I laughed at was the speaker bit, when the dog started breaking the wires or something. Other than that, good episode.

    Grade: B
  • This was a pretty good episode.

    Hannah Montana is going to be on Singing with the Stars. Miley and Lilly come up with a plan to embarass Amber when they hear her singing badly in the bathroom. Miley gets the people from Singing with the Stars to accept Amber. Then Miley and Lilliy find out that Anber can actually sing and it was Ashley that they heard in the bathroom. Lilly rigged the smoke machine so that it would dye Amber's skin green when she walked through it. Before they went on stage, Hannah talked to Amber about why she was a bully then she felt bad. So Hannah walked through the green instead. Amber won the Singing with the Stars competition.
  • Dang! Amber finally got what was coming to her!

    Miley finally gets revenge on Ashley in this one! In the beginning, Amber distributes her annual cool list and once again puts Lilly and Miley at the bottom, below Dandruff Danny! Miley finds a way to get revenge on her! She plans to invite her to be on Singing with the Stars with Hannah Montana. At the concert Amber gets nervous and doesn't want to humiliate herself in front of the whole world. Then she finally tells Hannah why she's so mean all the time. Then if Hannah promised not to tell anyone else Amber promised to be a better person. Then at school Amber makes a drastic change to the cool list and puts Dandruff Danny at the top instead of Miley and Lilly. Lilly set up a little surprise for Amber in the bathroom!! Amber gets smothered with green slime!!! Man, this show keeps gettin' better and better! That part was funny as hell! Yo, keep it up!
  • exciting

    This episode was about hannah montana being the host of an teen idol. Then ashley being mean to lilly and miley by putting them to an tie of the loser list. So miley makes a plan of making sure that ashley loses the teen idol thing because she thought she heard her in the bathroom which was really her side kick which they find out later. But when miley tries to set her up she ends up feeling sorry for her and ask her to be a nicer person as hannah montana. She did but it wasn't to lilly and miley.
  • Miley and Lily clash with the Fasion Zombies again, and Jackson and his dad fight with the neighbor again.

    I don't watch Disney Channel very often since it cancelled all its hit shows, but every once in a while, I luck into a new Hannah. I this episode, Miley and Lily are frustrated by the Fashion Zombies Amber and Ashley again who are using some sort of diss list to turn the school against them. There's no teachers, adult supervision or logic in this episode; in the real world Amber and Ashley would be tossed out of school under the zero-tolarance rule against bullies. Miley finally concieves of a plan to get her revenge using her Hannah personality when Amber wants to sing with her on TV in a thinly veiled "American Idol" homage, but ends up brief bonding with Amber and backing out, but she gets predictably dissed in the end. As a dog-lover, the subplot with Jackson and Robbie fighting the neighbor dog has some cute moments, but Dontzig the neighbor is too acerbic and evil to be taken as comedy foil. There was so much potential in the main story that it actually went no where while again the subplot proves more interesting.
  • awesome

    Amber finds herself competing in an American Idol like show just as she and Ashley listed Miley and Lilly as the dorkiest people in campus in the school newspaper. Miley decides that she and Lilly will make a fool out of Amber in the live competition just to get even with her. But when Miley talks to Amber backstage, Amber tells her that she used to be the geeky one and people made fun of her. Miley feels sorry for her and decides not to do the prank, but she ends up regretting it when Amber's head becomes bigger as she wins the competition. It's a really funny episode.
  • Pretty darn good!

    This one had alot to like! We finally get to see why one of the "mean girls" is so...mean! And, true to form, in the end, she DOESN'T get ANY better! We also get to see another humorous public appearance of Hannah Montana (it's a good thing Hannah Montana isn't a REAL person because she would be made fun of all the time! She messes up so many of her public performances!) I thought the business with Oliver ignoring Miley and Lily because they didnt make Amber and Ashley's "Cool List" was really mean...especially for Oliver, who's usually such a good friend! But other than that, this one was great!