Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 26

Yet Another Side of Me

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 03, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Miley becomes insecure about Hannah's good girl image and begins to believe that she will lose her fan base to someone with more of an edge. Rico realizes that his wicked ways have left him friendless.

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  • This episode Hannah wants to change her sound and look.

    This episode was better than the hannah in the street with Dimonds. It was not the best and it was not the worst. I belive that they r getting back in the grove of writing. The episode was far from grat and light years away from perfect but it was much better than the last.

    I dont know what else to wright. haha Haha haha haha ahah ahaha ahah ahah ahaha ahahah ahahah haha ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha aahaha haha ahaha ahahah ahaha hahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha ahaha aahah ahaha.moreless
  • fair

    miley fears she will lose all her fans because she does not change her image like another pop idol does. she tries to change her image but oliver, lilly, and her dad do not like the new hannah. will miley change her image? rico finally learns that the way he treats people is the reason he has little to no friends.

    good episode, it kind of ties into real life, i mean, some people know about how miley cyrus is really changing her image in life, her music videos and such, and she tried that in this episode... it just seems similar, in the episode, she comments about how she isn't going to leave her fans because they haven't left her, but now, in real life, she has a totally different image. Anyways, decent episode, it gets a "C+"moreless
  • Miley lets another entertainer get inside her head and worries about keeping the interest of her fans.

    I really like Hannah Montana. It's not exactly reaching its full potential as far as it can do, but it sort of skims the surface when Miley crosses paths with an obvious Madonna-clone named Isis. Isis keeps her fans by constantly reinventing herself, and Miley things she's got to do the same, even in the face of her friends and family telling her she's crazy. My only problem is this: can a Madonna-clone and Madonna co-exist with identical careers in the Miley universe? Madonna has been referenced several times in Miley's life, and I'm sure she'd be much more friendlier and supportive to Miley as Hannah than the warped clone that copies her. Overall, it's a fair show, but it sort of falls apart upon execution.moreless
  • great episode

    Miley meets another famous pop star whose been in the business for so long but continues to hold on to her fans. Miley realizes that her popstar image can fade soon if she doesn't reinvent herself. She comes up with a drastic change to her good girl image. Despite the disapproval of everyone around her, she goes ahead and gives her new look a spin. Rico is starting to realize that his wicked ways have made him live a life without any friends. It's a really funny episode, the new hannah look plays out well with the plot, it looks so hilarious.moreless
  • i think i know what the moral of the story is...

    Okay, this episode was not entertaining at all. maybe the "i dont want to be a good girl" part was pretty funny but the rest were just plain "What the?"

    I admit, Miley did pretty well in this episode. at least she has shown improvement. lily and oliver (im not saying this because im a loliver fan) was funny with the 'disspeude' (or however you spell it)

    This episode really needs a whole lot of improvement. For example, the ending part when whats her name had the hannah look. Hannah isnt ever hot. who would want to follow her? I prefer her messy hair in the first episode.

    gah! Anyway, i think the moral of the story is to change your looks until the person who told you to just want to get your look. whatev. i know its wrongmoreless

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