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Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on NBC

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  • Unsatisfactory in a number of ways

    I'm not a big serial killer fan, although I did love (Silence of the Lambs), so I approached this series with trepidation. But Bryan Fuller is a stylish and inventive guy, so I thought it would be worth checking out.

    Surprisingly, it's not that stylish or inventive, although it does have some reasonably clever - though not particularly original - ideas. Mainly it's just sort of glum.

    But that's not my big issue with this episode. The drab humorlessness and the blood aren't things I love, but I can see them as a reasonable way to approach the subject.

    My problem is the stupidity. First off, the whole profilers-who-make-statements-with-100%-certainty is annoying. No one ever says, this *might* mean this. It's always, "this is an apology," "this guy hates women" done within two minutes of seeing the crime seen. (True, this is standard in Sherlock Holmes books, but the author made sure you understood how Holmes was able to do that in a way this show's recreation sequences utterly fail to do).

    Worse, in the end two profilers, people who should be sitting in an office looking at evidence, go out and investigate and then enter a dangerous situation they are in no way trained or qualified to handle. And one of them has a gun on him, although it's not established he's an agent so I'm not sure he would even be allowed to do that. Fuller is normally someone who thinks outside the box, so I'm shocked to see him indulging in typical dumb-action-show cliches.

    Just disappointing in every way.
  • Kids in the Hannibal

    I was enjoying NBC's 'Hannibal' this evening (cause ain't nobody gonna tell me not to enjoy a show about a canabalistic dude who made Ray Liotta eat his own brain) when something odd caught my eye and took me out of the fantasy world of the new drama; Scott Thompson was playing a very serious FBI agent. I actually had to do some rewinding to make sure I saw that right and after confirmation, I was Immediatly transported to the hysterical image of Thompson slapping a cop on the ass while wearing a leather daddy outfit and saying "All yours cap'n" as the officer went to investigate a gay rest area hang out in the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy". Yeah, THAT Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall isn't even playing a slightly funny comedic relief roll in this show. THAT'S a comedy tragedy folks. This is a homeless comedian wandering the landscape of drama. What's next? In ten years we could see Jerry Seinfeld doing CSI Madison Wisconson (only city left in 10 years to not have been CSI'd) I say we start an organization to put our comedians BACK in comedies. No longer should we suffer shit like 2 broke girls and whatever the show is with the fat people who do stuff and care about things. Let the unfunny assholes who we don't know and who blew a producer to get at part, be in Hannibal. I'm starting the PCBC or "Put Comedians Back in Comedy" foundation! Who's with me?

    Our Commercial:

    Won't you help support our struggling comedians? (Mantage of still photos of Jim Carrey (caption: The Truman Show), Robin Williams (caption: The Fisher King), Chevy Chase (caption: Caddyshack 2 (not a comedy)), Will Farrell (caption: Stranger than Fiction), Bill Murray (caption: Broken Flowers), and our poster boy Scott Thompson (Sad music playing in the background) Donate now to the PCBC and help little Scotty Thompson be funny on film again. Thank you.
  • A Good Place to Start (Pilot and Book Spoilers for Red Dragon ahead)

    I have to say I was a bit skeptical about this show hearing of its inception. I am a huge Thomas Harris fan. I've read all of his books and think Silence of the Lambs is one of the best thrillers of modern cinema. So hearing that TV genius Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) is moving in to develop the years before the events of Red Dragon (the book/film) where Dr. Lecter and Will Graham worked together I was intrigued. I was hopeful that they could pull it off and I was correct. I think Hannibal Lecter is one of the most intriguing characters in film and Will Graham is a rare gem and one of my favorite characters in literature with his ability to see and empathize with killers he investigates (such as in Red Dragon). The premiere surely delivers and while there is an obvious ending of everyong finding out who and what Dr. Lecter actually does before he gets locked up, there's still a lot of great directions this show can go. For instance, seeing the troubled Graham (Hugh Dancy) and his supervisor Jack Crawford (Lawrence Fishburne) has some great chemistry and the kidnapping plot was very enthralling which was helped immensely by David Slade's direction of the pilot episode. He has directed other high concept pilots before (Awake) and his visual style and the score aid us in getting into Will's mind as he investigates the crimes around him. The problem with prequels of course if that they're future motives and where they end up is already known. That being said, Hannibal's character is so nebulous and intriguing I can see much being mined out of this show by Mads Mikkelsen's subdued psychotic performance as he beautifully cooks a girl's lungs over his stove. Also since Will Graham is only present in Red Dragon it isn't like making a TV series about the beginnings of Clarice Starling because after Red Dragon Will doesn't really factor into the equation. The real gem to this chemistry that Fuller taps into in his writing is how blind Graham is to Lecter who he "doesn't find very interesting" and yet ends up catching him in the end much like Hank and Walter White in the 5 season of Breaking Bad and Hank never suspecting a thing that he is in fact the very drug kingpin he's looking for. But seeing the show throw curveballs such as Hannibal calling the man who they know to be the killer ahead of time telling him that "they know" which results in him killing his wife and daughter leads to a seed being planted of how much he can match wits in a future cat and mouse game with Will. But since in the books we're told how many victims Lecter took (13 if memory serves) they have to careful with how they proceed. I don't see this running for more than a few season but it should be enjoyable enough and I will certainly enjoy watching it if Fuller stays on as showrunner and he can keep the dynamic between Lecter and Graham intact as well as giving us convincing and beautifully macabre imagery that runs through Graham's head as we voyeuristically look in on his point of view. Also, the whole callback to Lacter's vivid imaginary constructs and his great memory detail when Crawford sees his drawings of one his childhood homes a great shout out to those who had read the books.
  • Very disspointing

    NBC relied to much on blood and guts. Bloody scenes don't bother it seems they are just trying to GRAB the audience that loves gore. I was very bored from the start. They are having WIll be even more "troubled" then the original Will. If anyone saw William Peterson in the 80's version and Ed Norton in the more recent movie of "new" pretty boring. I'll give it a chance just becaues Fishbourne is in so far it's really nothing new. Also the actor that plays . Nothing really fun to watch.
  • Use the Ladies Room

    Will is a little too Sherlock-from-Elementary for me (which can't be a coincident with this being across from Elementary). Getting past that, straight-up chills when they first show Lecter. Holy moly, that was a stunning introduction. He is at once sinister and delicate, well-dressed and shabby. Then they introduce the CG. That deer was animated worse than the dinosaurs on Terra Nova. Can't expect too much better on a television budget, but man was that bad CG. And finally, what a scene to end the episode on. If NBC can keep this up, they might just take back the timeslot. That was a phenomenal pilot. I think it just bumped Elementary to my watch-online list.
  • Very solid start

    Little slow out of the gate but got its rhythm and turned out very good. They did a nice job with character development and even though it was a little bloody it really pulled me in by the end of the episode. I'll be back for more.
  • Top Notch

    Great cast, great crew, great material and great direction. This pilot has the potential to be the start of a classic.
  • WOW Seriously Good

    i liked all the characters and the lead (Will) is great
  • good serie

    Is good
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