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I don't know whose bright idea it was to hold Hannibal's panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour during breakfast, but that person is either very sick, a genius, or a sick genius. There's something about watching the new trailer for Season 2 (which kicks off on February 28) while chowing down on bacon and sausage that makes you really question your life choices. But right now, I'm pretty okay with those choices, because this trailer is really well-done and totally sick... as in awesome, of course. Click play and experience its beautiful horror for yourself:

And here are some additional highlights from panel:

– Series creator Bryan Fuller said the first episode of Season 2 could also be described as Episode 14 of Season 1, because it closely deals with the events of the finale. The premiere is a two-parter, with the second half airing March 7.

– Eddie Izzard, Gillian Anderson, and Raul Esparza will all be back for Season 2. Amanda Plummer will guest-star as someone who'll make you think twice about getting acupuncture. 

– Fuller called the show's imagery and storylines "borderline fantasy," and said that stylizing the violence heightens it so it's a little less real. "I'm sensitive," Fuller said, "I watch dog videos all day to get to a happy-enough place to come back." If the crime scenes looked more real, he wouldn't be able to do the show. 

– The stag in Will's mind is a "cool excuse to do surreal imagery," Fuller said, pointing out that it has feathers because Will amalgamated the ravens and the stags. The stag was Will's first look at "what Hannibal Lecter was capable of," which is why he was so traumatized. That's when Hugh Dancy jokingly cut in: "[Will] is so oversensitive!" 

– Fuller went on to describe the stag as "Will's patronus, in a way," because he's just like the rest of us/a marketing genius.

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