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Hannibal contains some of the most elaborate and beautiful pieces of art currently found on TV. The series' signature "murder art"—as we here at TV.com have taken to calling it—is perverse, filled with demented visuals that are highly stylized down to the smallest of details. They're as disturbing and disgusting as they are creative and compelling. In fact, we love them so much that we named them one of the top 100 things about television in 2013

Season 2 has continued to add to Hannibal's legacy as one of the most beautifully filmed series on the air. The show's use of bold colors (and sometimes a lack thereof), angular lines, and symmetry wonderfully enhances its storylines, allowing us to see the Hannibal universe—not to mention the human body—in ways we never imagined we would. But perhaps this shouldn't be all that surprising, given that Hannibal is the work of Bryan Fuller, who also created the way more whimsical, but no less visually enticing world of Pushing Daisies

During the recent Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Fuller spoke a bit about the elaborate scenes the series has become known for. "Part of it is stylizing the violence so it's heightened and not real," he said. "What we do on the show is sort of purple and operatic because, if it were real, I couldn't watch it. I couldn't work on it. So we are borderline fantasy with what we do on the show."

In honor of Hannibal's beauty, we've decided to revisit the series graphically striking—and horrifyingly brutal—works of art from the beginning. So, without further ado, let's look at a bunch of naked, bloody butts and call it art! Peruse the gallery below for a refresher on just how grossly beautiful Hannibal can be, and then feel free to add to our list of "Serial Killer Superlatives" in the comments. 

Most Beautiful: "Apéritif"

Most Organic: "Amuse-Bouche"

Most Awkward Dinner Party: "Oeuf"

Most Original: "Coquilles"

Best Improvisation of a Murder Weapon: "Entree"

Most Disturbing: "Fromage"

Most "Damn, That Looks Exhausting, I Think I'll Take a Nap": "Trou Normand"

Best Impersonation of a Corpse: "Buffet Froid"

Best Miley Cyrus: "Rôti"

Most Labor Intensive: "Sakizuki"

Most Heartbreaking: "Mukozuke"

Best Use of Lighting: "Savoureux"

That last one isn't a corpse, but ohmygod.

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