Hannah Montana

Season 1 Episode 13

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 12, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Lilly’s pride takes a hit when she's forced to wear her awful looking glasses right before a skateboarding contest. Hoping to help, Miley convinces her friend not worry about her appearance and to go ahead with the competition. Miley refuses to take her own advice, however, when it's her vanity that's damaged. Jackson wishes Rico would disappear when he realizes that his new raise depends on Rico's opinion of himmoreless

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  • Awesome

    A scrpt where Jackson as Tina

    Jackson is behind the counter at Rico's Shack. Rico approaches.


    Hello, Jackson.


    Hello, Rico.


    So, your boss, the man I call "daddy", tells me you asked him for a raise?


    Yeah, I did. Girls like cars, cars like gas, and gas costs money. What's it to you?


    Well, daddy still hasn't made up his mind. Could go either way. If only you had someone, on the who knows how to pull on his heartstrings and make him dance like a little puppet. (jiggles around)


    What do you want, Rico?

    Rico laughs evilly as he stares into the air...


    Rico is standing in front of a crowd of people on the beach, just outside the toilet blocks. He is dressed like a magician.


    And now, the great Ricolini will perform the legendary disappearing egg trick, with the help of my charming assistant, the lovely Tina!

    Jackson comes out of the bathroom dressed like a girl, wearing a tiara and an elegant red dress. He is holding a cushion with an egg on the middle. The crowd laugh, as he steps forward on his high heels.


    She should have shaved her legs. (pause; Jackson itches his leg) But isn't she wonderful?


    (without enthusiasm) Here O Great Ricolini, the magical egg. (a member of the audience snaps a photo) Please, no flash photography.


    Isn't she wonderful?

    On Rico's indication, Jackson holds up his arms to reveal his hairy takes the egg from the cushion.


    (showing the egg around) I hold in my hand what looks to be an ordinary is it? One, two, and...

    Rico rips off Jackson's tiara and cracks it onto his head, the insides dripping everywhere.


    Yes, it is. (pause) And, I thank a bow)

  • Bad

    The lesson at the end ab out how looks don't matter... sorry, I alreasy knew that years beforehand... certain lessons in TV Shows I do not mind, if they are handled well in the episode. This lesson however, is something most people either learn or are taught by their parents, and I did not think it was handled well in the episode. The overall episode was pretty weak and did not have much humor, I do not think so at least, so my grade for this episode is a 3.0, which is a low "D", maybe even an F. Sorry if you disagreemoreless
  • zits and glasses...

    Lilly has to wear goofy glasses for a skateboarding competetion and Miley says it's ok. However, when a billboard of Hannah shows up with a huge zit, Hannah does everything she can to get rid of it. I really didn't like the story in this episode. It seemed unoriginal, like most Hannah Montana episodes. Even the name was copied from a song: "you're so vein, you probably think this song is about you" are the original lyrics. In the end, of course, we learn a moral. Overall, boring, unoriginal, stupid episode. I really don't like this episode because of the poor story.moreless
  • Not great, but okay.

    So this episode deals with Lilly and her new glasses. Lilly's dog ate her contacts, and her new contacts won't come in for two more weeks. Her back up glasses are pretty dorky. So since Lilly has to see Miley's bill board for magic glow skin cream, Miley tries to explain to her that looks don't matter. But when Miley's bill board for magic glow skin cream includes a picture of Hannah Montana with a tomato sized zit on her face, Miley doesn't follow her own advice as to looks not mattering. This episode wasn't that good, but I still enjoyed it. I would say it is not my favourite or my least favorite. It's just in the middle.moreless
  • I love this episode =D

    This is such a great episode! Lily looks so geeky in her glasses but its really funny, and they actually didn't look that bad! lol. Its funny at the begining when Miley is like "High Five!" and Lily hits Miley's face because she can't see. lol. Oliveri s also funny when he is like "I'm a lobsided freak!" and then goes "Stop staring at me, I am not an animal!" lol, he is so funny!

    I really like Liza in this episode, she is really funny. I wonder why she isn't in seasn 2. Oh well. Probably cos she is in Cory in the house.

    Anyway, I love the but when Robby-Ray plays the bongo drums and Lily and Miley dance to it, its amusing to watch. Overall this is such a great episode and a series classic and exactly why I watch it!moreless
Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

Robbie Stewart

Emily Osment

Emily Osment

Lilly Truscott

Jason Earles

Jason Earles

Jackson Stewart

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana

Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Oliver Oken

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • Liza: (To Robbie) Comfy?
      Robbie: Like a monkey in a banana bag.

