Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 8

Welcome to the Bungle

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 01, 2009 on Disney Channel

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    I'll admit that this episode was better than the usual Season 3 offering of Hannah Montana, but it was still pretty dreadful. Everything spelled cliche here, not to mention Hannah Montana has become the most predictable show on television. It's a dead show walking, and none of these actors look like they're trying anymore, the contracts are the only thing that is keeping them there. And it's definitely notable with Miley Cyrus. I really can see why Mitchel Musso became recurring in this show's final season (season 4) and leave to be on a show like Pair of Kings. It's because no one wants to be there anymore, and the show is just not like it used to be. All Disney Channel shows seem to go downhill in the middle of their second season and that was the case for Hannah Montana. The only commendable thing about this episode was the guest spots of the two TV show hosts which is what made this episode better than the usual offering. This episode gave me a few chuckles in that aspect, but other than that, this show needs to end.
  • Pointless

    Basically this episode is saying that all of Hannah's fans will do whatever she does, they're liker her minions or something. So Hannah admits she does not like carrots on TV. Of course, this means that none of her fans do. Then she admits she doesn't read a lot, so of course, her fans start not to read.

    I understand that some people are like that, but this episode was just boring and it made me mad how dedicated her fans seem, it was really pathetic actually.

    So, one of the most boring and predictable episodes of the whole entire series
  • The episode was predictable. Not very interesting. But it did have a few good parts to it.

    Hannah goes on a talk show and says she doesn't like carrots and that candy corn is the only orange food she eats. So it turns into "The Great Carrot Revolution" when little kids around the world trade in carrots for candy corn. Then Hannah goes and says she does like carrots and that she doesn't like books. You can only guess what happens next. In the meantime, Jackson and Oliver and discovered by a photographer who wants them to be models for a dating website. And of course it turns out that they were modeling for who not to date, when they thought they were chosen to be models for their good looks. I predicted everything that happened in this episode. Seriously, who would want Jackson to be a model? I can't believe they actually thought it was because they're good looking. Please. Get a reality check. Oliver - maybe. Jackson - not a chance. But instead of saying everything I didn't like about this episode, let me tell you about the high points. Lily. The only reason I didn't give this episode a worse score then I did was because of Lily. She was absolutely hilarious in this episode! Emily Osment is such a great actress and brings life to the cast of Hannah Montana. If it wasn't for her I'm not sure they would have many people watching it. Lily just lights up the screen. So all in all I'd say the episode was just fair. Hopefully the next episode will be good enough that it can cancel out the not-so-goodness of this one.
  • Hanna is on a talk show and says she doesn't like carrots and books and her fans have no choice but to do like wise.

    This was an interesting experiment. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't too bad either. There were a couple jokes that clicked and a lot of jokes that didn't. The show seemed to be a little bit out of balance. I'll try to cover the highs and lows of this episode.

    First of all as an experiment goes. I thought it was very interesting to explore fan worship and more than that why celebrities give such bland answers when questioned on shows. I found this somewhat revealing and you do get insider information sometimes on this show.

    Going a little further. I hated those talk show segments. They were too many and except for when the hosts stopped talking they were sometimes very painful to watch. And yet they were spoofing what those actual shows are like. But definitely they have got to cut it down to one segment at the most per Hanna episode. The Mack and Mindy or whatever the hell their called show need to get their own unwatchable show or their going to make this show unwatchable too.

    I think those excessive segments cut back the Miley/Lilly time that might have made this show much better. It seemed when they were together it was very rushed and hurried. Most of the good stuff is when their together. And they even put a glass wall between them to make it worse, though that bit I will admit was kind of funny. But I still want more Miley/Lilly time.

    I thought the Oliver/Jackson B story was predictable and a little bit overacted but it was kind of cute. I do feel I need to give some honorable mention to Jackson as even though I didn't think he did that well in that segment, I liked the advice he gave to Miley. That is the Jackson character we don't get enough of. One other thing I like when Hanna interacts with the fans. It usually results in interesting interactions. Though there was a slight been there done that moment with the question about Hanna's secret going back to an Achey Jakey Heart ep in season 2. And than she weaseled her way out of it. Now, once again they did the bland everything is hunky dorey at the end of this episode, but I liked the message enough not to care too much about it this time.