Hannah Montana

Season 3 Episode 7

You Gotta Lose This Job

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 16, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Amazing

    I absolutely loved this episode. It has become one of my favs of all time. Too bad disney chose the wrong couple to end up together. That's pretty much why the show lost so many viewers. I mean, it was pretty obvious from the start the two best friends, Miley and Oliver, were meant for each other. However, the show made a mistake for making the other main character be his girlfriend. But, you know. People make mistakes. Theycan just try again to please. everyone of their viewers. I'd be so happy if they did that. It's crazy how people can change their minds at random moments.
  • Miley is trying to get a movie role, while Oliver tries to get into a band. When Miley gets her way Oliver is upset about it.

    First the good. The performances by all of the actors were pretty good inspite of the horrible material they had to work with. I thought the B-story which usually sucks was at least adequate and that they would actually do something that had to do with a horror movie on Disney Channel, was kind of interesting.

    Now one last good thing. Even though I tend to root for the jiley relationship. And like I said before the writing was abominable for this episode. I will say there was really good chemistry between Miley and Mitchel in this episode so if they did go that route they do have something to work with.

    Now the bad. The entire plot line is plain stupid. Oliver is one of Miley's best friend who for years has seen her get her way. And I could possibly understand if he was upset that she always wins and maybe he doesn't. But I truly believe Mitchel plays Oliver as a good person. And despite the crappy uncharacteristic dialogue he had to spue he was trying to portray Oliver's humanity not counting the stuff coming out of his mouth. But he isn't going to stop being her friend over it. That is just dumb. I can not emphasize how badly they portrayed the Oliver character in this one. He does not sing! He never has and boom here it is just to fit the plot line and then it'll probably be gone again mark my words. He actually is a photographer and a videophile if you pay attention. This writer ignored this totally just to put him in a stupid and very fake situation.

    So, Oliver is going to be happy because she gave up a Movie role? She is a singer for the record! When does she have the time to do that and school too? And you thought Jake Ryan was busy! And she isn't even home schooled like he probably is except when these writers decide otherwise to fit their plotline!

    Look I know it was kind of like a Valentine's episode and they maybe were teasing a Miley and Oliver pairing. But that episode was an example of how not to do it! And notice at the end Miley is still going to try to get this role that there is no way she has time for unless they invent a 48 hour day just for this show, which judging by what they did with this one, well...I wouldn't put it past them.

    Side notes: Notice how when Jake did a movie they were spoofing Buck Rogers, well obviously Indiana Joannie is the continuation of that. That fake movie studio by the way was the exact same set, just to point it out. Rob Reiner? Are there any episodes left that don't have guest stars who are just kissing up to their daughters? Where are Amber and Ashley when you need them? Oh, my bad judging by this episode the writer didn't watch the first two seasons.
  • 307

    The only good thing about this episode was Oliver & Miley's moment in the end, even though it was the most cliche thing I have ever seen, it was the highlight of the episode. Hannah Montana has dealt with a lot of friendship plots before in the first season, and I just got to say, they were much more serious and reasonable than this. The reason Oliver got mad at Miley, you just couldn't find any reasoning in that. Remember in season 1 with Lilly & her glasses and Miley's billboard? That was something reasonable and you yourself could relate to it, we saw nothing of that here. The performances here were better than usual here, and watching Hannah as a diva was somewhat amusing. As for the subplot, really uninteresting and definitely not funny. Jackson getting a dummy for 300 dollars? Does this sound like Jackson to you? The end of the episode just killed the subplot completely. Yet again, this show loses it's sense of realism.

    Other than friends fighting, no kid watching this could ever relate to something like this, which is why the fourth season is Hannah Montana's last.