Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 23, 2014 on NBC

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  • The Trump Card

    What a great season finale it was like watching undying friendship coming to sad end I don't know why the moment I started watching season finale I felt very differently as compared to previous episode I watched of this season first of all I noticed the light was very dim or specially this episode was was made more dark as compared to other episode it felt I was watching The Godfather. the episode started out great good to see the darkness scene of Alana bloom and what a great ending the fight between jack and Hannibal was superb and Abigail was alive that was the first came to me as a shock and the way they show Alana falling from the window and the glass pieces mixed up with rain was just great and the scene between Hannibal and will was very sad and annoying but the cherry on the pie for this episode was Gillian Anderson that was the biggest surprise I ever seen cant wait for season 3
  • Was Gillian Anderson there ...

    In the closing shots we saw Gillian Anderson's character sitting besides Hannibal ... but I have a suspicion that Hannibal is picturing her using his memory palace ... if you look closely when the camera zooms out, you cannot see any evidence of a person sitting next to him ... Hannibal to my mind is the most complex shows that I've ever watched. I'm still confused how Jack Crawford et all still belief that Hannibal is the Chepaske ripper on the word of Will Graham or have I missed something altogether?
  • Divine Intervention (Book and Show Spoilers Ahead)

    The timeline finally catches up in a thrillingly operatic crescendo of a season finale. The episode starts off with the interlocking dual shot of Will assuring Jack and Hannibal that he is in their corner and when the time comes will "do what is Will, wanting to preserve the one "good thing" he ever did in saving Abigail asks Freddie to not print Abigail's story and to instead just work on his profile instead. She profoundly asks if he expects to survive his encounter with Hannibal to which he doesn't respond.

    Will helps Hannibal burn his patient records on "suspicious" patients like Will and Randall whom he's manipulated (or otherwise influenced). Hannibal suggests that they could leave then and never look back, simply removing themselves from Jack Crawford and the FBI for good. Will again doesn't answer. During their encounter Hannibal smells Freddie Lounds' scent on Will from his visit with her which exposes the staging of her death to entrap him, making Will's betrayal known. Over their last supper before Hannibal "exposes" himself to Jack (the dinner party invitation he sends to Jack that is hand written at the episode's beginning). Hannibal and Will's predatory curiosity with one another maintained its suspenseful nature as Hannibal inquired if Will would take Jack's forgiveness if it was offered. Will dodges the question by saying that Jack won't be satisfied with forgiving someone if he wants justice.

    Alana finally comes around to admitting that Hannibal is not who she thought he was and has always stayed a mystery to her. She warns Will about confronting Hannibal and how dangerous it is, going back to Dr. De Maurier's postulation that Hannibal only lets you close because he "wants you Jack learns that he will not be getting the sniper backup and the SWAT team he wants when he confronts Hannibal as Cynthia Nixon's Purnell character (who was prosecuting Will's murder case at the top of the season) steps in and puts Jack on suspension for trying to entrap Hannibal. Seeing that Jack doesn't just get carte blanche just because he's the head of the BAU was a nice touch of realism to see especially since it is entrapment but still he's correct in saying the only way to catch Hannibal is in the act. It's also a very deep cover story for Will, Jack letting him continue to maintain his cover with having mutilated Randall Tier, setting up Freddie Lound's murder scene and wasting FBI resources to trick Hannibal (which didn't work because the nose always knows in this case). The FBI also tries to move in on Will but Alana calls him in time for him to get his gun and out of the house.

    Jack goes in cowboy style while Hannibal is cooking their meal and the inevitable fight scene we got in the season opener plays out but we actually got a good bit of dialogue in as well that wasn't in the fight. Jack's line about, "this is the clearest moment of our friendship" as he draws his gun is a cogent moment to play against how Hannibal has in fact put Jack's friendship ahead of his own desires before . showing us Bella in the episode opener now in immense pain as Hannibal saved her life from overdosing on morphine). Intercut with the fight scene is Alana coming upon the scene, just as Jack is stabbed in the neck and locked in the wine closet Alana has Hannibal at gunpoint but unsurprisingly had removed the bullets from her gun (which she didn't bother to check but given her inexperience she wouldn't note the weight difference and since they had spent the night together before he did have ample opportunity to do so ahead of time). Hannibal doesn't even try to explain his way out of being covered in blood. When Alana asks where Jack is Hannibal merely responds, "in the As Alana retreats further into Hannibal's house (with no bullets) and locks herself in a room and reloads a fresh magazine. This is where things went crazy as she seems to be safe Abigail appears (alive and well) and apologizes before throwing Alana out of the second story window to what would seem to be her death. Glad that the hair and makeup people used her hair to cover her ear since we were never told which ear of her's was forcibly swallowed by Will.

