Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 13

What I Don't Like About You

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 19, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • This is worst episode ever! I was kind of disturb watching "What I Don't Like About You". I'm so tired of watching that because my Dad is letting me watch Disney Channel on T.V. only. And it says "What I Don't Like About You". What?! Why? I'm so bored...

    "What I Don't Like About You" is very terrible. I hate Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, JONAS, and Phineas and Ferb is my most faverite show. The Suite Life on Deck is ok. Hannah Montana is terrible. Why should I watched that many time because my Dad is letting me watched the TV every night at 7:00 P.M. til' 9:00 P.M. and there's a Hannah Montana. But I'm not always bored when there's a Wizards of Waverly Place, maybe The Suite life on Deck, Sonny with a Chance, JONAS, and Phineas and Ferb.
  • average

    miley discovers that lilly and oliver have been dating and soon they have a fight because they both recall how it became official differently. can miley fix it? jackson lies to a college person so he has a better chance at getting into college. will the truth work better?

    sorry, i don't see what is wrong with lilly/oliver going out. i mean, they have been friends since before the series started... it was bound to happen and i think it was good of them. The subplot was also OK, this episode as a whole gets a C+ from me as a grade
  • Lilly and Oliver become a couple while Hanna is shooting a movie and than nearly destroy their friendship after a fight.

    First of all grading this just as an episode and not in the horrible way they built up to this episode this is a perfect 10 episode.

    It was pivotal to the series. Providing of course they don't back down and pretend things didn't happen again which you can never tell with these writers, but this time I don't think so.

    This episode was funny. It had some very funny moments. Miley is always funny when she imitates people. That is one of her strengths. It also might have been a weakness that I'll get into a little later on. But the B-story was also good. And they brought back the reference to their mom which is always cool. Gone, but not forgotten. She's a guest star even when she isn't there.

    A lot of the previous episodes have either sucked, or at least been just a little off from the quality of the first two seasons but this one really holds up with those episodes, but there were some problems not with this episode itself but the season episodes leading into this one.

    They put more development into Joannie's relationship with Oliver than this one and I felt that was a little bit sad. They had a montague of Lilly hitting Oliver, but they probably would be hard pressed to do that with her showing him any affection. And I feel that is sad too.

    This episode was kind of hot shotted along like it didn't matter. And I am not going to penalize a good episode over it, but I do feel it is a small betrayal to the fans of this show. This should have been a two parter. Nobody cares about the stupid lame Indiana Joannie joke that got in the way of finding out how Lilly and Oliver got together. I wanted to actually see it happen. And I do feel cheated for not seeing it, but I still think Oliver and Lilly are perfect together and I am happy for them but still this is one of those cases where I'm happy at the end of this episode but I do have a bad taste in my mouth. It would have been so easy. If they just had given a minute an episode. Just one precious minute. A look a glance anything. But all you had was this episode and Miley is still all over it. So, much so that even though her funny imitation scene was funny. That was her actually stealing time from Lilly and Oliver while she was actually playing both Lilly and Oliver. So, it was a great episode. I know I went off on a rant here, but as great as this episode was it could have, and should have been so much better. If only the writers actually cared about the fans more than getting every lame joke they can think of into the episode. Sometimes you can just take a breath. Let the characters just be themselves and that is so much better than slipping every cliche joke in the book. I'm not saying any of these jokes were bad this time. But they rushed one of the most pivotal moments in this shows history and no matter how great this episode was. That kind of sucked.
  • So out of character it's like the writers of this episode have never watched an episode of Hannah Montana before in their lives.

    Whether the desires of 10-year-old Hannah Montana fans who have no concept of romance or the recent sidekick kissing on iCarly inspired this nightmare is yet to be determined. Lilly and Oliver's relationship throughout the entire show is comparable to Miley and Jackson's. For them to suddenly get paired together without any buildup this season (or any season) is not only absurd, it's incestuous. For the whole episode they were so incredibly out of character and had such lack of chemistry that it made the episode very painful to watch. Miley and Oliver had more chemistry in this, when Lilly and Oliver were the ones who were supposed to be dating. And unfortunately, Jackson's subplot couldn't make up for this disaster of an episode.
  • Lily and Oliver start dating meanwhile Jackson has an interview with Santa Barbra.

    Hannah Montana leaves town for awhile to shoot a Indiana Joan movie, and comes back to find out that Lily and Oliver are dating and they didn't tell her (she overheard)!!!! While lily was telling the story how they started dating they started arguing about a band, and get into a big argument, and Hannah helps them resolve it through a home video. Meanwhile Jackson has an interview with Santa Barbra, and he has to choose to lie about it or tell the truth to be able to get in his number one favorite college. Which one do you think he will choose?