Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 12

When You Wish You Were The Star

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 13, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • When Miley gets sick of her double life, she wishes for only Hannah Montana and eventually things go haywire.

    This episode was ok but the only thing that I hated about this episode was that gold-digging ho of a stepmother. She made me want to just go off on her. She treated Miley like trash and used Robby like tissue. The way she took away the one special drink that Miley and Robby shared just because she was allergic. She better be glad she could not hear me because if she could I would just pop through my tv and strangle her. Other than that, the episode was good. The part that I liked was the Jackson-hermit thing that was LOL and the rap at the end. I did like the house it was so cool and very unique.
  • fair

    first off, jesse mccartney (or however you spell his name) was way too dramatic. "No, being rejected in person is enough, I don't need it in writing." Um... wow, that line makes me mad. I also hate the laugh track audience going "Aw" as if they are sad. IMO he is being overdramatic with that line.

    The rest was good I guess, the mom was too mean for me to enjoy and I didn't really laugh a lot, though I did think the episode had a nice plot and that is why it gets a C+/B- as a grade from me
  • A good episode

    I liked this episode. Yes, I know, most would say that nothing important really happened. And maybe that's true, but maybe it's not. Miley saw how good she really has it. That could change her attitude in future episodes. Then again maybe her attitude won't change at all. Either way, it was a fun episode! I like when things are switched up a bit. And things were switched up ALOT in this episode! Filler? Perhaps. But, ya know what? I thought it was darn-good filler! I honestly don't think I've seen an episode of Hannah Montana that I didn't like. This episode included! Good job!
  • Could have been better,but not bad.

    This episode was a little boring.Certainly not one I would want to watch all the time. I especially hate that they just HAD to have dumb Jesse McCartney on this show.That made the episode loose 1 star. - 1 *. and because the show got a little dull at times that is minus one star again. - 1 *. Other than that, I would have to say that this episode is pretty good.Not super, or perfect.I think this one could have had some improvements, like: 1) NO McCartney,I don't care what people say. And he is NOT good looking. 2) Could have had a trick ending.Like Miley could have stuck as Hannah forever,then they have a curve. 3) To conclude,they could have picked the episode up at times.Like make it a little funnier at times.

    Other then these complaints,the episode was good. 8 STARS.
  • Miley wishes upon a star and she becomes Hannah Montana all the time.

    I liked this episode. The plot was pretty interesting, but I mainly liked it because I like fantastic plots. I was also glad that this one, unlike a lot of other ones, wasn't trying to be funny the entire episode. It wasn't funny in the least bit. And when I watched it again, it wasn't as good as the first time. I also thought the moral was kind of annoying and such a cliche. That is why I gave it an 8.4. It was pretty good and was probably in my top 20 favorite episodes, but there were a few problems.
  • Miley wishes on a shooting star.

    Miley and Lilly see a shooting star and decide to make a wish. Lilly wishes for an A on their project. Miley wishes that she was Hannah Montana all the time. Miley's wish comes true and she can't take her wig off. Roxy is an angel who shows her whst her life is like now that she is Hannah Montana. Hannah was dating Jesse McCartney. Lilly was friends with Amber and Ashley. Hannah dressed up as Miley by putting a brunette wig on top of her blonde Hannah hair. Lilly knew she was Hannah and pulled her wig off. Miley realized she didn't want to be Hannah Montana all the time.
  • ok episode...

    I guess I always wondered what would happen if everyone knew Miley was Hannah and this episode showed me what would happen. Hannah had a dream in which she was always Hannah. She had no good friends and her life basically sucked. Her father and brother were different also. She begged Roxy, which was the "angel" that was making her dream, to go back to her old life. I knew this episode was coming. There is no way that they will make Miley always Hannah for real, but they can do it in theory. Anyways, overall, ok episode with a pretty good story.
  • Miley wishes on a star she coulld be Hannah Montana all the time and it comes true!

    This is an incredible and very special episode. It just shows you have to be careful what you wish for. I love episode with AU settings.

