Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 6

You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 04, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • im not much of a hannah montana fan but this episode is great

    Honestly, i think that this episode is really sweet. Miley and Jackson keeps fighting all the time. Their dad gets tired of this and grounds them. They try to get out with the help of Lily and Oliver covering them.
    I have to admit, im not much of a hannah fan but i laughed and felt so touch when i watched this episode. I loved it Jackson so much in this episode. 'Brasket!' wow! theres something to think about making. Jackson was also kinda funny when he intimidates Hannah. I'm a real girl, I'm a pop star! everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, except for me cos im PERFECT!
    i also loved the sub plot about Lily and Oliver covering for her. When Oliver jumped on the bed, no matter how lame it was, i laughed at it. haha!
  • Miley and Jackson fight again.

    Miley and Jackson fight and this time Robbie grounds them. Miley gets Lilly and Oliver to pretend to be her and Jackson so they can sneak out. They take Thor's car so their dad won't notice. Miley and Lilly get stuck and think that they are about ready to fall off a cliff. They get along long enough to escape the car and realize the cliff was only a few feet high. Lilly and Oliver thought they were doing a good job until...
    Robbie: Here you go, Lilly. Why don't you read it and make sure it's all right.
    Lilly: (Reading) Dear Lilly and Oliver...oh, boy.
    Robbie: Keep going, it gets better.
    Lilly: How dumb do y'all think I am? Love, Robbie Ray. I like the love part!
    lol This was a funny episode!
  • I love Jackson... and his little voice too!

    I love this episode! It was probably one of the funniest in all of the Hannah Montana series. My favorite part is probably when Jackson and Miley "pretend to be each other". Jackson is all "Hi, I'm Miley, now I'm Hannah, now I'm Miley, now I'm Hannah! I'm a real girl, I'm a popstar!" and Miley is all "Girls, cars, nosehairs!" It's so funny! In the beginning, Jackson's all "Huggie!" or something like that in the shower in a high-pitched voice. In the same voice, he said "Too bad. You snooze, you lose!" The thing I love about Jackson most is his little high-pitched voice. I'm working impression of him. I think Jason Earles would make a great voice actor for a cartoon. He's got the right voice! :D I think this episode overall is very funny and shows how funny Jason Earles is as Jackson.
  • There was too much filler in this episode, sadly. WARNING: SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW

    You Gotta Not Fight For Your Right To Party was an average episode; not my favourite episode, not my least favourite episode. There was a lot of filler which got extremely annoying. The moral was good, but most morals in this series are good. I think that the writers for this episode were struggling to make the episode twenty-two minutes long. They have a fifteen minute story, and dragged it out. The best part of this episode was the part where Lilly and Oliver pose as Miley and Jackson, but, sadly, they were the only funny characters in this episode. I only recommend this episode to people who like filler.
  • hannah montana

    this episode - was about when miley had to share her bathroom with jackson... it started when jackson and miley were fighting over the water so miley turns on the tapes and flushers the toliet and that is when the water stops to jackson and her bathroom until the plumber fixers miley and will fix jacksons in 3 weeeks.
    So robbie suggest that his children share miley bathrron and that is where all the fighting starts. first they fight over the sink when brushing their teeth, then over the mirror while blow drying their hair. robbie gets the 2 to act like each other which didn't help and then he dressed them up in sumo wrestling suits and made them hit each other.
    when nothing stops them fighting robbie grounds them, that means miley cant go to a party as hannah to meet chris brown and jackson cant go on a date. but jackson comes up with an idea which is oliver and lilly pretending to be them. while on the way to the date and party miley says jackosn missed a turn and they end up arguing and they crash the car which ends up leaning over a cliff ( which was only 2 metres) and they thought they were going down they tried to get out and so jackson climbed out the door and miley throught the window of the truck, jackson gets out first and runs off but turns back to help miley out and that is when they relies that the cliff is only 2 metres.
    Jacksons plan didn't work as oliver and liily got hungry so lilly pretended to visit and desract robbie while oliver got food but it didn't work.
  • Hannah Montana You gotta fight for your right not to party