    Will comes upon Alana's corpse (Alana had already called 911 for help). Jack while bleeding out calls Bella to hear her voice, and rather than staying with Alana she tells Will to go inside and get Hannibal. Upon entering the house Hannibal is nowhere to be seen. Will finds Abigail in the kitchen and lowers his weapon in shock. The really horrifying thing is that Abigail presents what she may have been doing in the house the entire time since the end of season one, saying that she "didn't know what else to do" besides what Hannibal told her to. What sort of manipulation and psychological torture did Hannibal put her through? Is it similar to what he put Miriam Lass through to get her to point the finger at Chilton? He obviously had her factored into his end game. Will is snuck up on by Hannibal, embraced by him before having a linoleum knife twisted into his innards. Hannibal seems truly saddened by this as he says that Will has no doubt chosen to remain at Jack's side despite their burgeoning friendship. This is no doubt the most human and vulnerable we have seen Hannibal who just seems outright scorned that the only person in the world who understands him metaphorically stabbed him so he did the same back (only literally). Will is the first person to have gotten and received Hannibal's trust which he repaid with betrayal. Hannibal says that he forgives him for betraying him as Will bleeds out and asks if Will will forgive him for doing the same. Without warning he uses his knife to cut Abigail's throat and she begins to bleed out. Hannibal walks out of his house in one pieces (no injuries despite the few that Jack managed to give him) while three of the main cast are left in uncertain fates near death.

    What appeals to me thematically about Abigail having returned is that it turns Will's perspective inside out. In the episode's opening when he mentioned that all he needed was to envision his "stream" and fishing on it his idealization of the moment was to have the girl who would've been a daughter to him (in this case Abigail), the one person he saved but was unable to save from Hannibal. Turning her into a killer bastardizes his image of her and even the one good thing he and Hannibal supposedly ever accomplished together had been corrupted by their web of lies and their Also it was good to see an exploration from the novel's of Hannibal explaining his "mind palace" and how if ever caught he would live there to avoid going insane. Also, how every wing of the mind palace is not a happy place but contains darkness in its vastness truly shows how and expansive the mind of Hannibal Lecter is. This explains how he seems so calm in the films is that he lives disconnected from the world inside his head rather than in walls of the asylum much as Will did in his stream visions earlier in the season to escape the harsh reality of being falsely accused of being the Chesapeake Ripper. At most they have Hannibal on attempted murder on Jack and Will (if they survive), the murder of Abigail, and conspiracy to commit murder (possibly). So they do have him red-handed but he is not staying in the States. The stinger at the end of the season shows Hannibal on a plane to France ordering champagne, and he is shockingly accompanied by Dr. De Maurier. I'm curious, have the two mended fences? Or is she conning him better than Will is? Did she go to the FBI under manipulation from Hannibal to guide them towards confronting Hannibal so that they could leave? Bryan Fuller has described her as "smarter than everyone else on the show" so her flight and return could not just be a coincidence especially if she's traveling as Hannibal's would-be accomplice now.

    Looking forward to Season 3 (as it will be the last season before we reach the events of Red Dragon according to Fuller) will no doubt feature literary parallels to Hannibal, possibly taking snippets of him in Italy and other countries. Fuller has said that the entire paradigm of the show is changing with Hannibal out of the equation and the Season 3 premiere will just be Lecter and De Maurier in Europe while we have to wait until episode 2 of next season to see who ultimately survived the events of the finale. I'm sure Alana's out of the picture while Will certainly survived (the linoleum knife stabbing by Hannibal in Red Dragon Will survives) and since the show has been so much about their relationship I can't see them taking him out. Jack is the big question mark, since his character does play a part in later books but like we've seen with Chilton characters are expendable in this interpretation. But I'm excited that this intensely baroque and psychological show will be returning since the cliffhanger as a series finale would have been aggravating but no doubt a great stinger for fans to explore the books and films even further. I just hope Hannibal keeps getting renewed as it's a series that takes one of my favorite series of books and puts it into a longer form that I feel it deserves. Fuller really understands the balance of character and macabre imagery in a way the films never really did. Will next season feature the BAU solely hunting Hannibal internationally? Because I really don't want the show to become a procedural just biding its time for Season 3 and having just little snapshots of Hannibal in Europe, that would be a great disservice to the suspense and arc of the show as it's been presented so far. But anyway see you next year Hannibal fans. I'd also like to mention that the metaphor Hannibal gave about Achilles and the other titan that he compared himself and Will to actually did seemingly need divine intervention to stop them. But no doubt the honeymoon is over in their relationship.