    Seeing Lilly as a glamour girl and Oliver as Rico's friend was just hiliarious. I did feel sorry for Miley when she realised she just wanted to be normal again. Jackson is now a homeless trap, which was funny to watch. The ending of the episode was really sweet I thought, when Miley said she was happy just being herself. I think she was very lucky hat Jackson wish she was normal again. It shows how nice or nasty he can be!
  • Silly in a bad way

    It was sad day today when i saw this show for 30 minutes minutes. let me just start with this Getting Headache From Hot Chocolate. What is this harry potter who ever liked this episode must be extremely bored or just some tween who shouldn't be here in the first place. I'm not cynical i just hate shows like this its not funny my sister just sings the song and doesn't and a give a chuckle whats the point of the laugh track its not funny its not comedy next time i watch this show i will be desperate for anything.That is it gotta fly.
  • This episode made you suspend your disbelif way too much.

    When You Wish You Were the Star was a very good episode, but was definately not the best. It made you suspend your disbelif too much. I think that the writers did a good job on the humour in this episode, I just think that the plot line was weak, and some of the jokes were more predictable than the jokes in other episodes. I hope that the rest of the episodes are better. I feel that When You Wish You Were the Star was better than some episodes, but not as good as some others. Finally, I think that the character of Rico was very funny in this episode, previously, I have found him somewhat annoying, but he is not as annoying anymore. I recommend this episode to anybody who is willing to suspend their disbelif... a lot!
  • This episode was apart of the "Wish gone amiss"

    The episode starts out at a Hannah concert singing "Old Blue Jeans." Then "Lola" gives praises to Hannah's three encores in front of the crowd, but as soon as the door closes, we see Lilly is mad because she and Miley have a science project on earthworms to do. Traci comes in and insists that Hannah meets someone. Lola protests and at first Hannah agrees to get rid of whoever it is.....until she sees its Jesse McCartney. Both Miley and Lilly are excited and screech a little. Jesse compliments Hannah's great performance, and invites them to go out. Hannah accepts, but Lilly cries a desperate no. They excuse themselves and argue about it for a while. They then try to negotiate a day with Jesse, but because of the girls' double-life schedule they have too many school things going on. Jesse thinks they're just rejecting him and leaves. Miley ends up getting upset, and later on seeing a shooting star, wishes everyone know she was Hannah, and that she could only be Hannah. Uh-Oh! It all comes true with the help of angel Roxy.
  • In this episode, Miley wishes upon a star that she was Hannah Montana all the time. Once she discovers how different her life would be, she starts regreting that she made the wish.

    I would have to say, no offense to anyone that liked this episode, the actors, the writers, or Disney Channel (because I am just a teenager) but this had to be one of the worst episodes, not just of Hannah Montana, but that Disney Channel ever made. I love Hannah Montana. I mean do not get me wrong, it is just this one episode. It was not a flip for me, it was more a flop. Although the show itself, and the songs typically turn out average or better than average for me, this particular episode I really didn't like. I am not sure if it was the bad effects or what, but whatever an episode needs to grab my attention, this one most definitely did not have.
  • I thought they could have done a better job on this episode!

    THe episode was good don't get me wrong but I thought it was to short. It came right to a conclusion of Hannah turning back into Miley. The episode was good though for how long it was. I also think disney should have just permired one episode a night though. The night I watched wish gone amiss Hannah Montana was the last episode and I was getting tired of the idea. The Hannah Montana episode tied in first place with the cory in the house episode though! I hope disney does more " tied together" shows in the future though!
  • really good!!

    So Miley wishes on a shooting star she was Hannah Montana all the time only to wake up and find out that her wish had come true! At first she thinks its great but after awhile she realizes how horrible life would be as Hannah-no friends,no brother and worst of all an evil step-mother! I really enjoyed this episode!! i thought it was one of the best eppys so far!! I think it was the best one on during Wish Gone Amiss weekend. Anyways I love this one and whenever it comes on I will watch it!
  • Incredible

