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Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 27

The Test of My Love

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 31, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Miley finds that four is a crowd when Trey brings his folks along on their first date. Robbie is forced to take drastic action after Jackson's messy room takes on a life of its own.

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  • good

    miley likes a new boy named trey, but when they go out on a date, his parents come too, and they spend the night making rude comments to miley. what will she do? jackson and robbie try to clean jackson's utterly disgusting room.

    good episode, it is kind of a shame trey never returned, i think he was a good character. his parents were annoying though, not really mean so much, but they annoyed me a lot. overall a good first half and an OK second half, which equates to a B- or so as a grade, at least i think somoreless
  • funny episode

    While snacking out on the beach, Miley finds a cute looking guy who happens to be a son of a billionaire. Miley sees him again the next day and he asks her out on a date. Miley is so happy scoring a date with Trey, but things don't turn out well when Trey invites his parents along. Robbie Ray decides to clean up Jackson's room when their house maid quits. It's a really funny episode. When Trey's parents insult Miley's southern heritage, things start to go out of control from that point. The result is pure madness that look so ridiculously funny. It's a great episode.moreless
  • Well, this is actually turning out the show better.

    When Willium Harris donates a playground to the local beach, not only does Rico want publicity (I call that funny) but MIley is smittin by Willium's son, Tray. It was kinda ironic that, when Miley says that Mr. Harris is big-headed, she might as well been talking to Tray. Hee. And I really can't belive how LOW Tray's voice is!

    Anyways, Miley comes to the think of Tray, can't getting him out on her head. Tracy calls and she wants Hannah (Miley) to come in. Wearing MAUV. MAUV. PURPLE! (that's funny) Then, Tray comes back, as Miley gets pretty smititn... and Lilly, mabye. Then, Tray wanna get Miley to come. With his parents.

    In the sidequest, the housekeeper quits because of Jackson's room. Jackson just equals slob. Hehe. Then, Robbie Ray wants Jackson to Clean up his mess. Tough break.

    Now, this is a good episode. MIley wants to impress the rich guy (don't we all) ANd it gets away from life in the popstar lane. In conclusion, check this epi out.moreless
  • Trey is hot!

    Good choice Miley. i like Trey. he is so freakin' hot and freakin' sweet. despite being 'poor', Trey still liked Miley for who she was not what she has. awwww

    anyway, the humor for this episode was above average. i loved at a few parts like the last part when Miley was like "You dont have to do that" "Not going to" or something like that. it was still funny.

    the sub plot was also funny when Lily aka Lola tried to get Orlando's attention. one thing they should have done to improve the episode is to add Oliver in. where was he when all this happened?moreless
  • This episode is about how a rich guy likes miley but his parents don't like her because she is from the country and not rich.

    Miley likes a guy but he's rich and has snobby parents I like how she made Jackson and Robbie help act rich but they are not very good at it so miley gets upset at them tells them that she likes the way how her family is. She doesn't want them to change so instead kicks the parents out and lets the boy stay and they how the country people act around people. When lily is talking with she just ignores her so instead she keeps stareing at the guy like she is in love with him right at that very moment.moreless
Michael McShae

Michael McShae

Trey Harris

Guest Star

Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin

William Harris II

Guest Star

Anita Finlay

Anita Finlay

Jeanette Harris

Guest Star

Romi Dames

Romi Dames

Traci Van Horn

Recurring Role

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    • Miley: (to William and Jeanette) I want y'all to get your snooty booties out of our house!
      William: Excuse me?
      Miley: No! I have been excusing you all night, and I'm done with it! Ok, sure, my daddy's no diplomat, but he's not a banjo-strumming hillbilly, either. He's a guitar-strumming hillbilly, and I'm proud of him! And my brother. Let me just tell you. My brother (pause) What are you gonna do? Can't pick your family.
      Jackson: Gee, thanks, sis. I'm feeling the love.

    • William: (offended) Jeanette, Trey, we're leaving.
      Trey: You know what? No. You're leaving. I'm staying. (to Miley) If that's all right with you.
      Miley: (to Robbie) Half an hour?
      Robbie: I'll drive ya home. I just gotta go out to the barn and hitch up that thar team of mules.

    • Trey: (about the food) They, uh, they call it sweetbreads.
      Miley: It doesn't taste like bread.
      William: That's because its cow pancreas.

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