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Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on NBC

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  • Kids in the Hannibal

    I was enjoying NBC's 'Hannibal' this evening (cause ain't nobody gonna tell me not to enjoy a show about a canabalistic dude who made Ray Liotta eat his own brain) when something odd caught my eye and took me out of the fantasy world of the new drama; Scott Thompson was playing a very serious FBI agent. I actually had to do some rewinding to make sure I saw that right and after confirmation, I was Immediatly transported to the hysterical image of Thompson slapping a cop on the ass while wearing a leather daddy outfit and saying "All yours cap'n" as the officer went to investigate a gay rest area hang out in the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy". Yeah, THAT Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall isn't even playing a slightly funny comedic relief roll in this show. THAT'S a comedy tragedy folks. This is a homeless comedian wandering the landscape of drama. What's next? In ten years we could see Jerry Seinfeld doing CSI Madison Wisconson (only city left in 10 years to not have been CSI'd) I say we start an organization to put our comedians BACK in comedies. No longer should we suffer shit like 2 broke girls and whatever the show is with the fat people who do stuff and care about things. Let the unfunny assholes who we don't know and who blew a producer to get at part, be in Hannibal. I'm starting the PCBC or "Put Comedians Back in Comedy" foundation! Who's with me?

    Our Commercial:

    Won't you help support our struggling comedians? (Mantage of still photos of Jim Carrey (caption: The Truman Show), Robin Williams (caption: The Fisher King), Chevy Chase (caption: Caddyshack 2 (not a comedy)), Will Farrell (caption: Stranger than Fiction), Bill Murray (caption: Broken Flowers), and our poster boy Scott Thompson (Sad music playing in the background) Donate now to the PCBC and help little Scotty Thompson be funny on film again. Thank you.
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