Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 22

(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 21, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Uncle Earl comes to visit and expects Miley to help him become a rock star.

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  • The show finally shows this Uncle Earle person they'd been talking about from the start. Uncle Earle shows up and thinks Miley will help him get his dream of being a rock star.moreless

    This is possibly the worst episode they ever made. Whenever they talked about Uncle Earle they made him seem funny, now that they finally show him, he's dull and just an old man.Also, this episode was more about the Uncle Earle than Hannah Montana.The only thing worst than Uncle Earl finally being shown, is Gilbert Gottfried. He is so annoying why would they ever allow him to guest star on this show?I hated watching this episode and I wouldn't advise anyone to ever view this episode. It was just horrible and badly written, it had a good plot, but they way it was shown ruined it.moreless
  • fair

    uncle earl visits and wants to sing on stage during a concert with hannah montana. only problem is, a critic named Barney Bitman is coming to review her. What will she do?

    It was alright. Miley being so excited over Barney liking her more than Mikayla, whilst some people really are excited over stuff like that, was dumb. So ONE critic just so happens to like Hannah better than someone else. That doesn't mean that she's the better singer. It means that one critic of music just so happened to like her more than someone else. I just think it was dumb of her to be so happy with that. Obviously be happy a little but don't go overboard. Grade- Cmoreless
  • Very funny episode. My favorite!

    The episode was the funniest of all the episode the way I look at it. Of course there will be better episodes when new episodes come but right now it is the best. I'd love David Kucher (if thats how you spell his name). I never expected he will play Uncle Earl. I also hope he will be on the movie because I read somewhere that most of the Stewart family will be there. The guitar solo he did was awesome! Even though maybe he didn't know how to play the electric guitar. He is the one that Miley, Jackson or Billy Ray talks about to compare something. Great Job to the cast and crew!moreless
  • One of the best episodes in the series as far as writing goes, but Uncle Earl himself is a dissapointment.

    Miley's Uncle Earl has been the butt of many jokes in the Hannah Montana series. So far, he has been told to be a disgusting, bizarre hillbilly, but he had never actually been shown in the series. Until now.

    In this episode, Miley is being reviewed by an incredibly harsh critic who has the power of making or breaking singers and bands. She gets very nervous, and plans to practice as much as she can so that she might get a good review. However, Uncle Earl shows up for a suprise visit right then with big plans. He says that he came all the way across the country in order to become a rock star, and he was hoping that he would have some help from Hannah Montana to make his debut. He ends up getting in the way of Miley's success, and Miley has to decide whether to choose family or impressing the critic.

    I was pretty excited to see this episode, as I thought that the Uncle Earl character would have TONS of possibilities. However, apart from a few jokes when he first arrives (I'm not kidding, they were ALL in the commercial), Uncle Earl is pretty... normal. Not to mention his guitar playing was actually pretty good, just over-the-top. Actually, the best character in this episode was Jackson, as his stab at his own show's success and him dressing up like Ozzy Osbourne were some of the funniest moments in the episode.

    Overall, if you were planning on an episode full of redneck jokes and more making fun of the Stewart family's weirdest relative, you are out of luck. While dissapointing, this episode is still very good. Once again, the supporting actors take the cake and make this one of the best episodes in the series. Recommended.moreless
  • Wow! This is so bias!

    Now this is like one of those 'our star is the best of all bests' Whatever! i mean that Mikayla girl is a much better singer than Hannah. Yet she was praised by a really strict critict. Now thats just plain bias. Shes not exactly the best singer in this world. Why did they even bother making this episode.

    I loved this reason because of the Ozzy or whats his name that Jackson impersonated. Now that was just plain funny. I also liked the part where Lily was like "Ouch, my tooth" and Oliver went "Ouch, mine too" then they went out mumbling

    NOTE: Not the best episode you can think of.moreless
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