Hannah Montana

Season 4 Episode 15

Wherever I Go, Part Two

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 16, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Pure Perfection. The best last show I have everseen. If you have not seen this you missed out. alot of true friendship shows in the last episode

    Best episode ever. I am an adult, and didnt watch much of her growing up, but this last season was very good. The last episode is just pure perfection. Both Miley and lilly have goals, and at the end Miley truly sees what everyone has done for her, and the sacrafices they all made for her keeping her secret. It was back and forth and you did not really know till the end what was going to happen. And it shows that Miley did the right thing for all the years everyone stood behind her. In the end this show was worth watching.
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