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Official Discussion: Potage 1x03 (spoilers)

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    [1]Apr 18, 2013
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    Please use this thread to discuss episode Potage (Apr 18 ). Enjoy!
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    Slower paced than the last/previous two episodes.
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    Ya, it was over before I knew it. I don't understand how they could have gotten the ginger guy's body out of the house without being noticed. Not only that, but then cleaned the scene of the blood, and made some excuse as to why the female psychiatrist was attacked or why she attacked Lecter. The show really fell apart at the end for me. I'm suprised that Graham doesn't see Abigail as a potential accomplis (sp?) considering her questions and behaviour.Asgood as Graham is, he can't see the viper (s) in his own nest. Granted, Hannibal hasn't given any indication of his true nature yet. Hannibalshowed alotof his shrewdness this episode, primarily with Abigail, as hecontinually one upped her manipulations. I wonder if Abigailhas suffered more of a psychotic break as oppossed to really know what she's doing tho. It seems as if she's really just a victim of her father's and now Hannibal'sevil. She's just (un)fortunate she's able to live afterwards.

    Graham's lecture/questionairein his classwas great, and I loved Hannibal'sbegrudging smile when Will pointed out that he believed the copycat called Hobbs before he attacked his wife and daughter. Hell,Hannibal's whole reaction to most of it, especially the 'ingratiating himself to Hobbs' was priceless.

    A bit sloppy at the end, but an otherwise enjoyable episode.

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