Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 15

Wherever I Go, Part Two

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 16, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Good 200%

    I really like it because it good and why else 100%
  • Series finale is the best episode of the show.

    So many great things... Miley and Jackson had some great interaction, great acting from Emily Osment (Lilly), and a funny interaction between Jesse and Oliver. This epiode was very satifying and I will remember it as one of the best episodes of the show. The main idea... Miley chooses to go to Paris to film a movie, while Lilly wants to go to college, unfortunately they want to do this together. After a fight Miley and Lilly decide to go to Paris together, but Lilly finds that its not for her and they go their seperate ways, thats when Lilly is alone in her bedroom and she gets a knock on her door, its Miley. Loved every bit of, other parts to the storyline were Rico and Jackson settling their friendship, with Jackson obtaining a job from Rico to satisfy his insecurity with his rich girlfriend Sienna. Yup, but you'd have to watch it yourself to really enjoy it
  • Great Series Finale. Miley must choose between a Paris Movie or going to college with Lilly.

    This final episode of the show happened to be probably the best in the series. It was entertaining but also intriguing to watch. Emily Osment did a FANTASTIC job acting here. I really felt like I was in Miley's shoes when Lilly yelled at her. I also felt their connection when they had to be apart. And the ending was just perfect. I loved it. Also, I'm glad Jackson has a good future now, and that Lilly and Miley get to go to college. And I'm glad Siena and Jackson are together still. And I also like Jackson's last line "That's just us". It really summed everything up about their relationship on the show.

    So anyways, it was a great finale, and I will clearly miss this show.
  • perfect

    Lilly and Miley are going to Paris so Miley can star in a new movie (this way they will be together). But at the last minute Lilly realizes that going to Paris is her friend's dream, and her dream is to go to college. So, they head their separate ways. But, at the end, Miley realizes she would rather be at college with her friend, so they embark on college, the next chapter in their lives'.

    Good finale. I never liked this show a whole lot but this was a very emotional ending. I actually thought it would end with Miley looking at the sky, wondering if she made the right choice. Or something like them meeting up in the future. But the way they ended it was good. Fans of the series should definitely like this, I would think. Grade- A+
  • Pure Perfection. The best last show I have everseen. If you have not seen this you missed out. alot of true friendship shows in the last episode

    Best episode ever. I am an adult, and didnt watch much of her growing up, but this last season was very good. The last episode is just pure perfection. Both Miley and lilly have goals, and at the end Miley truly sees what everyone has done for her, and the sacrafices they all made for her keeping her secret. It was back and forth and you did not really know till the end what was going to happen. And it shows that Miley did the right thing for all the years everyone stood behind her. In the end this show was worth watching.
  • The Awesome Series Finale Of Hannah Montana

    This was truly awesome. Miley struggling bewtween college and a movie was very nice to watch. Amber and Ashley appearing again was a nice touch, especially since they stopped appearing as frequently after season 2. It was very nice of Rico to get Jackson a job. It seems Seane and Jackson live happily ever after. I wouldn't have minded Rico/Jackson or atleast them kissing, haha. I like how the father, Robbie, just let everything flow and he didn't get involded with any of the kids problems. It shows that he believes in his kids to make the right choices and that he thinks his kids are old enough to make the decision they believe in. I loved the ending. I haven't been a huge fan of Hannah Montana since Season 2, but the ending was emotional and sweet justice for the show. I loved the Lily/Oliver and Miley/Jessie boyfriend parts. Why did they not show the kisses! I loved that Miley showed up for college and I think every character on this show, even Rico, Amber, and Ashley should and are going to have a great life. Overall, goodbye...

    Hannah Montana!!!
  • Series finale.

    Hannah Montana ended tonight after 6 years apparently. This has never been a great show, especially in the later seasons when the writing got really muddy, the same thing happened with the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Maddie went to "camp." But we got some real emotional scenes here, I have a new profound respect for Emily Osment, she just pulled off the crying scenes way better than Miley, and I was pretty satisfied with the ending.

    This finale redeemed the show a little bit, I definitely could have done without the "kissing" scenes, come on this is the series finale, couldn't they have shown us some scenes with Oliver & Lilly actually kissing? The Jackson & Miley moments were great, and Sienna was pretty good here too.

    The Rico & Jackson scenes were just okay, we got the same old cliche humor that we usually got on this show and I just found it a bit unrealistic that Rico called Jackson his best friend. Good finale, I'm not saying I will miss this show, I'm just glad it ended now, not later, because if it did, it would lose all it's dignity.
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