Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 32

Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana (Special)

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 17, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Alex plays a trick on Justin while Max tries to work his magic on London, while Hanna barely there makes her own entrance on the scene.

    First of all I'm really not sure this episode should be included in the Hanna Montana section. It is very tricky to review this under those circumstances as really Hanna is really more like a guest star on a Wizard's of Waverly place/Suite Life crossover. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

    From a marketing stand point this is a very smart type of episode to make. If you like one or two of these shows you are basically being forced to watch the other one to see what those shows are like. For me I watch Hanna and Wizards so they are forcing me to watch a show I haven't seen since the last crossover. So, that being said here is my review.

    Hanna was barely in it. I kind of thought it was ironic when she denied knowing anyone named Cody when one of the guest stars on her actual show has that as a first name. Other than that and the brief references to the previous better crossover with a cake scene there really wasn't any Hanna in this one. She was more in the background than anything else. This really was more about Wizards and Suit Life so let me go there than.

    Now, for Wizards of Waverly Place. Now, I watch this show and have seen every episode. And while I admire Selena Gomez's performances as Alex and Justin and Max aren't too shabby either, there was something that bothered me big time about this one. This has bothered me about this show for a while now. Justin has more magical ability than Alex. I understand she is more underhanded and more willing to use it. But it annoys me that they pretend this is not the case just for her to get her way and get away with her prank. Look if your going to leave the magic home while Alex is playing Mr. Wizard from her Science Class there is no point in them being in this episode in the first place. This might be an attempt to make a shout out to the Love Boat TV show, but there was no love for how they treated these characters in this one.

    Furthermore, even though I'm no expert on this Suite Life, show and it was amusing that even Max found London to be extremely dumb. But I think it does defy credibility that she is even humoring him as a boyfriend. Like I said I'm no expert on this Suite Life show, but the twin who was with Alex seemed to be kind of funny for that part. But it didn't blow me away. And Disney seems to love making fun of messy rooms. I guess the Max stupid contest with the other twin didn't really do much for me. It seems they were just trying to find similarities between characters on both shows and just threw them together and that's what it looked like. It didn't really do much for me.

    In conclusion I liked the Raven/Suite Life/Hanna crossover much better. It seemed to fit more tightly together than this mash up did. I had been wondering how they were going to do this one without Alex/Mikayla meeting up with Hanna and what they basically did was too keep those worlds separate and I think that really hurt this episode. I think Disney will get what they want as far as ratings and cross promotion, but this episode was definitely the worse one of the three of them. I liked Selena's performance and she tried to save this dud of an episode, but other than that this episode really was kind of a dud.