Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 24

Uptight (Oliver's Alright)

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 20, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • asdfgkl

    lily and oliver are dating in the previous episode: b-b-b-bad to the chrome but not in this episode which is confusing
  • Miley and Lily think that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse, but really he has diabeties.

    Miley and Lily think that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse, but really he has diabeties. I thought this episode of Hannah Montana was terrible. Now what really lowered the score with that it was supposed to air on November 2008, it aired promos and everything but they didn't air it and they changed it to September. That angered me so much. Now the main plot was very funny. The part I laughed at was Miley and Lily thinking that Oliver likes the nurse. Miley saying that she was good influence on Oliver and then eats a lot of cake and ice cream,. Probably the funniest part in that plot was when, Miley and Lily and trying to keep Oliver from eating sweets. Now the only nit pick was that it was super predicable that Trish's sweet 16 had a bunch of sweets on it. Now that subplot I found really pointless. I didn't get 1 laugh out of me which is weird because normally I like the subplot better than the main plot. The ending also was a little pointless and I didn't do anything to score because of that. Overall, this episode might have been a 5 or a 6 if they would've aired this in November when it was supposed to air. 2.5/10.
  • Miley and Lilly thinks that the nurse and Oliver are in love. It turns out that Oliver has diabetes, so Miley and Lilly play "food Police." Robby finds out that Jackson's girlfriend is going to break up with him.

    This episode is sweet! Miley and Lilly did a good thing helping Oliver manage his diabetes. I can't believe that Miley would ever think that Oliver would date a nurse. That nurse had to been about thirty or late 20's. C'mon, that's common sense and by the way, even if he was old enough, she still wouldn't date him even if he was the last man on Earth. He's average! I did like this episode, however, this show also had some problems. I did not like the way that Jackson's girlfriend announced over the phone that she was going to break up with him. that was cold! The proper way to break up with someone would be to just tell them in person, not announce to what could possibly be another guy(if you're a girl) or another girl(if you are a boy)over the phone. That is just like texting your boyfriend or girlfriend it's over. I know that Jackson is "uggh" but that was mean.

    The other problem that I had was the "food police" bit. This was my biggest problem with the show. I hated when Miley and Lilly just stormed into the party and just stole all of the sweets, not only from oliver, but from everyone else too. Just ruined the party! How would Miley and Lilly feel if she threw a party and went through all of the trouble of setting up decorations and preparing the food for everyone, so Tracy brings a friend and that friend has a disorder or something so he or she can't have the food that Miley served so Tracy decides to just storm into her house and steals all of the food from, not only her friend but from everyone else? What would you say to her? I understand that you were just trying to protect Oliver and keep him alive, however, your method was uncalled for. Overall, this episode is good.
  • Miley and Lilly try to save Oliver from himself when they find out his secret at the nurse's office.

    Is this a rerun? It's something old that happens to be something new. It is kind of fascinating trying to see where they spliced the year older actors into the episode. I think it was mostly at the end myself. But it's possible they might have gotten something else by me.

    Yes this was the long time ago filmed episode that was on the shelf and is finally off it. They held it off due to the fact that Disney probably was insensitive to the Diabetes issue. And judging by past episodes and what actually made the cut in this episode. All I can say is thank God. I don't even want to imagine what they may have initially written. I could really see them just going la dee da dee da Oliver has Diabetes. Time to make some jokes now. But they did mellow it out a little bit and they did put enough public service announcement spots to cover themselves I believe.

    Things I liked. This really is a vintage old school kind of episode. This was when the show was somewhat more original and the characters were firmly in their element at school. The old people jokes were funny. And the chemistry between the three main characters were true. It is ashame that this episode is so out of place now that Oliver and Lilly are a couple, but like I said before this really is like a new rerun. I even thought the B-story was pretty good too.

    I do have one criticism. They aren't allowed to do chocolate or candy jokes ever again! They have gone to the drunk on candy and chocolate well way too many times that the joke no longer has any force whatsover. Like I've pointed out in past reviews. I deducted a point because of it. I have completely cut them off from it as if they had dia, dia, diarhea! Yeah I learned a lot about Diabetes in this episode so I wasn't going there either. But this was still a good episode anyway inspite of that one overly used joke. Now, I suppose is the next challenge. Can they make any future episodes as good as this one turned out, or are they just resting on their laurels and coasting towards the pending end of the series.
  • Finally aired

    In this episode, Miley and Lilly think Oliver loves the school nurse, but they later learn they he has diabetes. They do not understand exactly what it is, so at a party with lots of candy, they make sure he does not eat anything, because they want to keep him safe. In the end he informs them what type of diabetes he has.

    A fantastic episode, it is a good thing it finally aired {going to air in season 2 but had to be rewritten re-shot}. A great episode, serious at times, funny, overall grade would be an A, one of their best