    This is by far the best episode of season 2! It was funny and had exciting to watch. There is a whole list of things that I thought were funny but am not going to say because it will go on forever! But here are a few: When Lola went eeeeep and then Miley did it later on, when Jesse kept saying "ure so cute when you say eeeep" and so on and then Miley pushes him out and he goes "ure so cute when you kick me out" and his nose is all pushed up against the door. I loved that Lily was popular with Amber and Ashley and go tssss ohhhhh but when there running after HM and fall go "ohhhhhhhhh"sounding depressed and Lily also looked really pretty, Jackson when he put on the hobo voice,the jewellery box when it sings "you get the besstt of ONE world" and the rap at then end with oliver, rico and Jesse (J-Mac~lol).
    I found some things abit annoying like Her step mums' voice but I got used to it.
    Oh and I loved Roxy in thing episode. I usually find her annyoing but i found her funny. "Peace Out" lool.
    Over all it was a really fun and exiting episode!
  • Jesse McCartney was in it ! of course it was outstanding

    Jesse McCartney was in it ! of course it was outstanding. he is beautiful and he maked the show! I like the wishing on a star and changing your life show. i mean most shows have already done it already but it was cute with this show and putting jesse mccartney in it as well. I think he's dumb in the first place for choosing Science over Jmac! What an idiot! But then when shes with him in the other life she doesn't really even want him then either so It is a little dumb but all in all a great show
  • The world forgets Miley Cyrus existed in the second of a series of episodes based on wishing upon a star.

    Disney did three episodes where the stars of two of its top shows, and one of its lackluster shows, get wishes. Of them, Hannah was probably the best, but Zack and Cody's was the funniest and most surreal. In her plot, Miley is upset because she has to blow off Jesse McCartney for her Miley responsibilities (Jesse also did an episode of the Suite Life). Wishing she could be Hannah all the time, she wakes to find out her blonde hair is now real. Apparently, in this new reality, she went straight into being Hannah and never became friends with Lily or Oliver. Her brother left to escape her stardom, she's now dating Jesse and her father married her first tutor, a sterotypical evil Disney step-mother. What lags the plot is Roxy as a guardian angel explaining for Miley what is going on and what has happened, ala the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life." It ends the same as that movie too, but it would have been better as a dream sequence without Roxy, who's becoming just as annoying a character as Rico. Not a good episode, but it has a nice moment between Hanna and Jackson.
  • classic episode

    this sort of storyline was done many times before in movies and tv shows, but doing it for hannah montana was a real treat. the plot works out well for the show, this is perhaps a classic episode of season 2. it's so hilarious, with miley being hannah all the time gives an opportunity for plenty of jokes, with jesse mccartney being thrown in this mix adds to the laughter. each scene was a good laugh. lilly turning into something else was so funny. miley turning into her supposedly fictional alter ego was a bag of laughs, robbie rays life too looks so funny in this alternate reality. this episode was so awesome.
  • Miley wishes she was just Hannah Montana and not Miley. After she sees how much her life would change, for the worse, she'll go to any measures to be Miley and Hannah.

    This episode was fantastic, but had some points of boredom. Jesse McCartney had a funny and great role. Roxy was a funny angel and was teaching Miley a great lesson. This episode had a great message. The evil stepmother reminded me of some Blockbuster movie about a girl who marries anyone to get money. The rockstar life would be great to live but you are always crowded by fans if you go out in public. If I had a choice to lead a double life, I would, even though at sometimes it can be complicated. I feel bad that rockstars can't have many friends because once Miley was gone and it was Hannah, she lost Lilly and Oliver. Overall, this episode was superb.
  • She made a wish, it changed her life...I havent seen that one before......

    This was very unoriginal. There was no plot and I thought it had nothing to do with the series. Since when did she like Jesse McCartney. If Miley hadn't of shown up, wouldn't Oliver and Lilly still be best friends because when Miley met them they were best friends. I don't think there was a point when they said Jackson kicked himself out. Judging by Jackson's personality, he would've loved the sweet life and he would be getting free stuff like when he was going out with Hannah Montana. Robbie wouldn't of married someone else because Hannah wouldn't of let him. Her hair could be brown and she could be miley if she was Hannah all the time and she lived the rockstar life. It just wasn't a good episode.
  • Great Episode

    This episode was shown with the "Wish gone Amiss" weekend thing on Disney Channel and it was pretty good. The best part was when Miley found out Lily was now friends with Amber and Ashley and everything that followed that. Jackson also had a very funny part in this episode. While nothing really happened and it was kind of filler-ish but I still thought it was very funny and pretty well-written. Of course, it had a happy ending but then again, what Disney channel show doesn't. Either way, it was still a very good episode and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a laugh.
  • A good theme with a happy ending