  • Undone with Scent

    My first viewing was in a hotel room with a TV set to SUPER DARK with no way to correct it, so I listened to the episode like a radio drama. It didn't prepare me for the visuals of this episode, and didn't do the events any justice what-so-ever. This finale was definitely filmed with both the belief that the show wouldn't be renewed and that there was plenty more source material if they were. It was a brilliant conclusion to the saga of Will Graham. It was heartbreaking for Jack and Bella (for her to survive him, egads). It was infuriating as a fan to know the only person you wanted in Hannibal's gullet is the only one to walk away scott-free (dernit, Freddie!). It was perplexing to see Hannibal's psychiatrist again - who's side is she on, anyway? It was a riveting, beautifully crafted episode that delivered exactly what the show promised and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the most satisfying type of ending.
  • The Red Dinner

    You will be clawing at your face in distress. Your mouth will open so wide your jaw will creak and it will take the entirety of the 15 minutes to realise so. You will be quivering like a bowl of jelly, wanting to believe it's just your eyes deceiving you and what happened on screen didn't just happen. Mizumono makes both The Red Wedding and Ozymandias feel about as dramatic as a high school Nickelodeon soap opera. It's just gut punch stacked upon gut punch. To call this masterpiece hour of television emotionally draining would not do it justice. The score is such a beautiful contrast to the brutality in the final act that just makes it that much more heartbreaking. It's that one necessary notch up to force you to break down in tears. Season 2 has been exemplary all around, and seem to have got better with every episode. But with this finale, the noticable jump in quality has elevated this show to an outstanding work of art. If there's ever been an episode where it's events have changed the show forever, leaving you to wonder "how on earth are they going to pick up from here?", it's Mizumono.
  • 2 words

    holy shit. easily one of the craziest, most shocking and suspenseful season finales i have ever seen. that is all.
  • If you cant beat them, join them, or die trying.

    Hannibal is awesome! The show depicts a complete skill set for a serial killer whilst sharing his passion for doing so. The ending is crazy, who would have thought Gillian and Mads were both involved to get Hugh on their side.

    The build up is crazy, cant wait for the season finale! Best ending over all.

    Way better than Godzilla's end! *jokes
  • What the hell?!!

    So Hannibal manage to take down everyone in the god damn room and nobody could do anything about it? I mean, Will had a freaking gun is his hand for god sake!!! Why didnt he just shot at him when Hannibal stab him? And Abigal pushing Alana through the window and then letting herself get stabbed? Come on!!

    I was waiting all season for this episode and it totally disappointed me, with Hannibal yet again ending up winning... Well have to wait to next season to know which one of all the bloody people survived.

    So much for Will to do what nedded to be done when the momment came...
  • Hannibal bites the dust, well not completely

    Wow wow wow, this show is unreal. It is amazing. Lovely to see Gillian Anderson back again too :) Great ending to season 2
  • Hannibal ends it's outstanding second season with the best episode of the 2013/2014 TV season

    Well that was incredible. How any one can say True Detective is better than Hannibal after an episode like that is completely deluded.

    'Mizumono' was a breathtaking, intense, edge-of-your-seat thriller that had many twists and turns, it had me gasping, swearing, was just incredible

    How Hannibal is never eligible for the Emmy's is beyond ridiculous. 'Mizumono' alone should win an Emmy just for being so damn effing good.

    A lot of people praise the likes of True Detective's "Who Goes There" or Game Of Thrones' "The Lion and The rose" as the best episodes of the season (to my knowledge anyway) but 'Mizumono' trumps both of those episodes IMO

    (I did not include Breaking Bad's "Ozymandias" or "Felina" because i do not count them as episodes of the 2013/2014 season because it was a summer show and not a fall show)
  • Breathtaking end of season finale

    A finale doesn't get any better than this.

    I just hope Will eventually gets his revenge as Hannibal is a monster that needs to be captured and locked away (i would say he deserves to die but Hannibal has no fear of death but he does fear losing his freedom!)
  • Fucked Up Ending

    Excellent ending, that could have wrapped up the show but can't wait for season 3!