Hannah Montana

Season 2 Episode 6

You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 04, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, Miley walks into the bathroom and can't turn on the faucet because Jackson is using the shower, yet just a few seconds later in the same scene, she is able to turn on the faucet when she's trying to make Jackson's shower cold, obviously while he's still in the shower.

    • The magazine Lilly was reading when she was in Miley's bedroom was the same magazine in "I Can't Make You Love Hannah if You Don't".

    • Jackson sing a reworked version of "Nobody's Perfect" and Robbie, Miley, Jackson, Oliver, and Lilly sing "Camptown Races".

  • Quotes

    • Robbie: Hey Oliver!
      Oliver: (talking with a mouth full of hot dogs) Uh huh?
      Robbie: What's the matter son? Yee doggies got your tongue?
      Oliver: (nodding) Mmhmm.

    • Robbie: Now Miley, I want you to pretend to be Jackson and Jackson, you to pretend to be Miley.
      Miley: Oh, sure, give him the good part.

    • (fighting to get through a doorway)
      Miley: Move it! I was here first!
      Jackson: Well, I was born first!
      Miley: Don't you mean hatched?!

    • Hannah: Jackson, it's not working! Just...just jump!
      Jackson: No way! I'm not leaving you here!
      Hannah: Don't be stupid!
      Jackson: Don't argue with me!

    • Miley: Get off me blubber butt!!
      Jackson: In your dreams, Hannah Fat-tana.

    • Lilly: What are you doing? we're supposed to stay in our rooms until they get back.
      Oliver: I know, but listen. (Growling noise)
      Lilly: Wow, their plumbing really is messed up.
      Oliver: That's my stomach! I'm starving!

    • (After Jackson crashes the car trying to avoid a deer)
      Hannah: Nice going Ricky Bobby!

    • Jackson: Flip a coin?
      Hannah: Good Idea. Heads!
      Jackson: (Flips coin and looks at it.) Two out of three?
      Hannah: Sure, why not? Oh, that's right, cause it'd be stupid!

    • Hannah: How far down is it?
      Jackson: How should I know?
      Hannah: Well, look out the window! (Jackson does, truck starts to tip)
      Hannah: Not like that!
      Jackson: Well, I'm sorry I didn't bring my Extendo-neck!

    • Robbie: Here you go, Lilly. Why don't you read it and make sure it's all right.
      Lilly: (Reading) Dear Lilly and Oliver...oh, boy.
      Robbie: Keep going, it gets better.
      Lilly: How dumb do y'all think I am? Love, Robbie Ray. I like the love part!

    • Robbie: Me and the band lived on that bus for a year. Five guys, one bathroom, and somebody always ate a little too much barbecue. But you know how we fixed it?
      Miley: You opened all the windows?
      Robbie: Yes, as a matter of fact we did.

    • Miley: Come on Daddy, I mean can't you just ground Miley? I mean, Hannah didn't do anything.
      Jackson: Oh here it comes. "I'm Miley, I'm Hannah, I'm Miley, I'm Hannah."
      Miley: Shut up!

    • Lilly: Oh ya! Turns out my Uncle Will is a big Robbie Ray fan and I was wondering if I could get your autograph for him.
      Robbie: Sure, come on in, let me just grab a pen...
      Lilly: Whoa, slow down there, cowboy. Uh, I'm way ahead of you. I brought Uncle Will's special autograph book.
      Robbie: There's nothing in it.
      Lilly: Uh..that's because you're his first! How special is that?

    • Lilly: Ok, I'll distract him, you get the food.
      Oliver: Right!
      Lilly: Oh, but only mustard on mini-doggy, the regular kind, not the fancy kind.
      Oliver: Got it!
      Lilly: Oh, but not too much! I don't want to overpower the dog. Unless there's relish, that changes everything.
      Oliver: Will you just go!

    • Jackson: I can't believe how selfish you're being!
      Hannah: I'm not being selfish. I'm thinking of my thousands of fans. They'd be crushed if I died!
      Jackson: People would be sad if I died too!
      Hannah: Oh please! Your teachers would throw a party, Thor would be too upset about his truck and daddy, well, I'm pretty sure I could get him through it.

    • Jackson: Okay, look, I'm just going to come around and pull you out.
      Hannah: What? No!
      Jackson: Don't worry, the weight of your big head will keep us balanced!

    • Jackson: Gee, I only hope that I can do it justice. (Imitating Miley) Hi I'm Miley! Now I'm Hannah! Now I'm Miley. I'm a real girl. I'm a pop star! (Singing) Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. (Talking) Except for me, because I'm perfect! (Normal voice) Your turn.

    • Robbie: It's time for Dr. Phillbilly to kick it up a notch!

    • Miley: My pleasure. (deep voice; imitating Jackson) Girls. Cars. Nose hairs. (Miley puts her hand under her arm and imitates farting noises) Good day. I said good day Daddy! Whoo! (normal voice) Now I don't know about you, but I feel much, much better.

    • Miley: You had a back-up singer name Celine Dionowitz...
      Jackson: You told her to shorten her last name...
      Miley: And the rest...
      Jackson: Is history.

    • Jackson: I'm not hitting a girl!
      Miley: Good, then this should be fun!

    • (Lilly is in Miley's room, pretending to be her)
      Lilly: Uh, don't come in, Daddy! Ya'll! I'm sicker than a possum in a... possum hospital! Ya'll!(Oliver comes in)
      Oliver: Relax, it's me. Oh, and by the way, if Mr. Stewart comes up, don't talk!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Panic! At The Disco is a famous band who has recorded the hit songs, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks, and But It's Better If You Do.

    • An Oompa-Loompa is a short, round character from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The book was been made into a film called Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in 1971. It was remade in 2005, but that movie went by the book's original title.

    • Ricky Bobby the main character from the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The film is about a NASCAR driver who is trying to keep his number one status on the track.

    • Robbie: It's time to kick it up notch!

      On chef Emeril Lagasse's cooking shows "Essence of Emeril" & "Emeril Live" whenever he adds spices to his dishes he says "Let's kick it up a notch!"

    • Celine Dion is a famous singer who has recorded the hit songs, My Heart Will Go On, Beauty And The Beast, and Because You Loved Me.

    • Beyonce' is a famous singer who has recorded the hit songs, Beautiful Liar, Crazy In Love, and Irreplacable.

    • Chris Brown is a famous singer who has recorded the hit songs, Run It!, Gimmie That, and Say Goodbye.

    • Dr. Philbilly is a play on Dr. Phil, a therapist who has his own TV talk show.

    • You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party is a play on the title of the Beastie Boys song, You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party.

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