Season 1 Episode 10

Buffet Froid

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 30, 2013 on NBC

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  • Under the Bed

    Will's mental state continued to deteriorate in this week's Hannibal in shocking and effective ways. I need to stop watching the "next week" promos because if I hadn't seen it before I think that whole under-the-bed thing would've gotten me to jump with the girl in the house with the roof leak. We also saw a remarkably different killer this week but more on that in a minute. What really drew this episode was the focus on Will in an altered state as he comes off as a total dick to Jack after contaminating a crime scene after having lost another stint of time due to his disorder. The killer had mutilated the corpse because she couldn't see faces and tried to pull the face off of her victim. Will wanting to have a brain scan was logical and Hannibal's old friend Dr. Sutcliffe, from Johns Hopkins, was more than willing to help him out with that. Turns out Will's condition worsening is because of encephalitis (an auto-immune disease that causes the hallucinations and dissonance in common with Will's condition). But Hannibal gets Sutcliffe to agree to keep the diagnosis from Will for the sake of getting to further study him. This was a bit weird because Hannibal is a "true friend of Will" but is willing to sacrifice his so-called friend's sanity for being able to study his deteriorating mental state? I guess it makes sense in a clinical way but with the way the last few episodes have made the two almost bosom buddies I didn't see it playing out like this. Will is made to believe that nothing is wrong with him and that it's simply mental illness that ails him. The whole clock drawing was really shocking because we see Will draw what he sees as a proper clock but when Hannibal looks at it it's all out of whack. Will goes back to the crime scene in New Hampshire and finds the killer back under the bed and pulls a sleeve of skin off of her arm. The really intriguing part of this episode is the exploration of Cotard's Syndrome where one believes they are dead and how the killer simply wanted to believe that she hadn't killed her only friend. The visit with the killer's mother made her much more sympathetic and how isolated she must feel, also she's another Fuller alumni from Dead Like Me where she is also named Georgia so there's that. When Will goes late at night to get another brain scan from Sutcliffe and finds him murdered we are led to believe that Georgia killed him but I had the suspicion that Hannibal had done it especially after the dinner scene where Sutcliffe was saying how Hannibal had always "valued Will finds Georgia under his own bed and says that she doesn't have to be alone in a very touching and somewhat disturbing scene as she takes Will's hand as he reaches out to her from the floor. I'm sure Jack doesn't know what to do here with Will going off the rails and feeling responsible for having pulled another innocent out of the classroom much as Miriam Lass had been. But seeing the final scene with Georgia safe in her tube with her skin back on with the reveal that Hannibal had killed Sutcliffe and his blurry face handing her the murder weapon was perfectly macabre as this show does so well. I'm really curious of what Hannibal/Will stuff will happen in the last few episodes of this season, and side note we're getting a Season 2 Woot! But without the medical condition being treated it's only down for Will from here on out and I think he'll certainly be hitting rock bottom before too long and by season's end both Hannibal and Freddie Lounds will both have their subjects for their books to be published off of extorting, to different degrees, Will and Abigail respectively.
  • I Am Bedrock

    This episode had a very different feel from previous ones, which can be attributed mostly to the case and partially to Will's loss of time blips. It felt like I was watching a horror movie (I really wanted to hide my eyes from the eyes under the bed, because eyes are the one thing that really gets me) and it was an uncomfortable I liked. You don't get that with network television and it's a shame. The two things that really stood out in this episode beyond that were that Hannibal's lying to Will for his own personal curiosity (can only end well) and that Hannibal cuts peoples' faces open with a full-body comforter case. I mean seriously, what was that? It was just ridiculous enough to derail that open-mouthed moment when they revealed it was him who killed the doctor but not enough to be unbelievable. Man's gotta keep those suits pristine. Great episode.
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