Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2014 on NBC

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  • Kiss Of The Devil

    WOW! that's the word that ran into my mouth when i saw a great episode full of energy all things were so properly presented and got to see two murders in this episode first was the best so delicately murdered and presented and how anyone can forget the dinner party though lost his appetite but i know dinner was quite amusing good to see Jack suspecting of Hannibal and the kiss between Hannibal and bloom was great and last thing that came as a surprise was Marian lass she is alive more that why Hannibal kept her alive ? a big surprise to find out in next episode.

  • Breakneck

    This was a packed episode, hurdling forward in the narrative, placing Jack firmly on the side of questioning Hannibal, if not full-on believing Will. Alana's gone and made herself useful, like the weak woman character she is. Will's definitely gone down some dark path he likely won't return from. I'm not sure where we'll be next week, but I'm really starting to suspect that Will won't survive the season, giving Jack that extra push to confront Hannibal (because he'll have nothing at all left to lose), but we'll have to lose Miriam first. Great episode, but not the best pacing choice.
  • The Return of the Apetite

    We got another satisfactory episode of Hannibal this week as we see the fallout from last week's failed attempt on Hannibal's life at the hands of the nurse at the mental hospital that was ordered at Will's behest. Most intriguingly we saw a new side of Hannibal, outside from his normal intellectual detachment he was much more aware of his own mortality afterwards claiming that he needed to "reclaim his appetite" after having been so close to death's door. It's no coincidence that the Chesapeake Ripper is on a new cycle of killings and that Hannibal is throwing a dinner party, as Will points out to Jack Crawford who begins to examine Hannibal. Bryan Fuller went back to the great part of how Hannibal chooses his victims by going through his dual-Rolodex and finding business cards to dispose of people and turn them into dishes that better serve the world than the deeds that the people do when they're alive. The macabre tableaux of the man in the tree with the poisonous flowers sticking out of him was well executed (as all kill stagings are in this show). What was different this time is that we saw how Hannibal's imagination blossoms these ideas and how they culminate in him making his food selections. We all knew that Jack's obviousness in taking the food from Hannibal's dinner party wouldn't lead to anything. If anything, Hannibal is stockpiling and wouldn't be so sloppy with Beverly so recently having been dispatched. The winning bit of the episode was Dr. Gideon who breaks his back after provoking the guard and Chilton confronts Jack about a recorded conversation Will and Gideon had regarding what happened the night Hannibal sent Gideon to kill Alana Bloom which Chilton believes because Gideon can describe Hannibal's house accurately but Gideon later denies this and that Chilton led him to saw those things. Chilton also shows his knack for survivor and even coins the phrase that will follow Hannibal "Hannibal the Cannibal" and how he doesn't want to be perceived as "a Seeing Will at peace with his failed attempt at Hannibal's life was a great thematic tie-in to how he's not afraid to get his hands dirty anymore now that he's behind bars and is also paralleled nicely in how Alana and Hannibal get closer and spend the night together of the dinner party. But like Jack and Alana both acknowledge, things are way too complicated with Will and Hannibal saying many opposing things and not knowing quite what to make of the evidence against them. Things are even more complicated when Gideon is abducted from the hospital (Hannibal cleverly drugged Alana to build his own alibi) and a guard is posed as a Ripper victim with fishhooks made out of the same bits of flesh from the victims Will is accused to having killed which basically exonerates him at this point. Jack also follows a forensic lead to a cabin where the tree-man was killed and as the cliffhanger reveals Miriam Lass alive and armless in a hole. Surely she knows who Hannibal is and that he's the Ripper (if she's still sane at this point) but seeing Will out is going to give the season a great jolt to propel us into the latter part of the season so that Will and Hannibal can both take off the gloves and go toe-to-toe with one another in their psychological war.