Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2013 on NBC

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  • Wonderfully X-Filesy

    Not enough focus on the killer of the week, while wonderfully X-Filesy, and maybe a tad too much on the world building. You have to admire how much they got into the episode with fleshing out the world around Will and how his life is going to work now he works for the FBI and his new partner.. Dr Lecter.

    The first show after a pilot has to work hard to gel the ideas the pilot proposed and sometimes has to retcon the roles of actors who got work elsewhere but here they seem to have the ground under their feet and are running full tilt. Everyone is perfectly cast and gets enough screen-time to be setup and start developing character. Lecter gets some real development and i love how straight he is being played. It all works. Maybe Bloom is the only weak link.. she seems to have nothing to do, maybe she is important later but right now Lecter seems like he will be having more fun as Will's partner than she ever will.

    The only worry was the killer was neglected as a character and while not very interesting he did get to spout a few neat lines to sum up his philosophy.. but that was it.. he even intersected the main plot a little as if the writers just couldn't wait to get back to the girl and Will's non-relationship (to be fair she has been mostly drugged, asleep or had her throat cut when in the same room as each other).
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