Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 6

Would I Lie to You, Lilly?

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 11, 2009 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Miley, Oliver and Lilly (dressed as Hannah, Mike and Lola) arrive home from the "Rock and Roll Fashion" Awards gala and show Jackson the swag bags that they received. Mike is ticked that there is only girly items in his bags, so Jackson swipes it, saying that he'll give it to his next girlfriend. Miley starts talking about their upcoming class trip to Washington D.C., when Lilly tells her that she can't go. Lilly says that her family doesn't have enough money to fund her part of the trip and while she tries to put up a brave front, it is obvious that she is disappointed. Miley happily offers to pay for Lilly's trip, but she refuses saying that if she can't come up with the cash on her own, she won't go.

The next day at school, Mr. Corelli pulls Lilly aside and tells her that the school has found enough money in the trip budget for her to go for free. Lilly is thrilled, until she notices that Mr. Corelli is holding a check from Miley. She asks him if Miley is the reason that the school can afford for her to come along. Mr. Corelli attempts to cover for Miley, but ends up blowing it. Miley, who was watching the exchange from around the corner and explains that she just wants to help, but Lilly maintains that she doesn't want charity.

Jackson is swamped with work at the Surf Shack and he begs Rico to hire more personnel. Rico, however, believes that more employees would cost him more money than he wants to spend. Just then Sarah, who has a major crush on Jackson, walks by and Jackson hides from her. Rico realizes that Sarah annoys Jackson and hatches a plan. He calls Sarah over and asks her if she wants to work with Jackson. Sarah jumps at the chance, which delights Rico and infuriates a hidden Jackson.

Oliver comes up with a way for Lilly to earn cash by having a rummage sale. Lilly sets up on the beach and Miley asks if she can donate some of her old stuff to the cause. Although wary of her motives, Lilly agrees to sell whatever Miley gives, as long as the items are not new. Suddenly, Miley rips the cover off of a cart chocked full of brand new, very expensive, electronics. Miley tries to convince her that she really has used all of the stuff before, but Oliver blabs that one of the items was just released to the public that very day. Once again, Lilly reminds her that she won't take her help.

Later at the rummage sale, Lilly remains optimistic that she can earn the cash by herself. Customers begin swarming Lilly with arms full of merchandise. Lilly is overjoyed, but when she takes a closer look at the items, she realizes that they have been signed by Hannah Montana! She finds Hannah at one of the tables and throws her out.

Once the sale is over Lilly and Oliver count up the profits, but it is barely enough to buy a T-Shirt. A man walks up to Lilly and comments about the New Jersey Knights baseball hat she's wearing. He says that his father played baseball for that team many years ago and he would like to buy it for a keepsake. Lilly is fine with selling it to him, but she is shocked when he tells her that it is worth $1,000. She agrees to let him have it for $520, which will completely pay for her trip. A proud Lilly can scarcely believe her good luck and she quickly shares the good news with Miley. Lilly begins to wonder if it was another one of Miley's tricks and questions her about it. She then tells Miley that she will only believe her if Miley looks her in the eye and swears that she didn't give the man the money for the hat. Miley swears that she never gave the man anything and Lilly begins doing cartwheels to celebrate. Oliver, however, doesn't think that Miley was completely honest. She says that she didn't give the cash to the man; she gave it to his wife and the wife convinced him to do it. Oliver warns her that Lilly will find out the truth one day, but Miley figures that Lilly won't care as much about it by then.

A few weeks later the class is taking the subway to the White House. Lilly is enjoying the trip and Miley brags to Oliver about how she is the reason that Lilly is happy. To Miley and Oliver's horror, one of their classmates walks into the car wearing Lilly's old hat. Miley realizes that the boy, known as Blabby Bobby for his inability to keep a secret, is the son of the man she paid to buy the hat. In order to distract Lilly, Miley punches Oliver so that he will have trouble breathing and asks Lilly to watch him while she goes to locate help. Miley runs over to Bobby and tries to get the hat away from him. Lilly finds Miley with Bobby and recognizes her hat. He says that his dad got it at a rummage sale, but he wasn't supposed tell anyone about it. Lilly reminds him to be careful with it as the hat means so much to his father and grandfather. When Bobby appears to have no idea what she is talking about, Lilly concludes that the whole thing was set up by Miley. She confronts Miley about her bold face lie and Miley claims that she was only looking out for Lilly. Lilly says that if she really meant that, then she would have stayed out of her business.

At the Surf Shack, Jackson still has to do all of the work as the only thing Sarah will do is follow him around. Desperate to get rid of her, Jackson pulls Rico aside and begs him to fire Sarah because she drives him crazy. Rico smirks that he knows all about it and that he will gladly keep Sarah around if it means Jackson will be miserable.

Later that day, Rico finds his that his customers are refusing to pay for their food. Sarah has gotten rid of the Surf Shack's paper plates and cups, because they were bad for the environment and is forcing the customers to carry their meals and drinks in their hands. Jackson asks him what he is going to do about it, now that Rico is the one who's suffering. Rico decides to fire Sarah, but chickens out when she starts to cry about losing her job. He tells her that he wants to promote her to assistant manager, so long as she can scrounge up some plates that are cheap and eco friendly. When Jackson complains, Rico tells him to take it up with his new boss Sarah.

All through the White House tour, Miley tries to explain why she lied, but Lilly ignores her. Miley grabs Lilly and heads into the Press Briefing Room so that they can talk and discovers that the room is full of reporters. The girls try to leave, but the reporters are curious about why they are there. They begin to pepper Miley and Lilly with questions about their disagreement. Lilly confesses that the reason she wanted to earn the cash by herself is because Miley always helps her out. A shocked Miley says that she never minds doing things her, because Lilly is like her sister and sisters always help each other out. Miley and Lilly agree that they both were wrong and apologize for their mistakes.

Back at the Surf Shack, a beautiful girl starts flirting with Jackson. When he tells her that she should stop, she coyly asks him what will happen if she doesn't. Suddenly, Sarah pops out from behind the counter and sprays the girl with the soda hose and then cheerfully warns her to stay away from Jackson.