Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on NBC

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  • Someone to Watch Over Me

    Hannibal continued its grotesque winning streak with another fascinating killer of the week, one with a brain tumor that sees sinners' heads on fire, and interestingly turns large flaps of their back skin into wings to hang over them to turn them into angels. This was supposed to be the fifth episode of the season but I admire that Bryan Fuller talked NBC into pulling episode 4 in the wake of the Boston tragedy (the episode without the insensitive case of the week can be seen as a web series on NBC's website for free which adds some great layers to Abigail Hobbs and introduces Mrs. Crawford before this episode). Anyway, the opening of the episode was really spooky as we see Will in his underwear out walking down an empty road in the middle of the night and he is of course sleep walking. This is of course a sign that things are getting much worse for him. The FBI team comes across a murdered couple in a motel room with the really cruel and yet somehow beautiful angel depictions where the killer slept while they watched over him because he is afraid of dying in his sleep as a result of his tumor. Will lets the killer start to get to him and begins to take out his frustrations on Jack after Hannibal begins to put a rift between them by suggesting that Jack is forcing Will to keep finding killers despite his caring of Will's well-being. It was good to see Hannibal share a late night cup of coffee with Will discussing his sleep-walking and seeing their doctor-patient rapport growing much stronger. Hannibal also dines with Crawfords and begins seeing Mrs. Crawford one on one and she discloses a distraction outside of her marriage that Jack couldn't attend to if he wanted to. This was a great step, considering that it turns out that she has stage four lung cancer (Walter White syndrome I guess) and has kept it from Jack and only known for about six weeks. Seeing Jack all distraught as he is over this unlike we've ever seen him adds some great layers to the character we haven't seen thus far. This and the addition of yet another victim strung up in an alley for spectacle, and Will's disrespecting Jack's authority makes this an episode rife with conflict. The theme of letting the one you love be alone if they must but not wanting to played heavily on all sides of this episode as Jack had to let his wife go if he had to. I also enjoyed the subtle manipulation still leading to Jack and Will disagreeing over whether he should be considered fit for being out in the field again but Jack is right that Will couldn't go back to the classroom after having found and stopped the last four psychos that they've caught. Also, the bit that the killer is killing convicts, robbers or murderers was a nice touch because he could in fact have been touched by God in his delusions and the way that that story wrapped up fit into the anti-climactic theme of the whole episode which was letting go. Finding the killer strung up as an angel of his own construction was a great message, but it couldn't help but take me out of it in thinking how he managed to do it all by himself. I mean it's like in the Shawshank Redemption *spoiler alert* but when the Warden lifts up the Marilyn Monroe poster to find the hole dug you think how the hell did Andy Dufrene actually get those four corners tacked down without help? Well this is the same thing, and since we're led to believe that this killer was acting alone it really alienated me thinking of how meticulous and difficult it would be to do all that he did, especially to himself, without any accomplices of anything. But the split between Jack and Will added some great meat to their relationship beyond the whole mentor/mentee thing they've had going on and Hannibal being referred to as the "Chesapeake Ripper" is a great reference to what will happen later for those who have or haven't read the books but especially Red Dragon.