    • Liza: (Seeing that the zit is gone) Where's my zit?! I loved that zit!
      (Turns to crowd and gets on stage)
      Liza: Well here she is! The girl that doesn't even get a litle blemish, no matter how many awards i'd win if she did, Hannah Montana!

    • Rico: Here we have what seems to be a normal egg, or is it? (Cracks it open on Jackson's head) Yep!It's normal.

    • Robbie: So, who's the mastermind behind this operation?
      Miley: Okay... Jackson made me do it!
      Jackson: WHAT?
      (Miley finds a paintbrush in Robbie's jacket pocket)
      Miley: Dad, why do you have a paintbrush?
      Robbie: Jackson made me do it!
      Jackson: And I repeat... WHAT?

    • Liza: Oh look, it's the Montana posse. Howdy! (To Robbie) Nice 'stache. You grow it fast down south!

    • (Lilly gets up from falling)
      Lilly: Sorry.
      (She gets the basketball and goes up to the post)
      Lilly: Here.
      (Lilly throws the basketball to the post and it bounces off)
      Lilly: Nice hands Shaq.

    • Miley: Oliver!
      (Oliver comes)
      Oliver: Yeah?
      Miley: Help me tell Lilly that LOOKS DON'T MATTER!
      Oliver: Okay. (Imitating Miley) LOOKS DON'T MATTER!
      Miley: See? If Oliver can say it with his freaky nostril thing, then you can get over your glasses!
      Oliver: Yeah! ... (Looks at Miley) WHAT?
      Miley: You know, one's totally bigger than the other one.
      (Oliver runs up to a guy and takes his sunglasses and uses them as a mirror and gives them back and goes back to Miley)
      Oliver: Look at this! Look at this! I'm a lopsided freak!
      Miley: I'm sorry! I thought you knew!
      (Oliver starts to leave)
      Oliver: Stop staring at me! I am not an animal! (He runs off)

    • Robbie: You know I'll always be here for you Miles. You're my little girl.
      Jackson: What am I?
      Robbie: Tina, my other little girl.

    • Lilly: Whatever you do, don't let your mom pick out your glasses from a shop that also sells tires.

    • Melissa: Jackson!
      Jackson: Melissa, great news! I'm a man with money and a lot of gas.
      (Melissa looks at him strangely)
      Jackson: Uh, in my car.

    • (After Miley covers up the zit on her billboard)
      Robbie: Nice work.
      Miley: Thanks. You know, the voice in my head sounds just like Dad.
      Robbie: (Comes up behind Miley & Jackson) There's a reason for that.
      Miley: Oh, man! Busted!

    • Jackson: (Dressed as a woman) Hey, Dad.
      Robbie: Well, you move the family to Hollywood and this is what you get.

    • Miley: (About her billboard image) Daddy, who put my face on that zit?!

    • Miley: (About Lilly's glasses) You know, they really don't look that bad.
      Robbie: If it helps, I think they're pretty cool.
      Lilly: Oh, man!
      Robbie: What'd I say?
      Miley: Dad, when a parent says something's cool, you know it's dorky.
      Robbie: Oh, okay. I get it. Lilly, I think those glasses are a big bowl of ugly.
      Lilly: (Crying) Thanks a lot!
      Miley: (To Robbie) Big bowl of ugly? Work with me here!

    • Miley: Lilly, there's no one up here. This is really getting stupid!
      Robbie: (Carrying Lilly on his back) We passed stupid on the 3rd floor. Now we're up towards hernia!

    • Heather: Congrats on making the half-pipe finals. I'm so sorry.
      Lilly: About what?
      Heather: Sorry I'm gonna beat you again!
      Kim: Beat you again!
      Heather: You got no chance!
      Kim: No chance!
      Heather: (To Kim) Shut up!
      Kim: (To Lilly) Shut up! (Pauses) Oh.

    • Liza: Hannah, darling, we're doing an ad for skin cream, not wart removal. What is that face?
      Robbie: I believe it's a reaction to your singing.
      Liza: And you are?
      Robbie: Hannah's manager.
      Liza: Well, Hannah's manager, I'm an award-winning photographer, so why don't you just push your tush off my set.
      Robbie: And I'm also her father.
      Liza: Oh, I need a chair for Mr. Montana's tush.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Oliver: "I am not an animal!" (Over the imperfection Miley and Lilly point out he has)

      Oliver is quoting from John Merrick from the movie about the Elephant Man. The complete quote is "I am not an animal - I am a human being!"

    • Lilly: Nice hands Shaq!

      Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal is a basketball player. He became famous for leading the LA Lakers to three NBA championships and helping the Miami Heat win their first ever championship.

    • You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You is a title allusion of the song by Carly Simon that was the number one song in 1973 with the title of You're So Vain, with lyrics that included the phrase "you probably think this song is about you."