    I think that this was probably my least favorite eposide of Hannah Montana. The first 15 minutes or so was all in Miley's bathroom, and it was just Jackson and her not getting along. Then they did the games where they mimicked each other, those parts were kind of funny. Then they decided to sneak out and they made Lilly and Oliver act like them, because they wanted to go to their parties. The only really funny parts were Lilly and Oliver's lines. And I loved it when Lilly asked Robbie Ray to sign her notebook for her fake Uncle with the really long name. Robbie figured out that Miley and Jackson weren't there. I thought that this was a dumb eposide. I didn't really like it at all.
  • Hannah Montana

    this is probably my least favorite episode of hannah montana ever. i thought it was just really stupid and i hated that the whole first half of the show took place in the bathroom and that miley and jackson kept yelling out 'DADDY' when the other on was doing something to annoy them. my favorite part of the show was the one with oliver and lily, oliver was so funny and they had hysterical lines :)
    the best part was probably when lily was telling robbie ray to sign a book for her uncle that didn't exist and then when he told her to read it out loud. i really liked that, but other than that the whole episode was really stupid.
  • Hilarious Episode

    This episode is probably one of my favorites. The arguments between Miley and Jackson never get old and Lily and Oliver pretending to be Miley and Jackson was hilarious. Normally the 'bonding' episodes between Miley and Jackson are boring and hard to watch but this one was too funny you couldn't stop watching. Lily's accent when reading Bobby Ray's note was hilarious and Oliver's reaction was even funnier. The argument between Miley and Jackson when they were in the tipping car reminded me of my brother and I which made me like this episode even more. This one is one I would watch over and over again.
  • Awesome!

    I love how Miley and Jackson made Lily and Oliver take their places at home-but what was funnier is Robbie Ray knew about it the whole time! I absolutely loved how he busted them! And once again, this was a special bonding episode for Jackson and Miley...it was really sweet how they decided to work together in the end. This one had alot to like and alot to laugh at...definitely one I'll want to watch again!
  • One of My Favorite Episodes and.....

    I Love This Episode Because it Was Funny and it Had all of the Characters Expect for Rico But He aint one of my Favorite Charcaters and Oliver isn't really in that many episodes and if he is it's for like 1 minute and then his out of the episode but in this episode he was in half of it.I Also Like This Episode Cause This Was One Of the Episode Where Jackson and Miley Really Acted Like Brother Sister.Other Then That i Dont Know Why I Love This Episode So Much.So to Some Up My Review This is a Great and Funny Brother and Sister Episode.
  • One Of My Favorites!

    Very funny episode! Emily/Lilly was funny with her fake country accent she had me laughing the whole way through! and Miley and Jackson was really funny too fightin like that reminds me of me and my brother fightin! and when Miley was like don't move to much we'll tip over and Jackson was like don't worry the car will be wieghted down by your big head! they took those words right out of the sibling fighting words book. thats what me and my brother say when we cross the line Dem's some fightin words. anyway the car parts was really funny they really played it welll.!
  • This episode was amazing, had me laughing all the way through the entire thing.

    It was very well-plotted, having the whole "sibling rivarly" come into play once again, but this time, it had a little twist, a little bit of working together to scheme and such; and that is why I loved this episode. The whole idea of them fighting over a placement in the bathroom is exactly what goes on in real life, with real teens/kids/etc.
  • Great! My favorite so far in Season 2....so far....

    I loved this Hannah Montana episode!!! It really showed the whole brother sister rivalry. Especially the bathroom battle...which I encounter on a daily basis. Miley and i share the same experiences (except we have two sinks) It also shows how good of a bond Miley and Jackson can have if times are tough. I also loved how this episode was so funny. The sibling rivalry remarks were hilarious. And the revenge Miley and Jackson pulled on each other was side splitting. Also, Miley's under-reaction to Jackson's mess was funny. All in all, I'd say this is one of the best, and if you haven't seen it yet, see it A.S.A.P.
  • hilarious

    Jackson and Miley squabble over their bathroom time. It goes out of control, Robbie Ray simply couldn't deal with their feud so he takes drastic measures, he grounds both of them. They both get grounded on a day when they really needed to get out of the house. Jackson and Miley get Oliver and Lilly to pretend to be them for the night while they go out to their respective parties. This episode is so funny, each scene was well directed and well acted, the actors were hitting their marks. It's perfection, I really had a good time watching this.
  • When Miley and Jackson keep having fights, there's going to be trouble for Miley and Jackson, and even Lilly and Oliver.

    This episode is so cool! It's not one of my favorites, but it still totally rocks! I loved it when miley said, "Way to go, Rickey Bobby!". It was joking about the movie, "Talledega Nights". I don't remember the rest of the title of the movie, but what ever. Anyways, does anyone agree with me that this episode is great? If not, at least good?? If you don't, oh well! I don't really care. Anyways (again) I like how the disney titled it: "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party", because that's a play on words of the song: "You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party". I love this episode so much.