Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will is sleepwalking down a street. A antlered stag comes up behind him. Ahead he sees headlights and flashing lights from a police vehicle. Two officers ask if Will is lost. Will says he doesn't know where he is but lives close by. The officers take him home.

Baltimore, Maryland: Dr. Lecter prepares coffee and breakfast for Will. Lecter suggests that the recent events have caused Will psychological trauma. Lecter also suggests that Crawford is wearing down on Will because he will do anything to get a case solved.

Trenton, New Jersey: A man gets ice at a motel. He sees people walking toward him, except – he sees their heads on fire. Later, Crawford and Will arrive at the scene of a crime there. Crawford says there are two bodies and tells Will to prepare for the scene, because it's one of the most horrific things he's seen. They walk into apartment 23 and Will sees the bodies in an interesting arrangement. First, they are kneeling, hands clasped as if they are praying. Second, the flesh on their back has been cut and arranged into wings, held into place by strings attached to the ceiling. The crew is in awe. Fishing line was used. Beverly says that the man is a sweater and slept in the room overnight. The perpetrator also vomited, not being able to stomach what he did, says Crawford.

Will decides to lie on the bed and get into the mind of the killer. Using his empathic sense, he travels back to yesterday, when the killer arranged the bodies. Will digests what the killer was thinking. Later, Dr. Lecter serves Crawford and his wife, nicknamed Bella, for dinner. Bella passes on eating the veal because she doesn't like animal cruelty but Lecter says he gets his meat from an ethical butcher.

Back at the lab, the team (Beverly, Brian, and Jimmy) investigates the bodies. Will suggests that the killer had the two bodies pray for him. But Beverly finds that hard to believe; why would the killer be afraid. Jimmy finds cancer medications in the killer's stomach, analyzed from the vomit. Will then suggests that the killer is afraid of dying in his sleep, so he arranges angels to watch over him.

Dr. Lecter sees Bella, this time as a client. Lecter discusses an idea that she is having an affair with another man and she doesn't want to tell Crawford. Lecter asks why Bella resents her husband. Bella resents that he has too much to worry about and that she does not get enough of that attention. Later, Lecter works with Will, profiling the angel killer. Lecter and Will discuss religious euphoria, and their relation to areas of the brain. Lecter asks if Will ever feels abandoned. Then Lecter suggests luring the killer out of hiding.

Later, Crawford tries to discuss his relationship with Bella with her. Bella, however, says she has been working late and is too tired to talk. Crawford asks if there is anything he can do for her. But Bella says there is nothing right now. Crawford then states that he doesn't want to insult her by asking if there's someone else involved. Bella denies this but thanks Crawford for not asking.

Cleveland, Ohio: The angel killer strikes again after seeing a burning man. This time, the body is hung on scaffolding in an alleyway. Will and Crawford arrive at the scene. The team also finds castrated genitalia, most likely from the angel killer. Will says that the killer is also trying to become an angel. He's either accepting the idea of dying or trying to become one. When Crawford demands an answer from Will, Will bursts out in anger. Crawford's the head of the unit so why can't he come up with the answer?

Later, Beverly and Will talk about this outburst, and she asks if everything is okay. Jimmy comes back with more information. The FBI has found out that the dead man and woman are actually heavy criminals. The man rapes and murders and the woman likes to watch. Finally, the third victim was actually a convicted felon. Now, they know that the angel killer is identifying and killing criminals. Some sort of vigilante but Will says that the killer is doing God's work, making angels out of demons.

Meanwhile, Bella meets again with Dr. Lecter. Bella says she does not feel betrayed by Jack. She also reveals that she is scared about her recent diagnosis with lung cancer, one of the most deadly cancers. Bella feels like she is shrinking while this tumor grows. Lecter feels like she is withdrawing from her relationship with Crawford to prepare for the end.

Will lies awake throughout the night. He can't sleep. He meets with Dr. Lecter regarding this. On the plus side, Will says he's dreaming more. They talk about the case again. The angel killer can "see" whether the person is good or bad. Will notices an antlered deer sculpture and relates it to his own dreams. Lecter laments that the angel maker will be destroyed by the chaos in his head. Will doesn't have to succumb to the same fate. Lecter smells Will and he notices.

Brian finds out that the angel killer's name is Elliot Buddish. He was diagnosed with cancer five months ago and his family hasn't seen him for the past four. They interview his wife, who says she left him. Elliot wanted to be alone however, and kept pulling away, a classic symptom when someone learns they are going to die. Crawford hears her words and thinks of Bella, pulling away from him, and now understands that she must be ill. Crawfords sits and is noticeably uncomfortable. Will asks the wife for Elliot's faith. The wife explains that Elliot had a near-death experience when he was a boy. While he was trapped in a fire, he had visions that a guardian angel was taking care of him and allowed him to survive. This happened at a farm where he grew up, so Crawford and Will head there.

Once there, they find the killer, dead, hanging from the rafters. It was his choice to die before his time, Will says. He didn't catch this killer. Will laments that he's not sure how much use he's going to be to the team because it's becoming harder to see into the killer's minds. Will says that the investigative work is wearing him down, changing him. Crawford suggests that going back to the classroom will lead to more deaths. Will is more valuable in the field, Crawford says. When Crawford leaves the barn, Elliot is suddenly in front of Will and sees Will as a burning man. Elliot drops to his knees and says that he can bring whatever is in Will out. But this is a vision, because Elliot is still up in the rafters a second later.

Dr. Lecter ends another session with Bella. Crawford is waiting for them this time. Crawford knows that Bella is sick. Bella says she has stage 4 lung cancer. Bella didn't want to tell him because she doesn't want to do chemotherapy. Crawford doesn't have any say in it either. Crawford doesn't want her to be alone and says that he's not going anywhere. Bella says that he does not comfort her anymore though.

Will finds Crawford in his office and waits until Crawford is ready to talk. They sit in silence for a long time.

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