Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 6

You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 04, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Miley and Jackson both try to use their bathrooms at the same time, which leads to a fight, causing the water pipes to break. The plumber is able to get Miley's bathroom fixed, but Jackson's is going to have to wait 3 weeks. Since they're still fighting about it, Robbie tells them that they'll both have to share Miley's bathroom until the other one is fixed.

Miley soon finds out that Jackson has almost completely taken over her bathroom by putting his own stuff everywhere and using her own stuff without permission. Eventually, they realize that they just can't share one bathroom and is causing nothing but fights between them. No longer being able to take any more of their fighting, Robbie calls for a family meeting and tries to get them to do a little role reversal by having Jackson pretend to be Miley and Miley pretend to be Jackson.

However, the plan doesn't go exactly how Robbie intended it to, so he has both of them put on a heavy sumo wrestler suit so the two of them can take out their frustrations on each other without getting hurt. He hope this will get them to eventually talk out their problems. But this, too, doesn't work like it was supposed to, so Robbie gives up and grounds them both. Now, Miley won't be able to attend Beyonce's party as Hannah, and Jackson won't be able to take his date to a concert.

Jackson has a plan to get him and Miley un-grounded, though. He has Oliver and Lilly come over and pretend to be Miley and Jackson to fool Robbie into thinking they're getting along so he'll un-ground them. Meanwhile, in reality, Jackson drives Hannah to her party in Thor's truck. But they end up getting lost and Jackson almost drives over cliff trying to avoid hitting a deer in the road. The truck is now stuck on the edge of the cliff, almost falling over.

Back at home, Lilly and Oliver are still pretending to be Miley and Jackson, and manage to fool Robbie for a little while longer. Meanwhile, Jackson and Miley argue about who is going to climb out the back of the truck first so they won't fall over the cliff. In the end, Miley goes first, but gets her belt stuck, so Jackson tries to go out and help her.

At home, Lilly plans to distract Robbie long enough for Oliver to get them some food. Robbie isn't so easily fooled and knows that it was Lilly and Oliver the whole time. Jackson and Miley, meanwhile, are able to jump out of the truck in time before it falls. However, they later realize that it wasn't really a huge cliff they were balancing over; it was just a small ditch. This situation has helped them solve their differences and have finally stopped fighting. Thor's truck is still stuck, though, so they go look for help.

As the episode ends, Miley, Jackson, Lilly and Oliver are forced to clean the kitchen and Robbie's boots for what they did last night while Robbie sings "Camptown Races."
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