Season 2 Episode 11

Kō no mono

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 09, 2014 on NBC

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  • Intolerable Cruelty (Spoilers Ahead)

    Hannibal is firing on all cylinders now, as bits of the overall game of the season revealed themselves this week. Even those of us who've read the books (myself among them) wondered if Freddie really had met her maker last week as the character's death was replicated right out of Red Dragon blazing wheelchair and all. The BAU seem baffled by who would kill Freddie in this way. This episode mostly showed the fallout of Will's going further down the road Hannibal has laid out for him. Trusting him with the knife in the kitchen last week shows that Hannibal's guard is certainly down around his new bosom buddy. Surely Will appearing to have killed Freddie has put Hannibal's mind at ease since him killing Tier was more in self defense than anything else. With two kills Hannibal knows is now fully complicit in his twisted universe or murder and culinary arts. Hannibal finally has a playmate, and he's not letting him go. Dr. Bloom got the frustrating role of audience surrogate in a way, not knowing what to make of Freddie's death and Will's behavior in reaction to it. Him not outright denying that he killed her and his coy way of answering her question don't seem to put her mind at ease, nor should they. But my mind flashes back to the scene between Will and Jack talking about how to catch a fish a second time and how it's never easier. What they describe as luring the fish in and making it know that it's a trap but not being able to help itself seems to be what's happening here with Will. We do learn that Freddie is indeed alive and why Jack has been moved to the background the past few episodes. Surely after Will got out he and Jack struck a deal for Will to go deep cover and re-start his therapy with Dr. Lecter. This is the trap that surely leads to the fight we saw in the first episode of the season but some pieces are still missing. I'll make a prediction that a lot of it has to do with getting evidence or a confession out Hannibal that he killed Abigail since it seems to be the big open wound he and Will share the most connection over failing her as father figures. Hannibal weirdly seems deeply remorseful over having had to kill her, but his language is much too vague to count as an "I did it" if it was recorded or testified to. Surely with Freddie alive the BAU was either knowingly playing false finding with the evidence to throw Hannibal off or Jack and Will did it to throw both the BAU and Hannibal to make them seem legitimate in terms of crime scene analysis. In the B story of the week we get more from Margot and Mason Verger. Will has a wonderful scene with him, Hannibal, and Margot and saying that he wants to be there for the child if she wants him to which she is indifferent on. Mason begins his therapy with Hannibal and we see just how fixated Mason is on being the heir to his father's empire and how much he idolized him when he was a boy. Hannibal's thinly veiled contempt for Mason was amusing as he, as politely as Hannibal can, asks Mason to sit in the chair across from him rather than on the couch. Mason also gets wind of Margot's loophole of becoming pregnant (also he collects tears from small children don't forget that, what does he do with them? Drink them?). He senses her deception and she tries to flee but gets into a collision and Mason does the cruelest thing imaginable. Since the doctors are all under his payroll, while Margot is sedated he tells her that they will tell him about a problem with her genitals and he, as her next of kin, will tell them to remove it all which gets rid of her unborn child and any threat her having a baby would cause his hold on the Pig Throne of Verger-Land. Mason hasn't even killed anyone and he's already becoming one of the most malicious people on the show. From Will's behaviorist standpoint he spoke of a few episodes ago Mason would clearly be the one who is objectively the worst of all the cast this season since morality doesn't really factor into it. When he caught Margot's tear in his bit of handkerchief as a keepsake I was inflamed. I'm not going to spoil it but something happens to Mason, those who've read Hannibal the book can tell you, and I hope that that either takes place before season's end or early next year for him to get some comeuppance. Poor Margot, my heart really goes out to her for simply wanting to get away. His line "the only man in your going to be Will gets wind of this and goes to Verger Ranch (for lack of a better name) and punches Mason while holding him at gunpoint. Mason is still playing that wonderful human screaming music to condition his pigs to want human flesh at the time. Mason asks him what he's going to do and Will sort of reveals his hand and who's been manipulating them all along. He says that he, Margot, and Mason are all pawns being controlled by the one constant in all of their lives: their psychiatrist. He also says to Mason how Hannibal should be the one that should be fed to his pigs, not Will himself since they're being subtly manipulated. Man, Hannibal really is ten steps ahead of all three of these characters (who are all seemingly intensely smart too) no wonder it's going to be so hard to catch Hannibal either in the act or in a lie with him so meticulously plotting out how to turn his little patients against one another for his own sick enjoyment. But I'm loving it, and the way that Bryan Fuller and his team are juggling Red Dragon, Hannibal, and their own new material is fantastic and feels fresh because even those of us who've read the books don't know how everything is going to go down with how many curveballs have been (and surely will be) lobbed at us from here on out. Sad that there's only two episodes left but the stage is set for the fight between Hannibal and Jack and surely some more great material for the rest of the cast of Hannibal in the weeks to come. Also, congrats on the third season pickup Bryan Fuller. This will be your longest running series ever (unfortunately), keep up the good work.
  • Killer Daddy

    This was pretty shocking episode and great one too from the starting it was good to see Hannibal and will at the table eating the crispy bird and I like the reaction will gave after taking that bird in his mouth and swallowing through its throat in the middle I was pleased to see both will and Hannibal getting emotional on the Abigail part and at some point Hannibal feel a kind of regret of killing Abigail but there was no alternative for him he has to do it like he did with his sister I just hope he doesn't ate her. Now comes the mason part I think Michael character is now evolving showing its true colour and power now and I felt very sad about margot and also wills loss at the end the Freddie lounds part was very surprising and a good one at the end of the season I don't know how Hannibal react to that thing when he knows that was a fake Freddie dish he cooked overall it was great episode cant wait for last two episode
  • The Long Game

    This was another quiet episode, but one that revealed a lot of cards. I hadn't even realized how different this season is from last in that the audience finally isn't in on all that's going on (even if they're book readers) like they were in season one. It's gotten even deeper and left us out of the long game, wondering what it is and who's going to win rather than how it's going to play out. I still can't wait for Jack and Hannibal to go at it and now that Alana's finally off the Hannibal kool-aid, I'm thinking we might move forward a bit faster. Margo's story, while tragic, is only means to an end for Will, though I still want to see it play out. I'm just disappointed that the long game undid what I've been waiting for since episode one.
  • Baby Daddy

    some crazy shit went down in this episode, who knows what was going on. You thought you did but then you didn't but then you did again. Did a woman loose her vagina? Or just her inside lady bits? was an unborn child really fed to pigs? is will conspiring with Jack to take down hannibal, we can hope so. i can see how another season is coming....