Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 12

You Give Lunch a Bad Name

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 29, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Mamaw starts serving lunch in school and Miley and Jackson have had it and can't take it anymore.

    Now, I have to admit going into this episode I was planning on hating on this episode. I mean the storyline sounds more than stupid. Once again another guess star. I mean Oliver has been squeezed out how many times now just to make room for people that definitely don't watch the show and are only on to impress their daughters.

    I thought the storyline started off slow and Vicki Lawrence's old school delivery of the lines didn't really connect with me, but a funny thing happened in this episode. As it went along it kept getting a little bit better.

    There was no B-story in this one. Boy, does a story line look crisper and better formulated without side stories that mean absolutely nothing. The whole gang got in on the fun. Lilly, Oliver, Jackson, Miley and even Rico. I forgot Rico went to the same school he's been buried in the background for so long. This was a smooth episode.

    Even though some of the jokes fell flat, I felt you could definitely feel the shame of Jackson and Miley at school and they got genuine reaction from other students. Also long gone since the second season. Now, I'll admit it is kind of fake that Mamaw would understand that they would be embarrassed just like she had been in her youth and not think about it until the convenient close of the episode, but guess what this is a Disney show. That is the formula and you will always have to accept that as the case. But overall for an episode which I believe had a horrible premise, I believe just by assembling the whole gang together they kind of salvaged it. But next time go without the in reality unspecial guest star and next time the cast won't have to carry the lead weight around while trying to make an episode better than it had any right to be.