    This storyline reminds me so much of "It's a Wonderful Life." On "It's a Wonderful Life," we see life without George Bailey. This time, we see what life could be like if there were no Miley Stewart. I think it was funny to see Jackson as a hermit, Lilly joining Amber and Ashley as the cool girls, and Oliver and Rico as rap stars. Miley felt discouraged that she could not do things like go out with Jesse McCartney, but instead, had to do a project with Lilly. Miley gets to see a glimpse of what her life would be like if she were always Hannah. At the end of the show, Miley learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side. If it seems that way, then it still has to be mowed. I liked how she revealed that even though she and Jackson fought, they loved each other. I can tell that they genuinely love each other. At the end, Miley finds that her double life is fine just the way it is. I also like the outtake where Rico, Oliver, and Jesse rap together.
  • I'm just tired of Hannah Montana, this spoiled little rich kid getting everything she wants.

    This is another episode where she makes a mistake and she loses all of her friends, including her brother, but somehow at the end, it was all an allusion. I don't get it, how many times will she do something and get bailed out by some stupid storyline. When will she ever learn that mistakes are a part of life and she can't get bailed out of every little thing. It would've been better off if everyone knew she was Hannah Montana and Oliver an Lilly weren't her friends anymore, maybe she'll learn how to do something by herself for a change. I know it is only a TV charatcer, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. And at the end, when she says "My life is perfect just the way it is", couldn't she have at least asked for an "A" on the test like Lilly did??
  • Exactly why I watch this show!

    Miley wishing to be Hannah 24/7; Oliver and Rico bashing Hannah; Lily being a popular girl; Jackson leaving the house; Jesse McCartney dating Hannah and more shows us what life would be for Miley if she was only Hannah Montana! This is exactly why I watch this show! This is now my favorite episode because of comedy and twists! Hopefully the Jonas Brothers episode will be more like this one, but who knows! "When You Wish Upon A Star'.
  • Hannah wishes on a shouting star so she can be Hannah ALL the time but finds out it isn't what she expected.

    I was very excited for this episode thinking it was gonna be one of the best but to me it just felt like a filler episode. For someone who laughs at practically anything I didn't find this episode THAT funny! It was a let down on my part. I think it was better than some other episodes but to me it seemed too rushed. Like they were trying to fit all this stuff in. This episode had a lot of potential but i didn't think it lived up to the hype.

    I did though enjoy the rapping scene with Jesse, Oliver, and Rico though with roxy or the angel dressing up like Flava Flav. Episode was good, but not Great.
  • I dont agree at all it was just dismal

    It was sad day today when is saw a 30 minutes ago no sense stupid antics. A PERSON GETTING A HEADACHE FROM CHOCLATE. What is harry freaking potter who ever liked this episode must be a moron or just tween who shouldn't be here in the first place im not cynial i just jate shows like this now its not funny she sister just sings the song and doesn't and a give a chuckle whats the point of the laugh track ist not funny it s not comedy next i wtach this show i will be desperate for anything.That is it and this is the Vamp Review Adios!
  • This episode is about about how Miley sees a shooting star and wishes that there is no Miley it's just Hannah Montana all the time.

    This episode was good but I didn't didn't like the ditsy stepmother she was very annoying. I like how none of her friends knew who she was such as Oliver who was a rapper paparazzi and lily who joined amber and ashley than at the end of the episode she wished that she could have her old life back and wouldn't change anything.
  • Miley wishes on a star, to be Hannah all the time and when it comes true, she sees the world where Miley never existed. One of the best episodes ever!

    This episode is top class, definitely one of the best I've seen. The world in which Miley never existed is portrayed well with the characters of Oliver and Rico teaming up, in the form of rapping entrepreneurs. Lilly becomes one of a trio with Amber and Ashley and Jackson is forced to move out, because of all of the attention, and he becomes a hermit on the beach. At first, Miley (Hannah, whatever) enjoys this new world, principally as she has a boyfriend in the form of Jesse McCartney (Guest Star) but when she sees how her best friends, mainly Lilly, have ended up, she wants to go back to her normal, double life.

    This episode is great, for some reason it aired in the UK before you guys in the states, where it airs today i think, enjoy it! Because it's one of the best.